Favorites: Zooey Deschanel

Tomorrow we’ll see the newest release from She & Him, titled Volume 3, (go buy it!) and at Here, Pretty Kitty we’re pumped! We already have our tickets to see them play this summer, and what better way to show our excitement than to showcase some Zooey D inspired fashion?


What a lovely ensemble!
1. En Route Necktie Blouse :: Ruche
2. Miami Gardens Printed Skirt :: Francesca’s

Zooey loves a sweetheart neckline!
3. Just Like Stroll Times Dress :: Modcloth

Zooey is a known fan of Dear Creatures, as are we! You can find Dear Creatures locally at Vitae Design Collective in downtown Des Moines!
4. Seberg Dress :: Dear Creatures

Both on screen and off she is a master of the shorts + tights combo.
5. MiH Scalloped Shorts :: Net-A-Porter
6. Spanx Sheer Polka Dot Tights :: Saks Fifth Avenue

These oxfords are such a pretty hue, and the lace detail is a nice bonus!
7. Sheer Lace Inset Nubuck Oxford :: Charlotte Russe

We can see Zooey pairing this cardi with all sorts of stuff!
8. Pleated Rosebud Cardigan :: Anthropologie

Like this classic striped boatneck tee for example?
9. Boatneck Striped Top :: Forever 21

Everyone knows brunettes with bangs look irresistable in nautical numbers like these!
10. Cute Clipper Dress :: Modcloth
11. Reef Me Breathless Dress :: Modcloth

Have a lovely week!


Polka Dot City

Hard to believe a few days ago I could wear something like this and today I’ve spent the entire day cooped up on the couch because its been snowing. Not cool! But a taste of the nice weather is better than none, and fingers crossed, it’ll be back soon.
On the heels of birthday week John and I took a little day trip to Minneapolis to spend some of my hard earned birthday money!! We hit up H&M in the mall and a few other stores before spending some quality time in IKEA. It was a short trip but totally fun and worth it. We love to take road trips together. It’s a great time to talk and hang out, munch on road snacks and listen to podcasts.


Everything I’m wearing I got in Minneapolis, obviously! This polka dot number is a crop top, which I was unsure about at first, but I love everything about it, especially the little tie, so I bought it anyway and figured out how to make it work. High waisted skirt to the rescue!
The polka dot shoes are from Urban Outfitters and are so cute and comfy I want to live in them. I always have a rule when we shop at the Mall of America to hit H&M first and Urban second because of the drastic price differences. I love me some Urban Outfitters for sure, but once I’ve spent money elsewhere I can avoid going too crazy for the (overpriced?) but super cute clothes. Coming up soon on the blog I’ll be debuting the purrrrfect mint green cat print shoes from Urban that Marlena got me for my birthday. Does she know me or what?!! Speaking of prezzies, the sunnies I’m sporting here are also from Marlena, and I believe she got a matching pair for herself! Love the subtle heart shape and of course the mint. Duh. Guys, I love mint. Deal with it 🙂
The necklace is another birthday present, this time from my beau. He bought it locally and picked it out himself and I love love LOVE it!

Outfit details: top and shoes :: Urban Outfitters | skirt :: H&M | sunglasses :: Kohl’s (pink) | necklace :: Domestica


DIY: Sharpie Purse


I have an easy DIY for you today! So I bought this purse for Jessi for her b-day, but the more I looked at it, the more I kept thinking it needed something. Metallic triangles were the answer. In the end, I’d say my little project was a success: Jessi thought I bought it with the triangles! That’s the best compliment, right?

Materials Needed:

Something blank to design, like this soft fake leather purse
Metallic Sharpie permanent marker


This is so easy! Just take out that sharpie and get crazy with it. I think the simple shapes work best, but do whatever you please.

Pointer #1: The key to making this work is the material. I think this particular purse is some sort of fake leather, and the Sharpie just went on like… well… a permanent marker. I was going to put a topcoat finisher on it, but I didn’t think it was necessary. If you think it might smear, though, perhaps try one. I have a spray one that I got at Micheal’s.

Pointer #2: in my head the triangle pattern was less all over the place and more static, but let’s get real: drawing the same triangle exactly the same length apart all the time is hard. So random is way less stressful and it still turns out lovely!

Pointer/Random thought #3: If you don’t have a bag to draw on, just draw polka dots, stripes or cat silhouettes on your nails!

photo_2 triangle-purse-complete

Good luck, pretty kitties! Let me know if you tackle a project with a metallic sharpie, especially a purse!