Date Night with Sequins

Here’s the scenario: You find a cute purple dress in a thrift store for a whopping $12. You take said dress home and the only real problem is the motherly length. Of course you want to wear this dress right NOW, this exact MINUTE and it has to be shorter so you grab a pair of scissors and go to town. Sigh. Now look what you’ve done. The hem is not straight (but who cares, really?) and it’s also way too short. This has happened to me with thrifted dresses (and my bangs) way too many times. I’ve since learned to take a bit more conservative and time-consuming approach (how boring), but still need a solution for the purple dress. Fear not dear readers! I found a solution besides wearing jean leggings: Cut the skirt even shorter and wear it more like a long peplum than a skirt. I feel like I should’ve come up with this solution about 4 dresses ago, but ya know. So, anyway, moving on:

I bought this black sequin tank dress for New Years Eve and love it, and was looking for a chance to wear it again. I realized pretty quickly that it was a little too sparkly and fancy for dinner and a movie, so I opted to wear the purple peplum dress over it. Dress over dress = problem solved!

I’m also physically unable to go to the movie theater without a sweater (why is it always SO COLD?) so I threw this little heart cardi over it all.




Outfit details: black heart stud earrings :: Forever 21 | black sequin tank dress :: TJ Maxx | purple dress :: thrifted | red heart cardigan :: Forever 21 | Mint bow belt :: Forever 21 (could only find it in pink these days) | black tights :: Target | scalloped black and white flats :: ASOS

Joe and I had a lovely date. Shockingly I wasn’t ready for bed after the movie and we even hit up a bar near our house. Whenever Joe and I get any time to ourselves we usually just end up talking about Charlie, our 15 month old son. This time was no different. Oh, such parent nerds!

Keep coming back, dear pretty kitties! Later this week we have Jessi’s outfit of the day which includes some fun heart-shaped sunglasses and a darling ruffly plaid top.


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