Me & my Miley Cyrus sweater

Now that I work full-time and it’s dark by the time I get home, Jessi and I have been meeting up on Sunday afternoons to take outfit pics. On this particular week we couldn’t, so instead I coerced my coworker/friend Kristen to snap some pics of me outside of our office on a pretty (and snowless) afternoon! Luckily it’s actually kind of pretty around! This may not be the last time this happens.

Kristen mentioned I reminded her of Miley Cyrus in my crazy cat sweater. I’m pretty oblivious about pop culture in general (I have been gaped at when admitting I can’t name one Bieber song) so I didn’t actually know what she meant! But I did find Ms. Cyrus very emotionally singing to a giant cat while in a tiny little cat ensemble on the internetz and I was like, “Oh yes, I am okay with this.” So here it is, kitties! My work-friendly version of honing my inner Miley:






I have been searching for a lovely long, pleated skirt for years. YEARS. I have always wanted a pretty plaid one, but this color is so vibrant and perfect I quickly forgot all about my plaid desires. Big Button Vintage is a shop owned by my pals Jes & Josh. They do Market Day every month and I was lucky enough to go preview everything before the big Black Friday sale and have first picks!

My Miley Cyrus sweater is a crop sweater, and it really works perfectly belted with this high-waisted skirt. Try it out! It beats a cold midriff when it’s 5 degrees out.

Outfit details: black cat sweater :: gift from Jessi! Forever 21 | black woven belt and boots :: Target | cobalt pleated skirt :: Big Button Vintage

Hope you’re staying warm and happy! I have to go get ready for Jessi & John’s big holiday party. Pics soon!


Date Night : Omaha

All right guys, I see 2 things when I look at these here pictures:
1) The look on my face in the first picture says, “I know, I’m SORRY these pictures were taken in a hotel lobby, but I love this dress and was excited for the night out and it was ice storming outside. So this is what we’ve ended up with. And p.s. the hotel lobby patrons did not seem to understand…


2) That belt! I’m not even gonna mention it anymore, but it ends up in most outfit pics (accidentally, mind you!) What can I say, it’s part of my fashion soul.

So, truth be told, long sleeved dresses are usually not my thing. I just don’t think they’re the right look for me and I’m not super comfortable in them. And, if we’re gonna get technical, this is a 3/4 sleeved dress, but you get the idea. This dress though, for some reason just works. I actually bought this as an Xmas gift for a friend last year but selfishly decided to keep it (I can’t help myself!) I abstained from taking scissors to the sleeves like I normally would and, as a bonus I don’t have to cover up with a sweater, which is an Iowa miracle!





John and I took an overnight trip to Omaha to see Cults at The Slowdown, which is my favorite Omaha venue. Despite the poor weather we got some solid shopping in, a few yummy meals and a decadent hotel stay. We’re old and married now, so instead of going out for more drinks after the show we went back to the hotel, splurged on a few snacks from the lobby and watched Netflix in bed. And you know what? It was purrrrfect!

Outfit details: earrings, dress, shoes :: forever21 | belt :: thrifted


Here, Pretty City: Des Moines Holiday Shopping Guide

We here at Here, Pretty Kitty try our very finest to shop local and shop often. So today we are bringing you our very first gift guide of the season (with plenty more to come!), dedicated to our pretty city of Des Moines! And since plenty of you don’t actually live in DM, we threw in a few favorite online shops just for you at the end. Happy shopping!


kitchen collage
430 e. locust street | des moines |
Kitchen Collage is that perfect little kitchen store for not only your foodie friends, but also the kind that loves little quirky gifts. I found Jessi a fabulous heart-shaped egg mold there one Christmas!
Perfect for: Your favorite foodie or hostess
Gift ideas: darling aprons, cute cupcake-centric gifts, and anything Bodum!

vitae design collective
400 e. locust street | des moines |
Here you can get original, amazing dresses for a reasonable price, plus they stock a Here, Pretty Kitty favorite: Dear Creatures! Also they have some of the absolute best hair accessories in town.
Perfect for: anyone who loves the finer things in life
Gift ideas: hair bows, dog bow ties (really!), unique jewelry, original vintage inspired dresses

hill vintage
432 e. locust street | des moines |
This vintage shop is a favorite of ours at Here, Pretty Kitty. Jessica and Erica are top notch ladies and (bonus) they LOVE kitties!
Perfect for: shopping for your BFF
Gift ideas: dresses, handmade cowls, vintage purses, cute jewelry

321 e. walnut street | des moines |
When the Hubs doesn’t know what to get  me as a gift I always tell him to head here and get me anything! It’s all so adorable and original I’m guaranteed to love it.
Perfect for: your significant other
Gift ideas: original artwork and awesome band prints, super cute earrings and necklaces
bonus! they have an online shop at


green goods for the home 
333 e. grand avenue | des moines |
Sharon, the owner, is a super sweet woman and I always find something not only eco-friendly, but also darling and perfect.
Perfect for: your favorite environmentalist 
Gift ideas: pretty earrings, cute totes, nice beauty products

400 e. locust | des moines | <— they have an online shop too!
This store is known for their punny shirts mostly about the Midwest, but they also have cute jewelry, stickers, and more in their store. They have a lot of cute cat-themed items, too, so you know we love it!
Perfect for: your ironic midwesterner friend
Gift ideas: Iowa native shirts, cute buttons, cool onesies (for babies, not for you)

dorothea’s closet
1733 grand avenue | des moines |
This lovely store has high end vintage dresses but also a sure to please sale rack always stocked full. Be sure to check out the jewelry cabinet up front, drawers filled with scarves and the lingerie section upstairs. Ooh la la!
Perfect for: the hard core vintage lover
Gift ideas: costume jewelry, scarves, or a vintage nightie

zzz records
2200 ingersoll avenue | des moines |
This local record store may be small but it’s jammed full with gems. It’s the best place in town to find new and used vinyl. And if you purchase a gift certificate they use old 45s in place of a boring old gift card. Fun and original!
Perfect for: your favorite music snob
Gift ideas: a ZZZ Records t-shirt, local music cds, box sets, gift certificate for anyone especially hard to buy for

tandem brick
2722 ingersoll avenue | des moines |
This cutie pie shop is first and foremost a framing place, but they also have some really cute gifts, too. Everything is really bright and cheerful, and they have light-up stars for sale that are super sweet.
Perfect for: your fun coworker
Gift ideas: unique laptop cases, quirky stocking stuffers like keychain games, funny cards

winter market
downtown des moines |  december 13-14 |
The winter market is the perfect place to go for a little holiday spirit. Carolers, an ice sculptor, and a giant Christmas tree await, along with yummy local goodies galore!
Perfect for: your mom (no, i didn’t step back and make a joke in 1998. your mom would love some of the cute, locally made stuff from here!)
Gift ideas: Christmas decorations, homemade pasta, awesome cheese



Okay, so maybe you aren’t anywhere near Des Moines. We didn’t forget you! Here are a few of our favorite online shops to buy gifts:

This online retailer features over 100 different artists, so check it out if you want some awesome variety.
Perfect for: anyone who likes cute, quirky and original!

Gift ideas: amazing artwork, mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers and more!

I just discovered this online shop this season when searching for a nice cutting board. Local artisans are featured that sell anything from bamboo sunglasses to art prints.
Perfect for: pretty much everyone, especially those that love their city

Gift ideas: personalized city ornaments, tons of fun food & drink kits, so many things!
This is one of my go-to websites when Christmas comes around. They have some unique things I don’t see anywhere else, and they have an array of stuff from kitchen & entertaining finds to orla kiely bags to random baby stuff.
Perfect for: the girl who has everything!
Gift ideas: pantone mugs, kitschy salt and pepper shakers, lomo cameras

We hope we’ve inspired you! xoxo


A bit of nostalgia

I love clothes that I can still remember the day I bought them. This dress is the best dress and I’ve had it for years. One summer I wore it so much my mother exclaimed, “Do you own any other clothes?!” But I just love it! I was with my bff Mindy, super hungover after St. Patty’s Day in St. Louis, and we were shopping in the Galleria at Urban Outfitters. I was feeling TERRIBLE and Mindy grabs this very dress and says, “You should try this on, it will look great on you.” I was doubtful, mainly because I felt like I was lacking the necessary skills to take off my clothes without getting dizzy. Kitties: the sky parted that day. When I put this dress on, my hangover vanished and I gaped in the mirror. The stripes! The cute open back (sorry, you can’t see it)! The little gold buttons! Even today, about 5 years later, I slipped it on and felt instantly better about every little thing there is.






What do you start with when putting together an outfit? Usually I’m normal and start with the main piece, like this dress, but today I started with this belt. I’ve been on the hunt for thicker belts since I have so many skinny ones, and lo and behold this one I uncovered in my own belt drawer. Win win!

Outfit details: earrings :: Urban Outfitters (old) | best dress ever :: Urban Outfitters (SO old!) | gold cardigan :: Charlotte Russe (you guessed it: old as can be!) | belt :: thrifted | shoes :: Seychelles (sadly the plum color is gone) | clutch :: Vitae Design Collective 


Sweater Serendipity

This week I get to highlight my current obsession: animal sweaters! Now, I know this isn’t groundbreaking fashion news, and this sweater here isn’t the first animal sweater I’ve ever owned. I met my friend Tiffany for brunch one Sunday and she was sporting a super cute animal sweater, which sparked my desire to own as many as possible as quickly as possible. After brunch that day we went shopping together and voila! My animal sweater void was quickly filled.
This sweater is from Old Navy, which isn’t somewhere I routinely shop; it just doesn’t usually occur to me. But we were looking around the store and I spotted this horse print, along with other cute prints in the kids section. “Uh!” I thought. Kitties, just because I’m a thirty year old woman doesn’t mean I don’t want to wear animal prints, right?! Well, on closer inspection, I picked up a large and realized, this just might work! Now, I’m not saying I can always fit into children’s clothes, that’s hardly the case. But it was worth a shot and it worked out for me this time!






I layered this sweater over this striped, strapless dress. Fall and winter are all about layering, and there’s no reason to leave warm weather dresses all lonely in your closet until spring and summer come round again.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! As I write this I’m waiting for a Thanksgiving leftovers pot pie to finish baking in the oven. Basically I threw most of my leftovers into a frozen pie crust (potatoes, turkey, stuffing and gravy). It’s an experiment, and hopefully it’ll turn out tasty. Until next time!

Outfit details: sweater :: Old Navy | belt, boots :: thrifted | dress :: Forever 21


And kitties! You only have until tomorrow to win this pretty necklace from Hopeless Designs!