Favorites: 80/35 Music Festival!

80/35 is Des Moines’ best music festival and it’s happening next weekend! Stumped about what to wear? Well, when planning an outfit for a day at a music festival there are many things to consider. Just how hot will it be? Rain or shine? Can I stand AND sit comfortably in this outfit?  Can I throw my jacket, emergency toilet paper, wallet, etc into my bag and still be able to dance comfortably? So many questions!


1. I’ve been crushing hard on overalls and I think this is the perfect occasion to finally break them out.
Railroad Printed Overalls :: Free People

2. I’m a sucker for a brown woven bag. And although we would highly recommend a denim fanny pack, good luck, they’re hard to find!
Tan Crossbody Bag :: Dorothy Perkins

3. Oh wait, they really aren’t too hard to find! You just have to look at K-mart. Naturally.
Joe Boxer Fanny Pack :: K-mart

4. I’m not usually one for a maxi dress, but I find this one unreasonably cute. Just be careful when making a trip to the dreaded port-a-potty!
Tall it a Day Maxi Dress :: Lulu’s

5. You could match these statement earrings with a white tee and some jean shorts and still look stylish.
River Island Feather Drop Earrings :: ASOS

6. You’ll want a comfy shoe, for sure, and if you can handle it, something with a little extra height is great for when tall boys will inevitably stand right in front of you…
Kimchi Blue Quarter Strap Sandal :: Urban Outfitters

7. The festival IS 4th of July weekend after all, so in this case we support being overtly patriotic!
For Love & Lemons Americana Dress :: Urban Outfitters

8. Sunnies are imperative. Definitely pack one pair, if not more!
Dark Sky Shades :: Nasty Gal

Of course, nothing says a music festival like a pretty floral crown. Take 30 minutes out of your day and make one, the DIY is right here!

Hope to see you there!


DIY: Make Your Own Glitter Nail Polish

Another super simple, two-step DIY for you today! Do you own too many bottles of clear polish because you lose them, buy another, then promptly find the missing bottle two days later? Then keep repeating this process for months? I know I do. Do you also have leftover glitter lying around from an old, albeit glittery, crafts project? Well, dear kitties, time to put these two and two together to create your own glitter nail polish!


Seriously. Just make a funnel out of some paper and put the glitter in your nail polish bottle. Voila!

Some words of wisdom:

  • Use a bottle of clear polish that is halfway to 3/4 way full.
  • Don’t try and put a bunch of glitter in at once or you will create a glitter traffic jam. If you ignore this rule, use a tooth pick to try and jam out the glitter into the tube.
  • The outcome is not going to be lush glittery nails. The outcome is more of a subtle (yet super awesome and fun) glitter party.
  • Once your polish is on your pretty nails, try hard not to peel it off the minute it dries because this can be very addicting.
  • For the next use, you’ll really need to shake it well or just hold it upside down for a minute or two to get the glitter mixed in. It likes to settle on the sides.

Have fun!!



Birthday Week Treat: Strawberry Cobbler


My mom has a lot of cookbooks, and most of them have been so loved over the years they are missing covers, dog-eared, with an unavoidable butter stain or two signaling a well used recipe. One in particular is a spiral-bound bank employee type from the 80s that has at least 3 cobbler recipes in it, and Mom has crafted her own version for it, scrawled in her pretty handwriting in the margins.

There are two reasons why I’ve eaten this dessert so much, besides the obvious fact that it’s delicious: 1) there is a high chance you already have all the ingredients except the fruit and 2) in about an hour you will find yourself standing over the stove, eating straight from the pan.

So what better way to continue celebrating my Birthday Week than with my favorite cobbler plus my favorite fruit? We’ve never used strawberries before and holy cow I wish I would have thought of it sooner. The crispy, buttery crust mixed with the softened, sweet strawberries? So good. Mom usually makes it with blackberries or peaches, and those are great, but this strawberry version is a keeper!



2 pounds strawberries, washed and hulled
1/2 cup butter
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup milk
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
Dash of salt


Preheat the oven to 350° F. Slice all the strawberries. Mash roughly half of them in a separate bowl and add about 1 tsp sugar (note: the riper the strawberries, the less sugar is needed). Set aside.

Take your stick of butter and put it in the 9×13 pan. Melt it by putting it in your preheating oven.

Meanwhile, mix remaining ingredients. Remove pan from oven once butter is melted and pour batter over the melted butter, spreading it as evenly as you can. Next pour the strawberries over the batter. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until edges are a pretty brown.



p.s. Stay tuned later this week when we feature DIY Birthday Party Nails!

A Little Lace Dress

I had been keeping my eye on this dress at Target for a couple of months. As in, I would walk past it, think “oh that’s cute,” and then promptly forget about it and go buy more toilet paper. Then the other day I was actually sans husband and toddler and had time to try some stuff on! I had fun styling this dress because the entire day I was painting our kitchen cabinets in an old t-shirt and yoga pants. When Jessi asked if we wanted to hit up First Friday in Des Moines’ East Village that night, I was all about it. Another reason I was so excited about this dress is the scoop neckline goes perfect with a sleeveless collared top.








I picked this necklace up at Hill Vintage awhile back, and my son loves munching on it. Even now, after all his teeth have come in….

Of course my night got much sweeter when Joe bought me this perfect Dear Creatures dress at Vitae Design Collective for all of my hard work with my painting adventures! You’ll see my take on it soon!

Outfit details: Sunnies :: Forever 21 | Sleeveless heart blouse :: Forever 21 | Lace dress :: Target | Belt :: Target | Jellyfish Necklace :: Hill Vintage | Purse :: Vitae Design Collective | Black cutout flats :: H&M


Polka Dot Baby

This polka dot number is my new perfect summer dress. It’s magical! It’s the total package: v-neck, button down, racer back, polka dots… I’m in love! I got this baby at target and it was love at first sight. I didn’t even try it on, I just knew we were meant to be.
It’s been just right for any occasion: work, date night with my love, going out with friends and even sitting around playing board games and Nintendo. I often do this with a new piece of clothing. I’ll become obsessed and wear it multiple times a week until the next dress/top/whatever comes along. Pretty fickle, huh? But I feel confident this darling will last the test of time. We shall see…







Also, speaking of love, how in love do I look with that cupcake?!

I got this belt from Etsy a few years ago. It’s a very special belt that I don’t pull out for just any outfit. But you guys know how I feel about this special dress…

I know it’s not for everyone, but I love pairing ankle boots with a summer dress or shorts. These boots also came from Etsy, and they’ve sat around in my closet for quite awhile, but one day I got the urge the throw them on and they’re now heavily incorporated into my summer wardrobe. This is why I can and should never get rid of anything!

I don’t know abut everyone else but I’m having a pretty great summer so far! I’ve already gotten some decent pool time in, plenty of summer drinks with friends, and sitting outside and reading and soaking up the sun. Cheers to my favorite season!!

Outfit details: dress :: Target | boots, belt :: Etsy | scarf :: thrifted 


June Favorites!

It’s time for our monthly style-up and this June it just makes sense we’re both gravitating towards oranges and reds with the heat, right? We’re also loving the geometric trend, from a cute shapely dress (I went there) from Modcloth to cut-out oxfords from Urban.


Marlena’s Outfit:

1. These earrings are perfect to dress up any outfit.
Finchittida Cut-Out Earrings :: ASOS

2. I love this flattering pattern and it’s such a nice, cool dress for the heat.
New Theory Tube Skater Dress :: Sway Chic

3. The little arrows on this belt are too cute.
Arrowcut Skinny Belt :: Madewell

4. This yellow floral bag is reminiscent of a vintage carpet bag, but way cuter than the one I used to own!
Opportunity to Pop Bag :: Modcloth

5. See: the cut-out squares will keep your feet nice and cool despite not wearing sandals. Right?
Cooperative Lattice Lace-up Flat :: Urban Outfitters

Jessi’s Outfit:

1. Yes, I know it’s summer, but you never know when a summer thunderstorm will hit. OR use this beauty to shield yourself from the blistering sun.
When It Rains It Paws Umbrella :: Modcloth

2. This geometric darling caught my eye instantly and I have to admit I already snagged it from Modcloth! And believe me, it’s just as cute in person.
Summertime Spirit Dress :: Modcloth

3. If I had a billion extra dollars to spend I’d drop some money on this bracelet real quick!
BoyNCY Thorn Cuff Bracelet :: Urban Outfitters

4. I’m a sucker for a brown bag, and the gold trim really sets this apart from the rest!
Tan Gold Rim Saddle Bag :: A|Wear

5. I saw these puppies on a lovely lady in downtown Des Moines and was inspired to look them up online. Very classic and practical for summer!
Charla Black Wedges :: Zappos

Hope your weekend is a blast!

Plaid Plus Stripes

Last summer I bought 3 dresses from Forever 21. I promptly shrunk all of these dresses the first time I washed them. Since when do $15 dresses require a glance at the tag? Luckily 2 out of the 3 dresses still fit, the skirts are just a bit short for my comfort.  So what’s a girl to do?  I chose to sport a little striped skirt underneath my blue dress. Voila!

I’ve been noticing bun wraps pop up over the internetz and was inspired to dig out one of my scarves for the look. This particular one has been a challenge up until now because it’s too short for my neck and it slips when it’s around my head. This is a win-win!






My necklace is a gift from Joe for Mother’s Day, as are my earrings. I love them! The circles represent Joe, me, and Charlie. So, so, so, so sweet!

Next week is my birthday and we’ll be celebrating all week long here on the blog, so think cupcakes, a favorite dessert recipe, and so much more!

Outfit details :: scarf :: thrifted | plaid jacket :: forever 21 | dress : forever 21 | belt :: target | Marjorie Baer earrings & necklace :: gift from Joe | black and white striped skirt :: target | boots :: aldo


What I Wore to a Spring Wedding

I love any reason to go out and get myself a new dress and what better reason than a wedding to do so?
This is normally my philosophy, but recently I cleaned and reorganized my closet and was reminded of all the great dresses I had jammed into the back of my closet that I so rarely get to wear. So this time I decided to not get something new and just go shopping in my closet instead!
I had a few vintage dresses in mind, but when it came time to get dressed nothing felt quite right. Then I stumbled upon this beauty. I’ve had it for years and it’s the perfect dress to wear to a wedding- it’s cute, comfortable and a real standout. Winner!
I bought this a few years ago on my birthday at Vitae Design Collective, a local store in Des Moines East Village. I wear dresses a lot, and this one is like nothing else I own, which makes it fun to pull out for special occasions!







I recently discovered the beauty that is an adhesive bra and this was the perfect dress to put it to use. I hate strapless bras- they’re uncomfortable and never stay up. This adhesive bra I got from Target definitely looks weird, but its strapless, backless and isn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. Ladies, I definitely recommend investing in one for the summer!!

I love these gray t-strap heels I got from H&M when I was visiting LA. But I can only wear them for a few hours before they start to do damage to my feet, so I made sure to tuck a pair of flats into my purse for later in the night. I’ve killed my feet before for a pretty pair of shoes, but no more! Live and learn, right?

The wedding was fun, the reception was great (dancing, open bar and super tasty food!!) it also made me realize I need to really get into the swing of things in terms of planning my own wedding… It’s only a few months away!

outfit details: dress :: Vitae Design Collective | shoes :: H&M | purse :: thrifted | earrings :: forever21 | ring :: Hill Vintage


An Impromptu Outfit Post at the Zoo

Charlie and I spent all last week hanging out in Kansas City with my family while my husband was away at a work conference. Highlights: Charlie’s first baseball game, my grandparents visiting, his second official haircut, lots of homemade food and a whole lotta laughter. And on the last day Mom, Char and I headed out to the Kansas City Zoo.

I knew I’d be doing a lot of running after, picking up, bending down, etc with Charlie so comfort won out with this outfit. I picked up this top at H&M for $10, and I liked it so much I got another one in a pretty pink gingham pattern. My shoes are actually a DIY project I never finished because I wasn’t liking how it was turning it out, but now that I see these pics I don’t think it looks too bad . . . maybe I’ll finish it after all . . .





Performing Mom duties!





My hair is a mess in these pics! At least I have that little crochet bow in the back to make it look better. My friend Gina makes them and they are too cute. This bow necklace gets put back on the shelf a lot unfortunately because I’m usually wearing either a bow belt or a bow in my hair. I decided I could get away with both if I wore the bow under my bun instead of on top. I got the inspiration from my friend Jess, who does this on occasion and I’ve always admired it.

I had to include some animals in this post because my Mom got so many good ones! How cute is that elephant painting?!

Outfit details: Hair bow :: Downtown Bow Brown at Vitae Design Collective | Fruit earrings :: H&M | Bow necklace :: Gift from Jessi! | Top :: H&M | Jeans :: Modcloth | Sunglasses :: Lulu’s | Red sneakers :: K-mart


Favorites: Summer Shoes!

It’s June! Time for sandals and fun flats, yeah? Well we’ve rounded up some beauties for you!


Love this neutral to add a boost of cute to a casual summer ensemble:
1. Razie Sandal :: Sosie

These shoes may look like they’re made for older ladies but trust me, once you slip them on you won’t want to take them off. Ever. So super comfy and perfect to pair with a retro sun dress:
2. Worishofer :: Zappos

These lovely purple suede flats are a cute take on the classic mary janes:
3. ASOS Longing Flats :: ASOS

It’s after Memorial Day, so you can wear these white beauties with pride:
4. Meadow Walk Pointed Flat :: Ruche

Pair these pretties with something neon for bright summer contrast:
5. Kork-Ease Myrna Sandal :: Urban Outfitters

These are such a cute every day flat:
6. Twist Family Robinson Sandal :: Modcloth

Pretty purrrrfect for a backyard BBQ:
7. City Classified Evelyn Tan Strappy :: Lulu’s

You can dress these down with some cute shorts or dress them up with a pretty floral dress:
8. Taipa :: Aldo

It’s never too early to start planning your Fourth of July ensemble, right?
9. Poetry and Pose Flat :: Modcloth

A great woven shoe just screams summer, don’t ya think?
10. Leather Bow-Accent Huaraches :: Forever 21

Ohhhh we’re a sucker for that t-strap:
11. Field Day Flat :: Nasty Gal

The colors in this sandal are perfect for summer:
12. Flip the Switch :: Seychelles

For when you want to hit up the pool in style:
13. Bamboo Dalinda 15 Sea Green Sandals :: Lulu’s

Maybe not the most comfy in the bunch, but these floral wedges are positively fetching:
14. Floral Fabric X-Front Wedges :: Charlotte Russe

Hope you’ve found some inspiration among our picks! Which is your favorite?