Ice Cream Dress on an Ice Cream Day

Right when I saw this dress at Forever 21 I knew it was mine. Ice cream? On a dress? C’mon people. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this (wocka wocka!). And what better way to wear this dress than to our favorite ice cream shop? Ohhhh it’s just too much!

These sunglasses look like they used to belong to a little lovely old lady but la di da, they are from Target. And my golden oxfords are reappearing as they are my go-to shoe lately.








Joe gave me my Charlie necklace for our first Mother’s Day. I adore it but Charlie broke it a couple months ago. Luckily all I needed was a new jump ring and it is good as new.

Why are you still reading? Go get some ice cream already!

Outfit details: sunnies :: Target | ice cream dress :: Forever 21 | Charlie necklace :: My Name Necklace | belt :: Von Maur | oxfords :: Aldo


Favorites: The Babysitters Club

This week’s favorites feature includes our 4 favorite ladies from the BSC: Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill (obviously the top two), Mary Ann Spier, and Dawn Schafer. Each with their own unique styles, we thought: what would each of them be wearing today?



Claudia was all about being as loud as possible style-wise. How can we forget her themed outfits (surely you haven’t forgotten the classic Under-the-Sea ensemble), DIY jewelry, junk food stashes and that major sister complex? Betsey Johnson is surely one of Claudia’s favorite designers, right? The mismatched earrings are SO KISHI!
1. Sparkle and Fade Mesh Dolman Sweater :: Urban Outfitters
2. Pelican Hat Mismatch Earrings :: Betsey Johnson
3. Plastik Hearts Tote :: Betsey Johnson
4. ASOS Leggings in Mono Stripe Print :: ASOS
5. Kimchi Blue Alice Lace-ups :: Urban Outfitters


Everyone loves Stacey (am I right?) this New York girl oozes confidence through her chic fashion sense, despite her parents divorce and early onset diabetes; we have to give it to her, when life hands Stacey lemons, she makes (sugar-free) lemonade!!
6. Aztec Cut Out Earrings :: Top Shop
7. Multi-Floral Pleat Front Shell :: Top Shop
8. Panelled Matt Wetlook Leggings :: Top Shop
9. LEI Two Part Platforms :: Top Shop
10. Art Deco Wrist Purse :: Top Shop


The best little tree hugger from the 90s (although a close call with Z.Z. Ziff from Salute Your Shorts) is totally into Free People. She has that cool bohemian with a little girly edge down pat. Our favorite part about Dawn was her haunted farmhouse with all those secret passageways. Too bad she had to leave it all behind for the beaches of California.
11. Addie Bibbed Henley :: Anthropologie
12. JadeTribe Capri Weekender Bag ::Free People
13. Cascade Mini Wedge :: Free People
14. Battenburg Crochet Shorts :: Free People


A modern Mary Ann Spier could most certainly find any of her demure fashions at Modcloth! From Peter Pan collars to bows to knee socks they’ve got it all. Not sure she’d be this fashion forward, but people can change, right? P.S. Pretty sure that darling bracelet was given to her by the best boyfriend of all time, Logan Bruno. Awwwwww!
15. With a Little Lock Necklace :: Modcloth
16. Basically Amazing Socks :: Modcloth
17. Banner Day Dress :: Modcloth
18. Right Here Heel :: Modcloth
We’re going to go dig out our Super Specials and head to the pool. Who was your favorite character? Are you sad we left out that bossy Kristy?

Sailboats On Dry Land

Not that this should come as any sort of a surprise, but this isn’t the only dress I own that is covered with sailboats…
I bought this dress in the dead of winter, to try and fight my winter blues, and while I wore this with a sweater, boots and tights, it’s exciting to finally be able to wear it as it was meant to be worn. That is to say, frolicking around in a field full of blossoming trees on a HOT spring day! I mean, can we talk about these trees for a minute: stunning!

This dress is actually super comfy- I’m a sucker for straps like these that tie at the shoulder, they’re cute and versatile. I also love the big full skirt. Many of my dresses tend to be on the short side, which is generally how I like them, but it is nice to have some extra coverage every now and then. Plus, a full skirt makes me feel fancy. I haven’t taken this dress on picnic yet but I know it’ll be purrrfect for just that and you better believe that’ll happen in the very near future!








I’m not normally a hat girl, but every now and then I like to throw one on to mix things up a bit. I found this hat made me extra warm while we were outside so I ended up ditching it, but I do think its quite lovely nonetheless. I think from now on I’ll probably just save hats for pool time, strolling with my honey, and perhaps the aforementioned picnic…

One exciting thing abut these pictures is the Here, Pretty Kitty! debut of my brand new, first ever tattoo!! I got it on my birthday this year, and I’m excited to show it off this summer. This is just a sneak peak for now, more to come in a future blog post….

outfit details: dress:: Modcloth | shoes :: thrifted from Hill Vintage | purse :: thrifted | belt :: thrifted | hat :: H&M | sunglasses :: gift


Perm is a 4-letter Word

Perms. I know what you’re thinking: Giant bangs, teased out hair, scrunchies on your wrist and Lisa Frank trapper keepers in your lockers. Well there will always be that perm and no one can take that away from it. But I’m here to tell you about the new perm, now referred to as a texture service at a salon near you. I have wanted curly hair for about 10 years but it was a sort of longing that I never dreamed would come true, like being a cat for a day or taking a bath in macaroni and cheese. But look at me now! My dear friend Devan at Bombshell Betty’s gave me a beach wave perm. There are countless things I love about it but here are two: 1. I don’t have to brush it and 2. it’s curly straight out of the shower but it also does marvelous things when prompted with a little help from my curling iron wand!

Okay, I’ll stop gushing about my hair. For now.




Uh oh… Where did my belt go?



Des Moines is in full bloom these days, and I can’t get over these trees! So so so so so pretty! I wore this little yellow lace top under my strapless dress (did you see it has a MUFF for pockets?! sold) because I didn’t think it was quite warm enough for a strapless dress. Turns out I was wrong, but I’m okay with it. Remember these glasses? Yeah, I gave them to Jessi for her birthday but I just couldn’t not own them. I mean, hearts AND mint?!

Outfit details: Heart-shaped Sunglasses :: Kohl’s | Lace top :: Forever 21 | Strapless dress :: Urban Outfitters | Belt :: Gift from Jessi, Forever 21 (pink) | Flats :: Charlotte Russe (coral)

Hope you’re having a pretty week, and come back for Jessi’s darling post among the trees later in the week!


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Favorites: Decorate Your Head!

Our Favorites series this week is all about adorning your head. Whether it’s the perfect sun hat or a special little jeweled clip, we have our top ten picks for the season!


Totally adorable to wear to a summer wedding! (Wanna make your own? Check out our Floral Headpiece DIY!)
1. Take Me to the Trellis Headband :: Modcloth

Pin your bangs back during a bike ride with this cute head wrap.
2. Chevron Headwrap :: Raydiant Apparel via Etsy

Be the belle of the beach in this giant sun hat!
3. Multi-color Summer Floppy Hat :: American Apparel

Hide your face from the sun during a picnic or leisurely walk.
4. San Diego Hat Company Sun Hat :: Urban Outfitters

Get your Minnie Mouse on with these cuties!
5. Polka Dot Hair Clips :: Forever 21

Dazzle at a party with this 20s-inspired headband.

6. Feather Your Cap Headband :: ModclothTime to snazzy up your bun or ponytail with these cute patterned ties.
7. Bun Wire Ties :: Free People

Love this bold color!
8. Echo Braided Floppy Hat :: Asos

This crazy pattern is sublime.
9. Cult Gaia Munchies Headwrap :: Urban Outfitters

A darling bejeweled bobby pin to add some flare.
10. Crystal Crush Bobbi ::

Have a lovely week, and go put something on your head!

Birthday gift outfit

I know my birthday was a little while ago but I’m just now getting around to debuting some of the amazing birthday gifts I got!! Most of this outfit here was gifted to me from the lovely Marlena (shocker, I know!) It’s really easy for us to shop for each other because we have such similar taste and fashion sense- I think we both usually just find stuff we want and then gift it to the other- that’s what I do anyway ūüôā

I’ll jump right down to the shoes because they’re my favorite part of this outfit. Mint green cat shoes that are oh so comfy…winners! I was shocked when I saw them and can’t get enough of them.
I love this striped dress too. The skirt is short and airy and perfect for spring and summer. It’s taking me a little time to get used to wearing dresses without tights after the longest winter ever, but its so nice to be able to set my legs free.

I bought an iPad with my birthday money and I am absolutely LOVING it! And it turns out this purse is the perfect little carrying case. Check out Marlena’s DIY to find out how to make one for yourself.







John brought me these sunglasses from his recent trip to Portland, which is great since I really don’t have any sunglasses….(jk, my home is overflowing with them.) But I don’t have any like this, and I love them!
Not to sound 80 years old or anything, but I’m soooooo excited for beautiful weather. Marlena and I have been brainstorming about all the fun things we want to do blog wise now that its spring and I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have in store!

Outfit details: dress :: gift (thrifted) | shoes :: urban outfitters | necklace :: domestica | sunglasses :: gift | purse :: Dry Goods + DIY | belt :: thrifted | cat ring :: a truck stop


Riverside Hearts

On this particular day I was in one of those moods where everything I put on was just wrong, wrong, wrong. You know those days? And then in the far reaches of my closet I glanced at my little hearts dress and everything was right in the world. I love this dress mainly because I wore it to one of Jessi & John’s Christmas parties and I had so much fun that night that every time I wear it I think of it.

Anyway, I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect socks to wear with heels. I found this pretty purple pair at Target and I honestly do like the trend. I know it’s not for everyone, but here’s why I think you should try it: it adds a certain daintiness to any look plus your feet stay warmer! On a day like this, when you wake up to 55 degrees and windy, you need a little extra warmth on your tootsies if you want to parade around in a darling pair of heels.






Jessi, Charlie and I went to one of the many bridges over the Des Moines River. The clouds suddenly parted, the sun said hello, and we took advantage it. I love easy, breezy days!

Outfit details: dress :: forever 21 | belt :: thrifted | purple socks :: target | wedges :: thrifted


May Favorites!

This week Jessi and I each picked out a fun outfit from head to toe perfect for May, a little springy and a little summery!


Marlena’s Picks

1. I love the cool shape and the pretty neutral color.
Loud and Clear Shades :: Nasty Gal

2. This button down is effortless, comfy, and pretty.
Floral Minuet Button-up :: Ruche

3. Faux suede and studs add that little bit of edge. And they are under $4!
Studded Bow Hairpins :: Forever 21

4. I’m loving all things high-waisted, and tucking that button down in these cute shorts would show off the darling buttons.
BDG High-rise Sailor Short :: Urban Outfitters

5. Love this cute little arrow/chevron ring. And again, it’s under $4!
Cutout Arrow Ring :: Forever 21

6. I love the color and how architectural this bag is.
Tailored Tara Purse :: Tailor & Stylist

7. This striped wedge would go with about a million things in my closet!
Seaside Snack Wedge :: Modcloth

Jessi’s Picks

1. This striped beauty will keep the sun off your face and you’ll look cute to boot!
Wide Brimmed Paper Floppy Hat :: French Collection

2. Top off your summer look with some shades that’ll make your outfit all American for the best summer ever!
Polka Dot Nerd Sunglasses with Bow :: SugarRush Collections via Etsy

3. I don’t wear much white but this dress is tooooo cute to say no to!
Cooperative Scalloped Peplum Dress :: Urban Outfitters

4. Who doesn’t love a bow belt?
Red-Orange Adorable Bow Belt :: Pree Brulee

5. This vintage bag is so versatile and pretty!
Woven Leather Bag :: Factory Handbook via Etsy

6. If it’s not too too hot out I love to rock some boots with a dress, skirt or shorts. And these are perforated which makes them perfect!
Knock at the Door Boots :: Seychelles Footwear

Have a great week pretty kitties!


Favorite Floral

I do love stripes, I mean, who doesn’t? So it was really no surprise to me that Mar and I had essentially the same soft, striped blazer hanging out in our closets. I got mine at Target a few months back, and it really is great. Part jacket, part cardigan and totally awesome!

This floral dress is one of my absolute favorites that I’ve had for years. It’s a reworked vintage piece that I got at White Rabbit. It’s a great length that I can easily wear with tights or without. I love the cut of the dress as well- it’s sleeveless, and while I’m not normally into high necklines I think it really works on this number.

The shoes are yet another favorite. I’ve worn them to death, they’re almost unwearable. You can’t tell from this picture but the bottom right shoe has a terrible crack, so I definitely can’t wear these when it rains or snows! I’m thinking of taking them to a cobbler for repair, because I love them so dearly and can’t bear to part with them… Oh the perils of buying vintage shoes!


I was having an incredibly lazy day, hence the scarf thrown into my hair. A scarf in my hair used to be my go-to hairstyle. I’ve gotten away from it over the last year or so but it’s a great option for when I don’t want to put much effort into styling my hair…

As Marlena mentioned in her last post there was a girl roller skating at the park and although she was just learning, it looked super fun and made me miss the days when I would live in my roller skates. We might have to try it out this summer, although it could certainly end in disaster!

Outfit details: dress :: White Rabbit | shoes :: thrifted | jacket :: target | belt :: forever21 |


Dotties and Stripes

This week Jessi and I are both styling a black and white striped blazer, so stay tuned! I picked mine up at Charlotte Russe a few weeks ago, and easily the best part about it is the soft fabric. And I admit it: it wasn’t exactly warm enough to wear these shorts, but I just love them paired with the stripes. Plus I love how they look like a skirt but function as shorts, which, as a mom to an 18 month old, is actually super awesome. Lots of bending down + mini skirt + slight breeze = problematic. But no one sees my goodies with these lovely shorts!

I finally bought a new bag. I’m the first to admit that I don’t really get into bags. I’m not into brands, and I usually end up just picking one up at Target and using it until it falls apart. Which mine did, so: new purse! I actually ended up getting this for a whopping $20 at TJ Maxx. It’s super soft and has lots of pockets to lose things. For example I already lost and found some peanut butter crackers. Yes!

Side note: Looking at these pics makes me realize I need to get my bangs cut! Good thing I’m headed there soon. Yikes.


I’m standing in a wading pool that is not filled for summer yet. A little girl was trying (but failing) to rollerblade near me, and it made me wish I had on some roller skates for this shoot. Maybe next time!

Outfit details: necklace :: gift from Joe | blazer/cardigan :: Charlotte Russe (similar) | belt, shorts, tank, shoes :: Target | purse :: TJ Maxx


p.s. Don’t forget to come back later this week to see how Jessi shows her stripes!