Festival Fashion

80/35 marks the end of one of my favorite times of the year. I just love summer and June is always so jam packed for me. By the time 80/35 rolls around I’m exhausted but have just enough in me to power through the weekend, resulting in a spectacular time. I got to dance with some lovely friends, eat awesome festival food, hang out with my brother, and even hang in the VIP area thanks to my man!

I often start planning my 80/35 outfits weeks in advance, anticipating how the weather will be and what will be comfortable and cute enough to run around all day in. I think I found two solid winners this year!







On day one I enjoyed a little bit of red bull and peach vodka from the VIP area for some energy- yum yum!
You may remember this top from an earlier post. I got it around my birthday, and because it’s a crop top it can be hard for me to pull off. I decided to pair it with a strapless dress, mixing patterns as I please!
I got these Worishofer sandals recently, and they are dream-come-true shoes. They are so, so, SO comfortable! Like walking on air, really.
I decided to go with a smaller purse than usual this year, but you can see I managed to pack in the essentials: bottled water, sunscreen, wallet and phone. In years past I’ve brought a jacket, umbrella and even extra shoes (which actually came in handy when a friend broke her sandals!) but this year I wanted to travel more lightly, and I still made it through okay.

As we were walking down to the festival I took a spill on the sidewalk and busted up my knee and ankle. Luckily I wasn’t hurt badly enough to impede on the fun, but you can definitely see some of my battle wounds in these pics. Ow!

Day one outfit details : top :: urban outfitters | necklace: forever21 | dress :: forever21 | Worishofer sandals :: Zappos | purse :: Modcloth







For my second day outfit I picked another strapless dress, but since I’m not always super comfortable going strapless I safety pinned this scarf to my dress to turn it into a halter. That way I didn’t have to spend the entire day making sure my dress was in place. And it worked out beautifully. Success!
I got these sandals recently at Hill Vintage and really love them. I hadn’t even worn them before, so I was definitely risking comfort since I wasn’t completely sure how comfy they would be. But they’re slightly big on me, which helped, and they got me through the day purrrrfectly!
Since this all took place July 4th weekend I wanted to continue the red, white and blue theme, hence the red belt. I love getting super into holidays and the Fourth of July is no exception! BBQ and fireworks… Sign me up!

All in all, this years festival was majorly successful. Highlights included David Byrne and St. Vincent, Deehunter, Wavves, Yeasayer, and I admit, I even got into Wu-Tang a bit with Marlena.
And now I’m gonna focus more on going to the pool, hanging out with my kitties, catching up on some summer reading and breathe a little. Ahhhhhhh. See ya next year, 80/35!

Day two outfit details: sunnies: forever21 | dress :: Urban Outfitters Outlet | belt :: thrifted | necklaces :: forever21 | shoes :: Hill Vintage


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