A Happy Green Dress

So I have to take a minute and gush about this dress. When I bought it at Hill Vintage, the lovely Marion asked if I’d like it shortened. “Because we were going to shorten it anyway, and sometimes you want to shorten it and you never get around to it, or you just cut it but don’t hem it, and then it ravels.” NAILED IT. I’ve moaned in the past about my inability (read: laziness) to shorten dresses and Marion went above and beyond for this little dress: Not only did she shorten the hem but she also added buttons to the top, made the clasp in the back much sturdier, and also cut the sleeves to a less-dowdy length and uhhh hello she did it for FREE! Local Des Moines ladies: get thee to Hill Vintage and you’ll find that most of the dresses have already been shortened and sewn for the better, but if you happen upon one that hasn’t been, just ask! They are super friendly about it and do a great job.

Okay, gush over. Today was a bright and sunny day and I was dancing in circles chanting, “No coat! No coat! No coat!” Spring fever is here people, and I predict my newly found energy will go into feverishly swinging my 17-month-old Charlie around the park, painting our kitchen, and making large batches of deviled eggs.


Remember that horse dress I wore in last week’s post? Well it came with a belt that I cut off and I love it mixed with the little tiny bow prints on this dress.  In other news, how do you like the multi-cinched pony? I saw it over on Jane Says blog in a ponytail gallery. I’m digging it; it feels a little paper lantern and a lot 1987.

I hope everyone had a delightful Easter! Now that we tote around a toddler, Easter is a little more happening: think Easter egg hunts, baskets full of goldfish crackers and cute little pinstripe suits. Much more entertaining than in previous years!

Outfit details: heart earrings :: forever 21 | dress :: hill vintage | cardigan :: gift from Jessi | tights :: target | shoes ::  house of vintage


p.s. A fun DIY is heading this way soonish, plus Jessi’s outfit of the week includes a fabulous dress plus a cute kitty cat accessory!

5 thoughts on “A Happy Green Dress

      • That’s it, it’s settled. I must find a job in a De Moines area library. How many of those you got out there? One of them is bound to be looking for a new, freshly degreed librarian.

      • Perfect! We have like 5 different ones (I know because I like to hit all the story times with Charlie) besides the main DM Public. And just think, you could hang out with Charlie and me all the time!

      • I know! I’ve got three classes left. I’ll be done in Dec. I’ve been keeping an eye on jobs, saw one last year at your mom’s. Too bad I wasn’t closer to being done. My ideal job would be close to some family. Change of scene, new job, and family would be perfect.

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