Must-have Monday: Veronica Mars

We’ve all been waiting years for the Veronica Mars movie and it seemed it would never happen. Until now. Not sure about you, but here at Here Pretty Kitty we are super psyched to revisit Neptune, California! Here are our picks to find your inner detective, Veronica-style:


1. This cute hat is so Veronica! :: Brixton

2. Veronica never leaves home without a camera for late night stake-outs. This “Neptune Green” Diana camera is cute, and very appropriately named! ::

3. Solving one mystery after another she is seldom found without a trusty bag :: Modcloth

4. Perfect for a date night with Logan, perhaps? :: Modcloth

5. A functional yet edgy jacket is a staple for the super sleuth! :: H&M

6. She needs something cute yet sturdy to run around, kicking ass. :: Urban Outfitters

Happy Monday! J&M

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