Turn Summer into Winter

This has been one of my go-to outfits this winter. I have been obsessed with this dress since I bought it three years ago at Back Country here in Des Moines. It’s the kind of dress that I instantly feel stylish and comfortable in, and it lends itself well to layering. I wear dresses more often than not, and when I can style a summer dress like this for winter I get pretty jazzed. I love stripes and polka dots together! So classic. Usually I brighten up this little ensemble with some purple tights or a bright flat but not today, dearies! Today I went with black tights and black boots BUT I feel like the purple flower earrings make up for it. Aren’t they adorable? Oh, wait, you want a pair? Well great, cuz they’re super easy to make and we just DIY’ed them yesterday! Go take a little look!




My little family had a lovely, lazy afternoon; ate lunch downtown, stopped for frozen yogurt, then some shopping. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Outfit details: earrings :: diy | dress :: Back Country | blouse :: thrifted | belt, tights & boots: Target


DIY: Fun with Florals


We have 3 fun and creative DIYs for you involving just a few materials. You can add a bit of whimsy to any outfit with these flower arrangements on your head or ears! You can go full blown flower crazy or go a little more reserved. We’ve made 2 different floral headpieces and an easy earring idea for you.


The Flower Crown

materials needed:
an assortment of fake flowers (I used 3 large flowers and 3 smaller varieties but seriously the possibilities are endless)
green floral wire
black floral tape (optional)
wire cutters/scissors

how to:


1. Take the floral wire and measure around your head once like a crown. I reinforced my crown base by doubling the wire.

2. Cut off the stems of the large flowers using wire cutters (note: it can be done with scissors if you are not wimpy like me). The small flowers you can just cut off close to the first bud so you have about 5-6 little buds on each stem.

3. Take the floral wire and wrap underneath the green leaf part of your large flowers.

4.Now wrap each flower around the crown base wherever you want them. I put the biggest flowers where I wanted them first. For the smaller flowers, just wrap around the stem with the wire, filling in the blank spots. Remember to make all the flowers wrap the same so they are all facing the same direction. Tip: Remember when you wrap the wire around the flower or stem to make sure the wire isn’t poking out or it will either get stuck in your hair or just hurt when you put it on! I totally made this mistake.

5. If you don’t go all the way around the crown, you can use the floral tape to wrap the base for a cleaner look, and it helps strengthen the wire.

6. Wear that beautiful crown of flowers!

The Flower Headband

materials needed:
an assortment of fake flowers (I used 1 large flower and 3 smaller varieties but again, the possibilities are endless)
green floral wire
wire cutters/scissors
blank metal headbands

how to:

1. {same as step 2 above} Cut off the stems of the large flowers using wire cutters. The small flowers you can just cut off close to the first bud so you have about 5-6 little buds on each stem.

2. Take the floral wire and wrap underneath the green leaf part of your large flowers and then wrap them around the headband wherever you want them. You’ll have to wrap them pretty tightly so they will stay, but I promise they will stay! I started with the large flower at the one side of the headband, then worked my way around with the smaller flowers. Remember to make all the flowers wrap the same so they are all facing the same direction.

3. Yay! Put that headband on, you look beautiful.


Our third DIY project with these flowers is an easy earring project.


*you may not need the wire, read on!

1. Cut off the flower stem right where the stem comes together.

2. Depending on the type of flower you happened to buy, you can either attach the jump ring to the green base of the flower (see figure 1) or you can use floral wire to make a circle to attach the jump ring to (see figure 2). Then simply hook the jump ring to the earring hook and you’re done! Wear those spring-y earrings with pride!


We hope you enjoyed our first DIY project! Have fun with it and let your intuition take over. Let us know if you have any questions, especially if something doesn’t make sense. We’re here to help lovelies!


Our completed looks!

Our completed looks!

Spring, please?

One thing you can tell from my outfit on any given day is the mood I’m in, and this outfit tells me I’m in the mood for spring. I’d love to ignore the fact that nearly a foot of snow just fell on the ground but alas, spring isn’t springing anytime soon. I think it was John who put it most eloquently when he said, “Spring is NOT coming soon. That groundhog is a little liar!”

The groundhog may be a liar (he didn’t see his shadow, after all.) And while I won’t be kicking off my tights or peeling off my sweaters any time soon that won’t stop me from buying summer dresses and wearing wedges at inappropriate times, like, say, when there’s piles and piles of snow everywhere.


I recently bought this navy and white striped dress, which makes me think of the Camera Obscura song French Navy, which also makes me think of spring. I saw Camera Obscura a few years ago in April and it was, to say the least, *perfect*.    Chevron stripes are a current obsession, and I love how this dresses mixes horizontal stripes with chevron. I threw the scarf into the mix because, let’s face it, it really is cold outside. I have a million scarves from over the years and this one is my current fav.

Another recent purchase is the woven purse, and I think both the dress and bag will become outfit favorites. I have this cardigan in several different colors and they are wardrobe staples, perfect for any time of the year and this mint green cardi is the newest addition to the collection.

This outfit was purrrfect for Sunday brunch, lazing around the house as well as into date night consisting of a sushi dinner and a show at the Vaudeville Mews. Pretty great since I’m a notorious outfit-changer and can rarely make it through the day in one outfit only. Until next time…

Outfit details: dress, purse, earrings, sunglasses:: Forever21 | scarf:: thrifted | shoes:: modcloth | sweater tights:: Target | nail polish:: Essie bridal collection, Amazon


Super Saturday Favorites: Welcome to Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks has always been near and dear to our little hearts here at Here Pretty Kitty, so this weekend we’ve devoted our Favorites Series to the best show ever. Can you believe it’s been 24 years ago TODAY since Laura Palmer died? We remember the sweltering evenings in the dorm watching the series on VHS (cuz let’s face it: we were 5 & 6 when the show aired) and dreaming about the Black Lodge and Special Agent Dale Cooper. Now…. Who wants some cherry pie?


1. The perfect Audrey Horne Oxford heels :: Zappos
2. Always keep Diane close with this awesome brooch :: Kate’s Little Store via Etsy
3. a Twin Peaks ladies essential: red M·A·C lipstick :: M·A·C Cosmetics
4. Start snappin’ in this Black Lodge-esque dress :: Modcloth
5. wear a nod to Lucy Moran in this oversized Aztec print sweater :: Dorothy Perkins
6. oversized glasses turn you instantly into Maddy :: Urban Outfitters
7. Serve up black as night coffee with this chalkboard mug. Adorn with messages such as: Who Killed Laura Palmer? Donna + James forever or simply, BOB :: Bubble and Mimi via Etsy
8. carry around your own log or leave it on your couch with this stylish pillow :: Fred Flare

Have a lovely rest of your weekend! M&J

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Canadian Tuxedo!

I love mixing up my wardrobe, and while I may get stuck on a particular outfit for a few days or a few weeks at a time, I always like to create new outfit combinations. I love ruffles! I love layers! And I love breaking the rules.

Two of my favorite ways to break the rules:

1.Mixing patterns (acceptable when done right)


2. Open toed shoes with tights (not to be confused with wearing socks with sandals. Right??)  And below, a fashion faux pas that I’ve adopted along the way…

(Shout out to Hill Vintage and Knits in the background of this pic!)




And so I present to you my version of…. a Canadian Tuxedo!

I love denim (who doesn’t), but I certainly don’t always like to wear jeans. Especially in the thick of tights season. Several years ago, John got a jean jacket that he wore everywhere and I have to say, I really couldn’t stand it. Too 1990’s for my taste, too 90210. But then I told myself, Wait! I love 90210! Embrace the 90’s style, sister!

It’s my understanding that a traditional Canadian Tuxedo is simply jeans and a denim button down, and believe me, I’ve been there, done that. But here I’ve got my short denim skirt to show off my tights, and my dark Levi’s jacket with layers of cute underneath. I think the key to pulling this bad boy off is mixing light and dark denim, but maybe that’s just me.

I was super lucky to snag this nice jacket for a low price (thanks Unique Thrift Store) and excited to embrace dressing like my significant other. Lame? Yes. Inevitable? Oh yes. Now we both rock denim-on-denim looks from time to time, and sometimes at the same time.

Outfit details: Sunglasses :: Gift from Marlena! (from Fred Flare) | Jacket :: Levis- thrifted- Unique Thrift Store | Skirt :: American Apparel | Shoes :: thrifted | Ruffle Button-Up:: White Rabbit | Sweater:: Urban Outfitters | Tights:: Target | Earrings:: Handmade by Marlena


Date Night with Sequins

Here’s the scenario: You find a cute purple dress in a thrift store for a whopping $12. You take said dress home and the only real problem is the motherly length. Of course you want to wear this dress right NOW, this exact MINUTE and it has to be shorter so you grab a pair of scissors and go to town. Sigh. Now look what you’ve done. The hem is not straight (but who cares, really?) and it’s also way too short. This has happened to me with thrifted dresses (and my bangs) way too many times. I’ve since learned to take a bit more conservative and time-consuming approach (how boring), but still need a solution for the purple dress. Fear not dear readers! I found a solution besides wearing jean leggings: Cut the skirt even shorter and wear it more like a long peplum than a skirt. I feel like I should’ve come up with this solution about 4 dresses ago, but ya know. So, anyway, moving on:

I bought this black sequin tank dress for New Years Eve and love it, and was looking for a chance to wear it again. I realized pretty quickly that it was a little too sparkly and fancy for dinner and a movie, so I opted to wear the purple peplum dress over it. Dress over dress = problem solved!

I’m also physically unable to go to the movie theater without a sweater (why is it always SO COLD?) so I threw this little heart cardi over it all.




Outfit details: black heart stud earrings :: Forever 21 | black sequin tank dress :: TJ Maxx | purple dress :: thrifted | red heart cardigan :: Forever 21 | Mint bow belt :: Forever 21 (could only find it in pink these days) | black tights :: Target | scalloped black and white flats :: ASOS

Joe and I had a lovely date. Shockingly I wasn’t ready for bed after the movie and we even hit up a bar near our house. Whenever Joe and I get any time to ourselves we usually just end up talking about Charlie, our 15 month old son. This time was no different. Oh, such parent nerds!

Keep coming back, dear pretty kitties! Later this week we have Jessi’s outfit of the day which includes some fun heart-shaped sunglasses and a darling ruffly plaid top.


Super Saturday Favorites: MEOW!

Hi Pretty Kitties!

Here at Here Pretty Kitty it’s no secret we love all things cats. And what better way to start our weekly Favorites series than with all things devoted to the little fur balls?


1. Reverse Skater Dress With Cat Face || 2. ASOS Kitten Cat Eye Sunglasses || 3. Awkward Cats Necklace || 4. I Like Cats Hot Pink Sweatshirt || 5. Pretty Kitty Hip Flask || 6. Jeffrey Campbell Abbey Tabby Heel || 7. Persian Kitten Stud Earrings || 8. Cat Nail Sticker Ven’Amori Style

Have a Lovely Weekend! J&M

A Lovely Little Number in February

A cold, dreary, February day calls for a brightly colored, mood boosting dress. Winter in Iowa means layers are a girl’s best friend. One of the things I hate most about the cold days is covering up a lovely little number with a sweater. Getting to wear tights, however, is a winter highlight. I have at least 3 drawers full of them: sheer, knit, patterned… you name it!

Since my closet is the size of a (very) small used clothing store, I have lots of options. I love this black and white button up, and hate to cover up the cute details on the dress. Combining them together ensures that I’ll be warm enough to brave the blustery winter day!


I adore Erin Featherston’s designs, so when she partnered with Target in 2007 I scooped up as many pieces as I could. Besides this dress I got bunny print long underwear (cute and comfy!), a feminine and adorable bunny print dress and a black sweatshirt adorned with a chic white bow.

This outfit was comfortable enough to last me all day and into band practice at night. The practice space is cold, so I gave in and tossed a gray sweater over my ensemble and proceeded to rock out with the boys in preparation for our show this Friday. We figured out a new song, and as I type this I’m thinking of the purrrrfect show outfit. Meow!

Outfit details: Dress: Erin Featherston for Target | Shoes: Thrifted | Shirt: Forever 21


An Exercising Bear & 4th Grade Boredom

So Friday we ventured to Kansas City and Mom dragged me into the basement to unearth boxes upon boxes of stuff I’ve left there over the years that had worn out their welcome. Highlights: a framed photo of an exercising bear, a middle school note from a boy that said “I know we only met three days ago but I love you,” and a box full of sweaters from college that I had forgotten all about, with about 65% making it proudly back into my closet. Low points: endless notebooks full of boring college classes (Wait. I took Econ? Ugh.) and endless tubes of half-used chapstick.

Another highlight was my diary that I kept from 4th – 8th grade. Apparently I took the idea of writing in a diary every day very seriously, which consequently made the entire thing full of entries like: “Hi! Bye!” and “Nothing happened I’m so BOOORRREEEDDDD!!!” Every once in awhile there would be a short, innocuous entry: “Kyle is over. I already broke up with him. Him and Brandon are pretending they’re dogs. It’s fun.”


I’m loving these lace tights lately. They are just like the boots: I’ve had them at least two years but never wore them and now I can’t get enough. And I love the pattern/color on this dress because it’s so easy to pair with other patterns.


Outfit details: handmade cat hat :: Jessi | sequin detachable collar :: H&M | dress :: thrifted | lace tights :: Target | Boots :: Aldo (old)

Check back soon to see Jessi’s outfit of the day (hint: an adorable red frock is involved) and our favorites list of the week!