Kitty Necklace + Easter Dress

I have to say Easter is probably one of my favorite holidays for two reasons: Pastels and Easter Candy! It seems like every year the Easter candy arrives earlier and earlier in stores and once I see it I can’t help but stock up. I always make sure to buy extra because I just love it and want to eat it year round. My favorites are Cadbury eggs- I know many adults think Cadbury eggs are gross but I never outgrew them. Egg shapes, bunny shapes, yum yum yum!

This dress to me to quintessentially spring- the colors and the shape and the pattern make me feel fresh, bright and lovely! Because it’s not QUITE warm enough yet I pulled the skinniest jeans I could find out of my closet to throw under the dress. I’ve been wearing tights and leggings for months now and just want to set my legs free! This dress was a very late Christmas present and I’ve been excited to wear it sans sweater to show off the cut out back. I can definitely envision myself wearing this dress all throughout the summer and it’ll be perfect to rock at a music festival.


Marlena gave me this AMAZING necklace for my birthday last year. It’s an old watch that she made into a locket and it’s the most darling accessory that I own. It’s fun when I open the necklace for people and inside are my cute furry babies. Cats! Surprise!

The ribbon in my hair also accompanied my birthday gift from Marlena. I love my birthday and I love presents and will take advantage and use what’s given to me, including the packaging!! Speaking of birthdays, April is birthday month for me, and I have to say I am pretty excited to be turning 30…!

Outfit details: Dress :: Modcloth | Jeans : Urban Outfitters (similar) | Shoes : Urban Outfitters | Locket :: gift from Marlena


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