Super Sunday Favorites: Spring Shoes!

This is one of the best times of the year: replacing the sweaters and heavy boots with short sleeved dresses and spring shoes! We have the shopping bug, darlings, and after you see all the adorable shoes we scoured I have a feeling you will be too.

We’ve found fun shoes matching up with spring trends like pretty pastels, fun stripes, bold black and whites, darling florals, flirty lace, and even the cut-out trend. Take a look at our favorites in casuals, flats, wedges, and heels.


1. H&M Lace Canvas Shoes. $17.95. H&M.

2. Keds Stripe Sneakers. $62.34. Asos.

3. Not Rated Brandy Lace Oxford Flat. $34.95. DSW.


4. Lilboger flats. $79.00. Nine West.

5. Know What I Mean Flat by Seychelles. $89.99. Modcloth.

6. Bullseye2 by Enzo Angiolini. $89.00. Piperlime.

7. Kimchi Blue Leather Peep-Toe Skimmer. $34.00. Urban Outfitters.

8. Aquarium Interview Flat. $29.99. Modcloth.

9. Dolly Flats. $35.00. Sosie.


10. Demi R. Pink Wedges. $64.00. B.A.I.T. Footwear

11. Hello Darling Wedge by Jeffrey Campbell. $109.99. Modcloth.

12. City Classified Rigel Wedge Sandals. $21.00. Lulu’s.


13. BC Footwear Winners Circle in Black cat. $68.00. Libby Story.

14. Found My Way Heels. $90.00. Seychelles.

15. Turning Point Heels. $80.00. Seychelles.

16. BC Footwear Winners Circle in coral. $70.00. Urban Outfitters.

17. Jazz Heels by Chelsea Crew. $64.99. Ruche.

We’d love to hear what shoes you have your eye on for Spring, little bunnies!

Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, J&M

Picnic Blanket Skirt

I love this picnic blanket skirt that I got at a flea market in Omaha. It’s light and airy and purrrfect for, you guessed it, a sunny, spring picnic! I normally save this for summer and always end up wearing it quite a bit, but I just couldn’t wait. Thrown over leggings with wedges added up to a great winter option for this summer number.

As of last week I now have 3 different denim jackets in my wardrobe rotation. What can I say, I LOVE DENIM!! I’ve ditched my winter coat(s), despite the fact that it’s still been quite cold outside. I can get down with wearing a cute winter coat for a few months, but once it’s officially spring I just can’t stand to cover up spring dresses and skirts with a bulky coat meant for December. This jean jacket is great since it’s super fitted. I also like how this jacket is zipper city: I can unzip the sleeves and roll them up, they’ve got zippered pockets as well as a cute front/side zipper. Lovely!


This belt and tassel necklace are major outfit staples for me. They were both nice surprise purchases. I had no idea when I bought them that I’d get this mileage out of them, but they’ve both been sneaking into my outfits for years. Here’s to many more years with some of my wardrobe favorites!

Outfit details: Sunnies :: Forever21 (similar) | Jacket :: Forever 21 | Skirt :: thrifted | Shoes :: ASOS | Necklace ::  Forever 21


Milkmaid Braids and Horses

Remember our post about tiny animal prints? Well I found this adorable horsey print dress and had to have it, and  decided to brighten things up with a few solids. I walked out of Target the other day with this cardi and these tights, and didn’t realize until I got home they are the exact same color. Weird, right? I must have been in total purple mode (or cobalt blue mode? I can’t really decide on the color. It seems bluer in these photos than I thought?) Anyway, I feel like my accessories make the outfit: bright yellow wedges, this amazing pink shell clutch, and the weird itchy necklace just all snapped together so easily. I love when that happens!

The fact that I'm standing in front of a frozen lake in the middle of March is heartbreaking. At least there's sunshine.

The fact that I’m standing in front of a frozen lake in the middle of March is heartbreaking. At least there’s sunshine.



I’ve starting wearing milkmaid braids for awhile now. It seriously takes like 5 minutes to slap together and it totally looks like I put effort into my hair when I really didn’t! Promise. I vote trying it. I’ve played with the 2 thick braids versus 4 small braids; I’ve also just done two small in the front with the rest of my hair in a sloppy bun. Get crazy with these possibilities, pretty kitties!

Outfit details: Earrings & necklace :: thrifted | Cardigan, dress, belt, tights :: Target) | Shoes :: Gift from my bestie Kim, Aerosoles | Purse :: Vitae Design Collective


We Heart Crab Rangoon


Crab Rangoon + Mini Pies. What’s not to love? I picked up this mini pie mold from Target around Valentines day and thought for a long while about what to make first. Crab rangoon is one of my all time favorite foods and something I’d never tried to make before. While these aren’t traditional crab rangoons they taste darn close to the real thing. And guess what, they’re easy and delicious!

I like to keep things simple, especially when trying out a new recipe. I used packaged puff pastry because A. it’s easy and B. I always have puff pastry in my freezer. But if you have a go-to homemade pie crust or want more of a challenge I say go for it!


1 package puff pastry, thawed

8 oz cream cheese, softened

one bunch green onions, chopped

6 oz crab meat (I used canned but I’m sure fresh crab meat would be delightful!)

Cracked black pepper, to taste

mini pie mold (if you don’t have a mini pie mold this could be improvised  by using cookie cutters to create any shape desired.)



1. Mix together cream cheese, green onions, crab meat and pepper in a bowl.

2. Roll out the puff pastry on a floured surface. Press puff pastry to each side of pie mold. Use a sharp knife to trim off excess pastry around the edges of the mold.

3. Fill one side of the mold with about 1/4 cup cream cheese mixture. You want the pie to be nice and full, but not so much that it will overflow while cooking.

4. Press mold together and hold shut for just a few seconds. Again, take a knife around the edge of the mold to trim off excess dough. (Note: If you’re using a cookie cutter, press the edges together with a fork.)

5. Open the mold and voila! The mini pie should fall into your hands. Once removed, press around the edges to ensure the pie is secure and no filling will seep out during baking.

6. Bake on a cookie sheet at 350 for 10-15 minutes, or until your mini pie is puffy and golden brown.

These are delicious served with a side of sweet and sour sauce or on their own. Also, they’re just as good cold as they are hot. Success!



Super Saturday Favorites: Floral + Denim

Happy weekend! We’re getting excited for everything Spring: 60 degree weather, rain showers, eating chocolate bunnies, and of course: flowers! Take a look at our take on a denim + floral mash-up and get inspired for the beautiful season coming our way.


A bold floral printed blazer contrasts against a subtle pair of mint jeans.
1. Tropical Floral Blazer :: Forever 21
2. BDG Twin Mid-Rise Jean in Eggshell Blue :: Urban Outfitters

Feminine canvas oxfords and this collared denim dress create a relaxed and fresh outfit for the season.
3. Splendid Nickerie Oxfords :: Shopbop
4. Lena Denim Dress :: Modcloth

A flowy chiffon blouse mixed with this denim bow skirt is super sweet!
5. Floral Minuet Button Up :: Ruche
6. Swing the Blues Skirt :: Modcloth

Denim AND Floral combine for the ultimate pair of jeans!
7. Floral Print Skinny Jeans :: Forever 21

Toughen up these darling scallop shorts with this bright denim moto jacket.
8. Pretty Floral Shorts :: Lulu’s
9. Steve Madden Colored Denim Moto Jacket :: Nordstrom

Hope you’re having a fun-filled weekend! J&M

Life through the eyes of our iPhones

John and I picked up my engagement ring after getting it sized and celebrated with appetizers and drinks. Yum! | reading "shortcomings" with shera

John and I picked up my engagement ring after getting it sized and celebrated with appetizers and drinks. Yum! | reading “shortcomings” with shera

ellen cherry lounging on my cape | in front of a star trek exhibit in seattle

ellen cherry lounging on my cape | in front of a star trek exhibit in seattle

selfie | shera trying out for the band

selfie | shera trying out for the band


Charlie mesmerized | I made Joe document me eating an amazing soup from Django

Charlie mesmerized | I made Joe document me eating an amazing soup from Django

St. Patty's Day bling. QUACK. | All my selfies include Charlie

St. Patty’s Day bling. QUACK. | All my selfies include Charlie

Joe took me to Luna for Valentine's Day | Pizza party in the guest bedroom!

Joe took me to Luna for Valentine’s Day | Pizza party in the guest bedroom!

Happy Friday! J&M



Must-have Monday: Veronica Mars

We’ve all been waiting years for the Veronica Mars movie and it seemed it would never happen. Until now. Not sure about you, but here at Here Pretty Kitty we are super psyched to revisit Neptune, California! Here are our picks to find your inner detective, Veronica-style:


1. This cute hat is so Veronica! :: Brixton

2. Veronica never leaves home without a camera for late night stake-outs. This “Neptune Green” Diana camera is cute, and very appropriately named! ::

3. Solving one mystery after another she is seldom found without a trusty bag :: Modcloth

4. Perfect for a date night with Logan, perhaps? :: Modcloth

5. A functional yet edgy jacket is a staple for the super sleuth! :: H&M

6. She needs something cute yet sturdy to run around, kicking ass. :: Urban Outfitters

Happy Monday! J&M

Chambray Part Deux

You say Chambray, I say Denim. Either way it’s cute, classic and a wardrobe staple of mine. Straight up buttoned up or tied at the waist like this, I can’t get enough. This particular shirt has snaps for buttons, which, if John has taught me anything, it’s that snappy shirts are the way to go. His closet is stuffed to the brim with snappy western shirts- again, cute and classic!

My closet is jammed full of summer dresses and all winter I try and find new ways to make them work for the season. A tied button up is a great way to show off this Etsy dress and stay warm at the same time. Also, this dress doesn’t have pockets (shameful!), so I can tuck my chapstick into the chest pocket on the shirt and go on with my day.


I love love LOVE these tapestry shoes my mom gave me for Christmas. I’ll throw them on with just about anything and they’re comfortable to boot!

I gave all my bridesmaids-to-be best friends necklaces when I asked them to stand up with me, which is why this necklace keeps popping up in my outfit posts. I was obsessed with these necklaces when I was younger and I guess some things never change.

Outfit details: dress :: Etsy | shirt :: Charlotte Russe | Bloom and Board Heels :: Modcloth | belt :: thrifted


Professor Denim

Chambray shirts are so classic that Jessi and I decided this week to show you two fun ways to style them! I went the professor route with my patterned scarf tied in a little bow, a trusty blue blazer, cords, and then at the last minute added my pink pumps. I admit: these days I don’t last long in heels like this so I reserve them for nights when I’m cooking dinner. Something magical happens when cooking in a cute apron and heels, even if you are just making fish sticks and mac and cheese. Try it!


Anyway, pairing a chambray with cords is a no-brainer I hadn’t thought of until today. I am just generally not a pants person. In fact I was wondering how long it would take Jessi and me to break out the pants for our little bloggy and I’m impressed with us both! These cords are my first pair of Sevens. They are oh-so-comfy and fit perfectly. I got these on sale at TJ Maxx for $20, dear pretty kitties! How I love a good sale!

Scarf :: thrifted | Chambray shirt :: TJ Maxx | Blazer :: thrifted | red Sevens :: TJ Maxx | Pink Steve Madden heels :: thrifted | Bag :: Target


Pssst: Don’t forget to tune in later this week for Jessi’s take on the denim shirt!

Cape Town

I love this cape that I got from Forever21 last fall and felt very lucky when I stumbled upon it, especially since I had been coveting a Dear Creatures cape for quite sometime. The dilemma with capes: how to wear one? On this snowy day it wasn’t really the most practical, but as I’ve already discussed here, who cares about practical? I think my next wintry purchase should be a pair of elbow length gloves to solve the bare arm dilemma. To make up for exposed arms I wanted to make sure I was covered elsewhere, and what better way to warm up than with a fluffy pair of ear muffs! Ear muffs are ideal for me in the winter. I can just never quite pull off a hat, they make my hair flat and frizzy and no one wants that.


It’s rare that I’ll wear jeans on a day off, but since I was styling my entire outfit around this cape, jeans were the best option. The fact that the 90’s are back isn’t always entirely a good thing, but jeans with zippered ankles are too cute to deny- I admit, this isn’t my only pair!

John surprised me with the cat earrings for Christmas and I really couldn’t love them more. He picked them out himself and I was so proud of him- he knows me well!

Hopefully we won’t be traipsing through the snow much longer, but today we embraced it. And if I have to endure snow and cold might as well do it in style!

Outfit details: Ear muffs :: Aldo | Cape, Boots :: Forever21 | Top, Jeans :: Urban Outfitters | Earrings :: Domestica