An Impromptu Outfit Post at the Zoo

Charlie and I spent all last week hanging out in Kansas City with my family while my husband was away at a work conference. Highlights: Charlie’s first baseball game, my grandparents visiting, his second official haircut, lots of homemade food and a whole lotta laughter. And on the last day Mom, Char and I headed out to the Kansas City Zoo.

I knew I’d be doing a lot of running after, picking up, bending down, etc with Charlie so comfort won out with this outfit. I picked up this top at H&M for $10, and I liked it so much I got another one in a pretty pink gingham pattern. My shoes are actually a DIY project I never finished because I wasn’t liking how it was turning it out, but now that I see these pics I don’t think it looks too bad . . . maybe I’ll finish it after all . . .





Performing Mom duties!





My hair is a mess in these pics! At least I have that little crochet bow in the back to make it look better. My friend Gina makes them and they are too cute. This bow necklace gets put back on the shelf a lot unfortunately because I’m usually wearing either a bow belt or a bow in my hair. I decided I could get away with both if I wore the bow under my bun instead of on top. I got the inspiration from my friend Jess, who does this on occasion and I’ve always admired it.

I had to include some animals in this post because my Mom got so many good ones! How cute is that elephant painting?!

Outfit details: Hair bow :: Downtown Bow Brown at Vitae Design Collective | Fruit earrings :: H&M | Bow necklace :: Gift from Jessi! | Top :: H&M | Jeans :: Modcloth | Sunglasses :: Lulu’s | Red sneakers :: K-mart


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