Turn Summer into Winter

This has been one of my go-to outfits this winter. I have been obsessed with this dress since I bought it three years ago at Back Country here in Des Moines. It’s the kind of dress that I instantly feel stylish and comfortable in, and it lends itself well to layering. I wear dresses more often than not, and when I can style a summer dress like this for winter I get pretty jazzed. I love stripes and polka dots together! So classic. Usually I brighten up this little ensemble with some purple tights or a bright flat but not today, dearies! Today I went with black tights and black boots BUT I feel like the purple flower earrings make up for it. Aren’t they adorable? Oh, wait, you want a pair? Well great, cuz they’re super easy to make and we just DIY’ed them yesterday! Go take a little look!




My little family had a lovely, lazy afternoon; ate lunch downtown, stopped for frozen yogurt, then some shopping. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Outfit details: earrings :: diy | dress :: Back Country | blouse :: thrifted | belt, tights & boots: Target


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