Central Park

Well kittens, I’ve gone and done it, I’m a married woman! I had a complete blast the two weeks I took off of work for the wedding and honeymoon and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was all so fun!! The wedding itself was magical and even better than I’d hoped for, and as I’m writing this out I’m finding it’s hard to express in words how great it all was… I guess we’ll have to post some pics as proof for those that weren’t there. But not yet!

This week you get a little peak at our honeymoon to New York (J & J in the big city!)

We took these pics in Central Park, at dusk. Every day I kept telling John to remind me to take outfit pics for the blog, and every day I’d forget, he’d forget, we were having too much fun!

We spent time at some NYC classics like the MoMA (which was outstanding!) and here at Central Park. We did tons of walking around, braved cabbies and the subway, dined in fancy hipster restaurants and ate some street meat, lounged in our AMAZING Ace Hotel loft room (they upgraded us for free!! We learned how to milk our honeymoon status.) And a highlight for me was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a movie theater at midnight. It may not sound glamorous or romantic but for us it was exactly that. What a treat!






Throughout our week we also managed to stumble into a reasonably priced vintage store here and there, which is where I got this very dress and booties. Surprisingly the booties were great for strolling with my honey (I use the word strolling lightly. He’s so tall that in order for me to keep up with him “strolling” I practically have to break into a run… But we figured it out, we always do!) It’s rare that I can buy any piece of clothing without needing to alter it in some way and this vintage dress wasn’t any different. I made John run to a convenience store to pick up a pair of scissors so I could wear my new dress. Don’t feel sorry for him, he knew what he was getting into when he married me!
Since we love to shop (he does too; it’s not just me, I swear) we stopped by the Swatch store on our way to MoMA and picked up some his & hers Swatch watches. Pretty geeky, but that’s our idea of living it up!

Although we may not be ready to be back to reality, our cats sure are glad to have us home. Look out for some snaps of the wedding and honeymoon coming up in the blog soon!

Outfit details: jacket :: forever 21 | dress :: vintage | shoes :: Aldo (thrifted) (similar from Express) | purse :: Modcloth (similar)


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