Cape Town

I love this cape that I got from Forever21 last fall and felt very lucky when I stumbled upon it, especially since I had been coveting a Dear Creatures cape for quite sometime. The dilemma with capes: how to wear one? On this snowy day it wasn’t really the most practical, but as I’ve already discussed here, who cares about practical? I think my next wintry purchase should be a pair of elbow length gloves to solve the bare arm dilemma. To make up for exposed arms I wanted to make sure I was covered elsewhere, and what better way to warm up than with a fluffy pair of ear muffs! Ear muffs are ideal for me in the winter. I can just never quite pull off a hat, they make my hair flat and frizzy and no one wants that.


It’s rare that I’ll wear jeans on a day off, but since I was styling my entire outfit around this cape, jeans were the best option. The fact that the 90’s are back isn’t always entirely a good thing, but jeans with zippered ankles are too cute to deny- I admit, this isn’t my only pair!

John surprised me with the cat earrings for Christmas and I really couldn’t love them more. He picked them out himself and I was so proud of him- he knows me well!

Hopefully we won’t be traipsing through the snow much longer, but today we embraced it. And if I have to endure snow and cold might as well do it in style!

Outfit details: Ear muffs :: Aldo | Cape, Boots :: Forever21 | Top, Jeans :: Urban Outfitters | Earrings :: Domestica


One thought on “Cape Town

  1. I love little capes! I have a black velvet one my mom picked up at a thrift store, I used it when we went to the Historical Society’s Mourning Tea in October. I’d love to have another one for my Steampunk/Victorian wear. Even though it doesn’t get that cold for very long here.

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