Our First Family Vacation

Hi kitties!

So I’m pretty excited about this outfit, solely because Joe took these pictures when we were on vacation in South Dakota. We were gone 10 days on a giant road trip from Des Moines to Denver to South Dakota back to Des Moines. With Charlie turning 2 in October, we definitely learned some tricks very quickly. Like: reserve a crib before you get to the hotel, never drive more than 5 hours a day, and always have snacks on hand. And I have to say that despite his requests for “nummies” every 6 minutes in the car, he was such a great little trooper the entire trip!

On this particular day we hit Bear Country USA (bears, mountain lions, wolves! Walking around your cars!), Mt. Rushmore (Presidents! In rocks!), the Presidential Wax Museum (Waxy figures! Ok, I’ll stop), the Cosmos, and this old Dinosaur Park from the 50s. It was definitely one of my favorite days of our entire trip.








I don’t match us on purpose, I promise. It just happens all. the. time.

I packed easy dresses to wear for the trip, the same 2 pairs of comfy flats, and a bunch of accessories. I couldn’t have been happier. Sometimes when I am gone for a long stay somewhere I stare at my suitcase and hate everything in it. This time was the direct opposite!

I couldn’t resist adding a few fun ones that Joe took of me and Charlie. First family vacation = total success!

Outfit details :: sunnies :: Forever 21 | dress :: thrifted | red bow belt :: thrifted | flats :: birthday gift from my mom, H&M


3 thoughts on “Our First Family Vacation

    • Aw thanks! I have become really specific when packing to the point where I actually draw my outfits out on paper so I remember everything needed to go with. Totally agree about overpacking. 10 days = at least 15 dresses in my case!

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