A big geo heart and little bitty birdies

As Jessi mentioned in her last post, the day before her wedding we were up bright and early for mani/pedis (which were amazing! thanks cupcake!), and then after a quick lunch we went to the venue to start decorating. It was a fun-filled (and work-filled) day and the dress rehearsal/dinner was even more fun. I bought this dress just for this occasion, and while I do like the little bitty birdies on it, I have to admit when I put it on I was little disappointed about how positively short the bottom layer is. Luckily these tights are thicker than most so I think I made it out without anyone seeing my ass, but who knows for sure?

You’ll have to take notice of the Iowa necklace, the most adorable bridesmaid gift ever! All of us lucky ladies are from Iowa, so it fits perfectly. It also added a pretty cohesion to all of our ensembles the next day at the wedding!






I loved that J&J were able to get the venue for the whole weekend for many reasons, but one was because after dinner a few of us ladies were able to tackle this gold & teal heart. Jessi found this great idea from the Oleander & Palm blog. Isn’t it super cute? We used wrapping paper that Jessi’s mom had on hand already, which was totally awesome, but it definitely was a bit more challenging. I think if I were to redo this I would use scrapbooking paper like Jeran suggested on her blog, and I’d also be a little more conscious of making the triangles uniform, haha. Luckily our friends Jes and Jessi N (soooo many Jessi’s!) are masterminds and we made it work! I love it in this picture at the wedding because you can really see how giant we made it:


Hope you’re having a lovely Friday so far and a happy weekend to come!

Outfit details: Dress :: Urban Outfitters | Iowa love necklace :: Gift from the bride! | Tights :: Target | Amber ring :: gift | Shoes :: Thrifted


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