My Favorite Dress in a Butterfly Garden

This past weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday in Omaha and had a blast! We went shopping, ate awesome food, went swimming at our hotel, and then on Saturday hit the zoo. We even took a time out and shot some photos in their lovely butterfly garden.

This dress is one of those dresses that I love so much, I can still remember the day I bought it. I mean, look at it: the collar, the sleeves, the stripes! I was with my bff Kim in a small vintage shop in Chicago and it was seriously love at first sight. And since that was 4 years ago, pretty much every person I know has seen me in it. And now that includes you!


A blurry photo, but a butterfly landed on me!

A blurry photo, but a butterfly landed on me!

Jessi gave me this cute little mint belt for Christmas and I have to say I love it mixed with this dress. Confession: I only wore these shoes for the photo shoot. I switched to my gold oxfords about 2 seconds outside the butterfly garden. Even though these heels really are comfy, they are not let’s-walk-around-the-zoo-looking-at-monkeys-and-tigers comfy. But a diaper bag is for filling with extra pairs of shoes, right?

Outfit details: dress :: thrifted | mint bow belt :: gift from Jessi (Forever 21 coral version) | bracelet :: gift from my husband (Micheal Kors) | floral tights :: target (old) | black wedges:: scheel’s (yes, really)


p.s. Next we’ll be celebrating Jessi’s 30th birthday on the blog, so you’ll want to stay tuned! xoxo

Super Saturday Favorites: Cutout Dresses

Happy Saturday!

Cutout dresses are super springy and super adorable. Whether the cutout is featured on the back, front, or sleeves: we’re in. Let’s do this. We also chose some cute little accessories to match up with these little numbers. And here’s our roundup:


Keep finding your inner sailor by adding a navy belt to this adorable bow-backed dress.
1. Fine and Candy Dress :: Modcloth
2. Woodland Skinny Belt :: Ruche

The cute piping and embroidered dots are so lovely, and matched up with these heart sunglasses the outfit is top notch!
3. Montreal I Hoped For Dress :: Modcloth
4. Hear of Glass Sunglasses :: Fred Flare

Show off that back, girly! What a nice dress for a day of hanging out in the sun. Don’t forget that hat!
5. Blue Dot Open Backed Dress :: Dorothy Perkins
6. Go With the Ebb and Flow Hat :: Modcloth

We are digging the front triangle cutout, and this one is such a pretty color. Put a patterned bow in your hair and you’re all set.
7. Sleeveless Cutout Dress :: Forever 21
8. California Select Original Bow Hair Clip :: American Apparel

It’s a HEART. C’mon, of course we love it. Did you see the heart cutout on Project Runway? Loved it there, too.
9. Heart Cutout Back Dress :: Urban Outfitters
10. Florence Cross Body Bag :: Fred Flare

That subtle cut-out sleeve and that crazy print deserve this gorgeous wedge.
11. Cut Out Sleeve Dress :: ASOS
12. Common Ground Wedge :: Seychelles

Hope you found some inspiration with all these cutout dresses! Have a lovely weekend, J&M

Psssst… did you see Jessi’s cutout dress from about a week ago? Too cute!

Stripes in the Wind

One thing I love: stripes! One thing I hate: wind! I’m not talking about hating on a nice summer breeze, but it can get quite windy in these parts and ruin a perfectly pleasant day. Who wants to take a picnic while you watch your napkins go a-flying and your blanket struggles to stay on the ground? Good for flying a kite? Yes. Good for photo shoots, not so much. It was windy this day, and you can tell from my photos I was less than amused. But the sun was shining at least, so I threw on this striped dress and headed out to brave the elements (I’m being dramatic here- I just really do hate the wind!)

I have many black and white striped articles of clothing which all serve a different purpose. I especially love this one though. Horizontal stripes on the front, chevron stripes on the back. Genius! It’s stretchy but not too clingy, and long sleeved to boot. It’s really quite purrrfect.



I’m not even gonna go on about how I love this denim jacket, but take note pretty kitties, yes it’s new, and yes, I do love it! The color, the detailed stitching on the arms. And I’m done.

There’s a running theme here, but another thing I love and can’t get enough of are big ole sunglasses. I have so many pairs thanks to forever21- what can I say, they’re cheap! And I tend to lose and break sunglasses easily, so I try to not invest too much in them. These here were a tad costlier, but not by much, and they’re quite different from any others I own. Score!

Off I go now to catch up on Veronica Mars. Boyfriend and I are watching the series again to celebrate the Veronica Mars Movie… I’m so excited! And soon the weather will be nice enough I won’t be able to justify sitting inside all day watching tv. What a hard life I lead.

XOXO Kittens!

Outfit details :: sunnies :: Sosie | jacket :: Forever21 | dress :: Urban Outfitters | wedges :: Target


Sailboats and Polka Dots = A Casual Day’s Outfit

If you’ve been following along on our little blog, you’ve probably picked up that pattern mixing is one of my favorite things in my style land. And today is no exception: I love these two patterns together! Small polka dots plus small sailboats, navy plus red: it all feels so classic and casual. Speaking of casual, let’s talk about comfort. I’m not usually one to dress for comfort but me oh my, these jeans are comfy. I just got them from Modcloth and I’m absolutely in love. High-waisted jeans are back, and I hope they never leave. So flattering, who knew?

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my new spring shoes! My plan was to buy little black oxfords for an easy everyday shoe: but, pretty kitties, why buy black when you can buy GOLD?


My poor husband is sick this week, so it’s been quick dinners and early bedtimes. I’m hoping he’s tip top by Friday: we’re headed to Omaha for his birthday weekend! Last year we went to the zoo, the water park in our hotel, and then were so tired we ended up ordering a ton of room service. We also drank some beers but we had to whisper the entire time since Charlie was only 6 months old and asleep like 20 feet away. Still a wonderful time, and I’m so excited for this year’s adventures!

Outfit details: Earrings :: Kintage | Striped tank top :: Target | Sailboat shirt :: Forever 21 (similar) | Red jacket :: Hill Vintage | Necklace :: DIY | High-waisted jeans :: Modcloth | Purse :: White Rabbit | Gold oxfords :: Aldo

Hope you’re all having a great (and sick free) week!


Super Sunday Favorites: 90210 Beverly Hills

The 90s were awesome (duh) and one of the best products of the 90s was 90210: Beverly Hills. The cat fights (Brenda’s bitch face was monumental!), the sex (or lack thereof DONNA), the break-ups (who is dating Dylan this week?), the bizarre plot lines (uh oh, Kelly is in a cult), and of course: the fashion! We recommend wearing the 90s trend by getting inspired by our favorite ladies. Whether it’s lace, sheer, or floral, those girls were not afraid to wear anything, even if it was too small or too big. Here are our picks for Brenda, Donna, Kelly and our favorite pyromaniac/drug pusher, Emily Valentine:



Nothing reminds us of Brenda more than the classic swimsuit top with denim. Don the dress and choker for a date night with your Dylan!
UO Flower Power Bikini :: Urban Outfitters
Secret Blossom Printed Dress :: Ruche
Mock Pocket Skinny Jeans :: Forever 21
Lacquered Triangle Choker :: Forever 21


Donna had a knack for the crop top and you’re in luck: they’re baaaack! We vote pairing them with this updated take on overalls and this floral baseball cap, OR take that floral look head to toe with matching shorts.
Hot Kiss Overalls :: Charlotte Russe
ASOS Bra Top with Gingham Print :: ASOS
Kimchi Blue Pinup Bustier Top :: Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Molly Jacquard Shorts :: Urban Outfitters
Floral Brim Baseball Cap :: Charlotte Russe

Emily Valentine

Emily had the cool rocker chick down. Embrace the look with these perfect picks!
Black and white stripe shirt :: Dorothy Perkins
Urban Renewal Boyfriend Denim Short :: Urban Outfitters
Sun-dipped Wayfarers :: Anthropologie
Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 Floral Boot :: Urban Outfitters


Kelly loved A) looking as sexy as possible and B) looking as old as she possibly could. This means a lot of doily and lace shirts and the grown-up giant blazers! And you can’t forget that scrunchie.
Pins and Needles Daisy Lace Swing Tank Top :: Urban Outfitters
Black Spot Longline Blazer :: Dorothy Perkins
Cotton Scrunchie :: American Apparel
Off-the-Shoulder and Wiser Beige Lace Bodysuit :: Lulu’s

Have a lovely week! J&M

Kitty Necklace + Easter Dress

I have to say Easter is probably one of my favorite holidays for two reasons: Pastels and Easter Candy! It seems like every year the Easter candy arrives earlier and earlier in stores and once I see it I can’t help but stock up. I always make sure to buy extra because I just love it and want to eat it year round. My favorites are Cadbury eggs- I know many adults think Cadbury eggs are gross but I never outgrew them. Egg shapes, bunny shapes, yum yum yum!

This dress to me to quintessentially spring- the colors and the shape and the pattern make me feel fresh, bright and lovely! Because it’s not QUITE warm enough yet I pulled the skinniest jeans I could find out of my closet to throw under the dress. I’ve been wearing tights and leggings for months now and just want to set my legs free! This dress was a very late Christmas present and I’ve been excited to wear it sans sweater to show off the cut out back. I can definitely envision myself wearing this dress all throughout the summer and it’ll be perfect to rock at a music festival.


Marlena gave me this AMAZING necklace for my birthday last year. It’s an old watch that she made into a locket and it’s the most darling accessory that I own. It’s fun when I open the necklace for people and inside are my cute furry babies. Cats! Surprise!

The ribbon in my hair also accompanied my birthday gift from Marlena. I love my birthday and I love presents and will take advantage and use what’s given to me, including the packaging!! Speaking of birthdays, April is birthday month for me, and I have to say I am pretty excited to be turning 30…!

Outfit details: Dress :: Modcloth | Jeans : Urban Outfitters (similar) | Shoes : Urban Outfitters | Locket :: gift from Marlena


A Happy Green Dress

So I have to take a minute and gush about this dress. When I bought it at Hill Vintage, the lovely Marion asked if I’d like it shortened. “Because we were going to shorten it anyway, and sometimes you want to shorten it and you never get around to it, or you just cut it but don’t hem it, and then it ravels.” NAILED IT. I’ve moaned in the past about my inability (read: laziness) to shorten dresses and Marion went above and beyond for this little dress: Not only did she shorten the hem but she also added buttons to the top, made the clasp in the back much sturdier, and also cut the sleeves to a less-dowdy length and uhhh hello she did it for FREE! Local Des Moines ladies: get thee to Hill Vintage and you’ll find that most of the dresses have already been shortened and sewn for the better, but if you happen upon one that hasn’t been, just ask! They are super friendly about it and do a great job.

Okay, gush over. Today was a bright and sunny day and I was dancing in circles chanting, “No coat! No coat! No coat!” Spring fever is here people, and I predict my newly found energy will go into feverishly swinging my 17-month-old Charlie around the park, painting our kitchen, and making large batches of deviled eggs.


Remember that horse dress I wore in last week’s post? Well it came with a belt that I cut off and I love it mixed with the little tiny bow prints on this dress.  In other news, how do you like the multi-cinched pony? I saw it over on Jane Says blog in a ponytail gallery. I’m digging it; it feels a little paper lantern and a lot 1987.

I hope everyone had a delightful Easter! Now that we tote around a toddler, Easter is a little more happening: think Easter egg hunts, baskets full of goldfish crackers and cute little pinstripe suits. Much more entertaining than in previous years!

Outfit details: heart earrings :: forever 21 | dress :: hill vintage | cardigan :: gift from Jessi | tights :: target | shoes ::  house of vintage


p.s. A fun DIY is heading this way soonish, plus Jessi’s outfit of the week includes a fabulous dress plus a cute kitty cat accessory!