Sailboats On Dry Land

Not that this should come as any sort of a surprise, but this isn’t the only dress I own that is covered with sailboats…
I bought this dress in the dead of winter, to try and fight my winter blues, and while I wore this with a sweater, boots and tights, it’s exciting to finally be able to wear it as it was meant to be worn. That is to say, frolicking around in a field full of blossoming trees on a HOT spring day! I mean, can we talk about these trees for a minute: stunning!

This dress is actually super comfy- I’m a sucker for straps like these that tie at the shoulder, they’re cute and versatile. I also love the big full skirt. Many of my dresses tend to be on the short side, which is generally how I like them, but it is nice to have some extra coverage every now and then. Plus, a full skirt makes me feel fancy. I haven’t taken this dress on picnic yet but I know it’ll be purrrfect for just that and you better believe that’ll happen in the very near future!








I’m not normally a hat girl, but every now and then I like to throw one on to mix things up a bit. I found this hat made me extra warm while we were outside so I ended up ditching it, but I do think its quite lovely nonetheless. I think from now on I’ll probably just save hats for pool time, strolling with my honey, and perhaps the aforementioned picnic…

One exciting thing abut these pictures is the Here, Pretty Kitty! debut of my brand new, first ever tattoo!! I got it on my birthday this year, and I’m excited to show it off this summer. This is just a sneak peak for now, more to come in a future blog post….

outfit details: dress:: Modcloth | shoes :: thrifted from Hill Vintage | purse :: thrifted | belt :: thrifted | hat :: H&M | sunglasses :: gift


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