Arghhhhh! I’m a kitty pirate

One thing (of many) that make Jessi and I very similar: if we find a dress we love, we will wear the hell out of it. One lovely afternoon we stopped into Hill Vintage and both found our own all-star dress! Things I love about it: the keyhole and button, the pockets, the color…. and it’s not too lightweight either, so these days where it’s cool in the morning yet warm in the early evening are a-okay with me.

On this particular day we had a fun afternoon with our boyz playing in the playground at Union Park. Jessi went on a super awesome albeit super hot slide (metal + the sun = danger!) while Charlie (my son) ran around like a maniac and Joe and John took pics of funny graffiti. But we all came together to ride this super sweet carousel.






Summer is officially over, and the carousel officially closes for the season tomorrow. But I’m laser focused on the coming month, which is going to include pumpkin patches, the best wedding ever, and this dress with tights!

Outfit details: hat :: Jessi gave it to me! similar| dress :: Hill Vintage | belt :: Target (similar) | orange flats :: Charlotte Russe


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Cute and Creepy Carousel Time

It may have taken us until the end of the summer to make it to this lovely carousel while it was actually open, but we did it!! After a few failed attempts we finally got to ride the cute (and creepy) animals and listen to crazy circus music. It was great!
I got this dress at Hill Vintage, my favorite vintage store in Des Moines. Hill Vintage is run by two of Des Moines absolute finest ladies with impeccable taste in fashion and a deep love for cats. What more could you ask for?? I have to say this dress would normally be a little on the long side for my taste- I usually like to tart it up in the summer while its hot hot hot outside. But this fabric is so thin it more than makes up for the longer than desirable length. It’s also flowy enough that I had no problem hopping onto the carousel animals. I’m guessing that when most people know they’ll be hopping onto a carousel ride and taking pictures they might decide to dress more practically, but not this girl! And I’m not alone, check out Marlena’s post later this week for her carousel pics…






I have to say, my favorite accessory of late is my new lunar phases tattoo! I’ll have it forever, I know, but it’s new enough that I’m still excited about it. My new tattoo aside you may remember these sunnies from a DIY Mar and I did this summer. Pretty cute and functional!
I don’t usually pull my sandals out unless I’m going to the pool.* But I’m often in the habit of missing things before they are gone, and since it’s the end of summer I wanted to seize my sandal-wearing opportunities before they are gone to cold rainy days and eventually snow. Sigh… And just because it’s now officially fall doesn’t mean we can’t keep dressing like it’s summer, right?!

*Just a little unsolicited fashion advice from boyfriend via Vice Magazine where one person once said they thought all sandals were ugly and it stuck with me. I can be extremely influenced. Ah!

Outfit details: Dress :: Hill Vintage | sandals :: Urban Outfitters (similar) | belt, necklace :: forever21 | earrings :: birthday gift


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Our fall outfit picks!

Let’s ignore the fact that it’s supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow and focus on the fact that we pulled out the tights today during a quintessential rainy fall day. Fall is such a lovely time of year: booties, jackets, light sweaters, apple cider, pumpkin patches…. so in our excitement we’ve picked out some fall favorite outfits! fall-outfits

Marlena’s Fall Outfit:

1. These black earrings are trippy, and only $6!
Linked Geo Triangle Earrings :: Charlotte Russe

2. I bought a sweater similar to this at JCP and can’t stop wearing it
Graphic Crew-Neck Sweater :: Old Navy

3. What a statement!
Layered Corset Belt :: Anthropologie

4. I love the streamlined prettiness of this clutch
Zip Detail Clutch Bag :: ASOS

5. What a gorgeous autumnal color kitties!
Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt :: ModCloth

6. The red color of these boots is the tops
Kimchi Triple Buckle Ankle Boot :: Urban Outfitters

Jessi’s Fall Outfit:

1. Nothing like a great gold accessory to make me feel fancy!
Lion Gold Earrings :: Nasty Gal

2. Ruffles + plaid = love
Vintage Backwoods Shirt :: Bluegrass Booty via Etsy

3. Love the deco design on this clutch!
Metallic Stepped Clutch :: Dorothy Perkins

4. Shorts over tights is my jam!
Scalloped Hem Shorts :: Nordstrom

5. Loooove this pattern
Scallop Lace Tights :: GUESS by Marciano

6. I’m such a sucker for a brown bootie
Restricted City Search Tan Brogue Ankle Boots :: Lulu’s

Have a darling week!


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Double Trouble: Dear Creatures Dress, part deux!


Did you see Jessi’s post from Wednesday with her take on the Jolene Dress? Here’s the thing: Melissa, one of the owners over at Vitae Design Collective, knows us well and mentioned they had just received some pieces from Dear Creatures’ fall collection. Well we trotted over and all the pieces are so stunning it was hard to choose just one to style! We settled on this fun black and white print with a darling little bow detail.

For my style up, I decided to throw this skirt over it. I love black and white with bold colors and these shoes have been speaking to me lately even though I bought them like 3 years ago. I went minimal on the accessories (not even sure you can see my pearl earrings in these pics) because I have sold bold graphic prints already.






We live near this pretty cemetery and, creepy or not, sometimes we take our son there on walks. We did that the other day and I noticed this gorgeous mausoleum. So if you thought to yourself, “Is she in a graveyard?” the answer is a big ol’ yes! But seriously: isn’t it darling? I kept thinking a cute little hobbit was going to pop out and offer us some cookies.

Hope you’re having a great week! Mine has included a nonstop puking baby, becoming mayor of my dentist’s office on foursquare (ugh), and endless meetings at work. However, it’s Friday! So things are going up from here.

Another big thanks to Vitae for letting us borrow such a lovely dress for a few hours!

Outfit details: Dress :: c/o Vitae Design Collective | Skirt :: Hill Vintage | Flats :: Charlotte Russe | Belt :: gift from Jessi


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Double Trouble: Dear Creatures Part Un


Love. This. Dress. Love it!
We at Here Pretty Kitty are very fortunate to have friends in high places. And for this first installment of Double Trouble our good friends at Vitae Design Collective in the Des Moines East Village so graciously let us borrow this fabulous Dear Creatures dress for an afternoon. We took it, we styled it, we loved it, and then we had to give it back… But it was fun while it lasted!

One thing I love about this dress is that it’s different than anything else I have in my closet. I don’t typically buy long-sleeved dresses, and if I do I often end up shortening the sleeves. What can I say, unless there’s a cardigan involved I’m just not a long-sleeve kind of girl.
This was an interesting number to style because, while we both fell in love with it, we realized that the dress is so great on its own it didn’t need much help. But, obviously, we found a way!

If it was cooler outside you better believe I’d be throwing some colored tights under this bad boy. But, since September’s only just begun (and its still 90 degrees every day….) I couldn’t bring myself to slip into tights just yet, no matter how cute it would be. Ankles booties though? Bring em on. And I wanted to wrap a cool summer scarf around my neck but couldn’t bring myself to cover up the darling neckline detail. Thus, the scarf in my hair. And finally I decided it was the perfect time to break out this amazing vintage purse a friend recently gave me. The bag is a real gem and again, unlike anything else in my closet.
I can’t say enough good things about this dress. It’s lightweight and so comfortable and could easily be worn to work or out for dinner and drinks with friends (mojitos and small plates anyone??? Yes please!) All in all an A+ from me!







Check back soon for Marlena’s take on this little lady!

Outfit details: dress : Dear Creatures c/o Vitae | scarf, belt :: thrifted | booties :: Charlotte Russe | earrings :: gift, Ragstock | sunnies :: forever21 | purse :: gift, thrifted


Can you class up overalls?

That’s the question that was on my mind after I bought these dark wash overalls. Since having Charlie my trips to Wal-Mart are much more frequent, due to these individual containers of carrots, corn and peas I can only find there. So while I’m trying to get to the veggie aisle as fast as possible these overalls are sticking out on a rack all by themselves, marked down to $15 and they’re my size! I don’t even try them on, I just grab and go.
And I’m so glad I did! I’m loving everything about them, except they are pretty annoying when you have to pee. Anyway, on this particular day I thought I’d try to fancy them up a bit. I got this sheer blouse from Joe for Christmas and haven’t worn it a lot, but I like it here. I also liked giving the whole outfit a pop of color with my H&M sandals and my bow sunglasses. (I used the same idea behind our DIY Embellished Sunglasses post for these!)






Isn’t this clutch the tops? Jessi got it for me as one of my birthday presents! It’s perfect when all you need is money, keys and your phone. I’ve also been wearing this cute mint necklace that Kim got me for my birthday. This outfit is made up of more gifts than I realized!

Have you bought yourself a pair of overalls yet? I want to know how you’re styling them! Classic striped top? Lacy pink number? Grungy tee? Kelly Kapowski-style one strap? Oh the possibilities…

Outfit details: sunglasses :: thrifted, DIY | sheer blouse :: gift from Joe | necklace :: gift from Kim | Overalls :: Wal-Mart | Sandals :: H&M | Clutch :: gift from Jessi, Vitae Design Collective


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I’m With the Band

Guess what? This past year, thanks to my awesome fiancé, I’ve been able to live my life-long dream of being in a band. And not high school concert band/marching band, which, yes, I participated in (flautist!) but an actual band with two super talented brothers who so generously let me share the stage with them. Winning! We’re called Pussy Willow (John’s genius band name) and this was our 3rd show ever over Labor Day weekend. We played outside at the PBR bar in downtown Des Moines on a beeeeautiful night. Magical! I can’t take much credit for the music- John writes it all and tells me what to play, which is a-ok with me. But what I can take credit for is this awesome tapestry dress I scored on a recent shopping trip! It’s short short short, but was too cute to pass up. I admit I’ll be much more comfortable in a month or so when I can slip some tights on underneath and can run around freely without worrying abut flashing everybody. I think I made it through the night flash free (???) and it was worth it to hear comments such as,

“Is she wearing an old couch?”
“Yes, I think so.”

Hey, a tapestry pattern isn’t for everyone, but it’s purrrrfect for me!






The action shot here is a bit dark, I know, but nonetheless is proof that I’m with the band. Yay!
All in all a lovely night with lots of great music and great friends. Ultimate fun!

Outfit details: Booties :: charlotte russe | Dress :: forever21 | rings :: forever21 | belt :: thrifted


Favorites: Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides has a special place in our hearts. Maybe not the most uplifting of movies, but it’s just so pretty and ephemeral, has the best soundtrack, and those Lisbon girls are total babes! We’ve rounded up our inspirations on how to dress like a virginal, albeit suicidal, teenager.

1. Perfect for a night out (like the homecoming dance!) before being grounded for life…
Lacefall Dress :: Anthropologie

2. In lieu of a bunch of necklaces taped together, use these for a fashionable wrist.
Pyramid Faceted Stretch Bracelet :: Forever 21

3. Sneak these out of the house for some added sex appeal.
Face the Music Heels :: Seychelles

4. A dress to wear to a party (too bad it’s in your basement).
Tea Cupcake Dress :: Modcloth

5. Pretty cute for lounging around the house with your sisters, dealing with your ultra depressing life…
Kimchi Blue Lace Open-back Dress :: Urban Outfitters

6. Not sure Mrs. Lisbon would approve, but Lux would.
Flower Fracture Blouse :: NastyGal

7. Write the name of your crush (Is it Trip?) on your undies so you’ll always have him with you…
Rennes Lace Bottoms :: Anthropologie

8. These high waisted shorts are perfect. Wear them on a honeymoon in Calcutta perhaps?
High Waist Cascading Ruffle Shorts :: SheInside

9. And when you are grounded for the rest of your life (literally!) use this portable record player to play music for your crush over the phone. Romantic!
Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable :: Fred Flare

It’s Iowa State Fair time!

Oooooh I love the fair! I love that the lamb burgers are sold within earshot of the live lambs (sorry, folks. so funny/sad), I love having a hard time deciding between deep fried macaroni and cheese or a deep fried veggie medley for lunch (answer: all of the above), I love all of the cuckoo people running around adorned with crazy pink camouflage fanny packs with their kids on leashes, I. Love. It. All!

I got this blouse in Lincoln, Nebraska during our family vacation and I’ve been dying to style it for a post. The puffy sleeves, the knotted tie, the tiny black polka dots, the bright yellow: obsessed. This is probably one of the first outfits I’ve styled where I’m only wearing one pattern, and it’s barely there. Because of this I paired the top with a couple of pops of color and away we went.








Highlights from our afternoon included John hiding the deep fried mushrooms, all things unicorns, bleating goats and lambs, my first ever sky ride (thank you for support, Jessi!), and taking fun pictures with cardboard cutouts of course!

Outfit details: sunglasses :: a gas station | earrings :: gift from Joe | yellow blouse :: Ruby Begonias in Lincoln, Ne |  Jean skort (yes! it’s a SKORT!) :: thrifted | tank top, pink sandals, and green purse :: Target | fair food :: heaven