Sailboats and Polka Dots = A Casual Day’s Outfit

If you’ve been following along on our little blog, you’ve probably picked up that pattern mixing is one of my favorite things in my style land. And today is no exception: I love these two patterns together! Small polka dots plus small sailboats, navy plus red: it all feels so classic and casual. Speaking of casual, let’s talk about comfort. I’m not usually one to dress for comfort but me oh my, these jeans are comfy. I just got them from Modcloth and I’m absolutely in love. High-waisted jeans are back, and I hope they never leave. So flattering, who knew?

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my new spring shoes! My plan was to buy little black oxfords for an easy everyday shoe: but, pretty kitties, why buy black when you can buy GOLD?


My poor husband is sick this week, so it’s been quick dinners and early bedtimes. I’m hoping he’s tip top by Friday: we’re headed to Omaha for his birthday weekend! Last year we went to the zoo, the water park in our hotel, and then were so tired we ended up ordering a ton of room service. We also drank some beers but we had to whisper the entire time since Charlie was only 6 months old and asleep like 20 feet away. Still a wonderful time, and I’m so excited for this year’s adventures!

Outfit details: Earrings :: Kintage | Striped tank top :: Target | Sailboat shirt :: Forever 21 (similar) | Red jacket :: Hill Vintage | Necklace :: DIY | High-waisted jeans :: Modcloth | Purse :: White Rabbit | Gold oxfords :: Aldo

Hope you’re all having a great (and sick free) week!


4 thoughts on “Sailboats and Polka Dots = A Casual Day’s Outfit

  1. I love these prints together! And your tassle necklace is awesome. Consider this my official request for a DIY tutorial. With matching earrings. Pretty please.

  2. I really love this outfit! the colour combination is really nice, so beautiful, great work 🙂
    could you checkout my fashion blog sketches and about me page please? remember to leave a comment, thanks 😀

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