Little Kitten, Big City

There’s almost nothing I love more than taking a few days off of regular life for a good Midwestern road trip! Typically John and I will head to Minneapolis, Omaha or Kansas City for a fun few days away. But this time we ventured a little further to… Chicago! I haven’t spent much time in Chicago in my adult life, so it was fun to explore the city with my honey. Not to mention Marlena and her hubs were there too, which made for an extra fun time! We saw Camera Obscura and She & Him and got to hang with old friends. To celebrate John’s birthday (and Marlena’s too!) we went shopping, ate tons of good food* and basically had a spectacular time.

*good food includes cream cheese stuffed red velvet French toast and mac and cheese grilled cheese….. Heaven!!!







I got this woodland creature tank at the Urban Outfitters outlet store in Chicago. I’d had never been to an OU outlet before, and it was a true treat! So much stuff for so cheap. I mean, I got a fox tail for my phone for fifty cents…. (See our iPhone photos post to see the tail in action.)

I’ve basically been living in these high waisted shorts this summer. The denim is stretchy but still durable and so so comfortable.
Mar and I bought complementary Twin Peaks Laura Palmer rings, which is probably my favorite purchase from the trip. Early on in our relationship we bonded over watching Twin Peaks in her dorm room, so buying matching rings seems appropriate.

All in all such a fun trip!!

Outfit details: shorts, top, necklace :: Urban Outfitters | sweater, shoes :: thrifted | bow :: Vitae | purse :: forever 21 | Laura Palmer ring :: Kokorokoko | sunnies :: gift from Marlena


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