Canadian Tuxedo!

I love mixing up my wardrobe, and while I may get stuck on a particular outfit for a few days or a few weeks at a time, I always like to create new outfit combinations. I love ruffles! I love layers! And I love breaking the rules.

Two of my favorite ways to break the rules:

1.Mixing patterns (acceptable when done right)


2. Open toed shoes with tights (not to be confused with wearing socks with sandals. Right??)  And below, a fashion faux pas that I’ve adopted along the way…

(Shout out to Hill Vintage and Knits in the background of this pic!)




And so I present to you my version of…. a Canadian Tuxedo!

I love denim (who doesn’t), but I certainly don’t always like to wear jeans. Especially in the thick of tights season. Several years ago, John got a jean jacket that he wore everywhere and I have to say, I really couldn’t stand it. Too 1990’s for my taste, too 90210. But then I told myself, Wait! I love 90210! Embrace the 90’s style, sister!

It’s my understanding that a traditional Canadian Tuxedo is simply jeans and a denim button down, and believe me, I’ve been there, done that. But here I’ve got my short denim skirt to show off my tights, and my dark Levi’s jacket with layers of cute underneath. I think the key to pulling this bad boy off is mixing light and dark denim, but maybe that’s just me.

I was super lucky to snag this nice jacket for a low price (thanks Unique Thrift Store) and excited to embrace dressing like my significant other. Lame? Yes. Inevitable? Oh yes. Now we both rock denim-on-denim looks from time to time, and sometimes at the same time.

Outfit details: Sunglasses :: Gift from Marlena! (from Fred Flare) | Jacket :: Levis- thrifted- Unique Thrift Store | Skirt :: American Apparel | Shoes :: thrifted | Ruffle Button-Up:: White Rabbit | Sweater:: Urban Outfitters | Tights:: Target | Earrings:: Handmade by Marlena


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