One thing I’ve noticed about myself since starting this blog: I love my outfit staples! This summer I can’t get enough of these high-waisted shorts, as evidenced by past outfit posts to this very blog. What can I say, they are so comfy and cute and easy to pair with nearly anything. They are my dream pair of shorts and are great for summer and will transition easily into fall by pairing them with tights! (That is, if I don’t wear them out before then…)
Fashion-wise, this time of the year is tricky, because, as you may have noticed, fall clothes and boots have started to pop up in stores and I’m already getting excited to wear tights and boots. It can be hard to live in the moment! Right around the corner we’ll see the release of all the fall fashion magazines, which is really my favorite time of the year. Exciting!!






I picked up these shoes at a department store earlier this year. Department store shopping is super rare for me, but when I saw these beauties on display they were calling my name and I couldn’t say no to them! It’s taken me a little while to fully break them in, but they’re getting there and I can tell we’ll be together for a long time. Ahhhh, new love!

I’m so excited for this upcoming weekend. My amazing maid of honor Marlena (duh) and two other equally amazing bridesmaids, Mindy and Shannon, are throwing my bachelorette party and bridal shower and I can’t wait!!!!! The bridal shower is cat themed (another duh). I’m not 100% sure what they have in store for the bachelorette party, but I have no doubt it will be awesome!! Stay tuned throughout next week for pics and details about our crazy weekend!

outfit details: top, necklace, sunnies :: forever21 | shorts :: Urban Outfitters | shoes :: bcbg | bow :: Vitae


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