An Exercising Bear & 4th Grade Boredom

So Friday we ventured to Kansas City and Mom dragged me into the basement to unearth boxes upon boxes of stuff I’ve left there over the years that had worn out their welcome. Highlights: a framed photo of an exercising bear, a middle school note from a boy that said “I know we only met three days ago but I love you,” and a box full of sweaters from college that I had forgotten all about, with about 65% making it proudly back into my closet. Low points: endless notebooks full of boring college classes (Wait. I took Econ? Ugh.) and endless tubes of half-used chapstick.

Another highlight was my diary that I kept from 4th – 8th grade. Apparently I took the idea of writing in a diary every day very seriously, which consequently made the entire thing full of entries like: “Hi! Bye!” and “Nothing happened I’m so BOOORRREEEDDDD!!!” Every once in awhile there would be a short, innocuous entry: “Kyle is over. I already broke up with him. Him and Brandon are pretending they’re dogs. It’s fun.”


I’m loving these lace tights lately. They are just like the boots: I’ve had them at least two years but never wore them and now I can’t get enough. And I love the pattern/color on this dress because it’s so easy to pair with other patterns.


Outfit details: handmade cat hat :: Jessi | sequin detachable collar :: H&M | dress :: thrifted | lace tights :: Target | Boots :: Aldo (old)

Check back soon to see Jessi’s outfit of the day (hint: an adorable red frock is involved) and our favorites list of the week!


3 thoughts on “An Exercising Bear & 4th Grade Boredom

  1. This is too cute! I think that’s the best way to wear a peter pan collar necklace: on dresses and tops with necklines that make it look like the collar is part of the dress. I’m definitely going to need to hunt one down ASAP, this post makes me want one all the more 🙂

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