Plaid Plus Stripes

Last summer I bought 3 dresses from Forever 21. I promptly shrunk all of these dresses the first time I washed them. Since when do $15 dresses require a glance at the tag? Luckily 2 out of the 3 dresses still fit, the skirts are just a bit short for my comfort.  So what’s a girl to do?  I chose to sport a little striped skirt underneath my blue dress. Voila!

I’ve been noticing bun wraps pop up over the internetz and was inspired to dig out one of my scarves for the look. This particular one has been a challenge up until now because it’s too short for my neck and it slips when it’s around my head. This is a win-win!






My necklace is a gift from Joe for Mother’s Day, as are my earrings. I love them! The circles represent Joe, me, and Charlie. So, so, so, so sweet!

Next week is my birthday and we’ll be celebrating all week long here on the blog, so think cupcakes, a favorite dessert recipe, and so much more!

Outfit details :: scarf :: thrifted | plaid jacket :: forever 21 | dress : forever 21 | belt :: target | Marjorie Baer earrings & necklace :: gift from Joe | black and white striped skirt :: target | boots :: aldo


2 thoughts on “Plaid Plus Stripes

  1. I’ve noticed that most of my F21 dresses are hand wash only and when you don’t hand wash them, they get messed up! Looks like it all worked out for you in the end 🙂

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