Channeling My Inner Stacey McGill

My photos here definitely echo Mar’s last outfit post: we’re cold and miserable and it shows! Sometimes you just can’t fake it, and the strange surprise blizzard that followed shortly after makes my clear winter distaste visible in these photos validated. I have to say though, taking pictures in the cold like this, sans jacket, reminds me of a little something called The Babysitters Club. I, of course, loved the books and when I realized there was a tv show I ordered all the VHS tapes through the scholastic book order, which only deepened my obsession. One episode in particular focuses on Stacey and her burgeoning modeling career. She’s gorgeous and fashionable, but you can see the modeling life really takes a toll on her when she’s asked to model a swimsuit in freezing cold weather. Being the trooper she is she sheds her jacket and smiles for the camera! This is just my little version of applying what I learned from the BSC (beauty is pain my friends!) Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s not the message Ann M. Martin was trying to portray, but whatever. On this particular day I channeled my inner Stacey McGill and these are the results!








I love this geometric print top and I especially love the buttons up the back (not pictured. Too cold, remember?) This mint cardi has shown up here on the blog before, but not in a little while. I tend towards black, white, grey and brown in the winter, so this pop of pastel was a welcome change. The quilted boots are from Forever 21 and I have to say they have held up remarkably well, seeing that F21 doesn’t have the greatest track record in terms of quality…
Unlike Marlena I was lucky and did not get stuck in the worst traffic ever during the surprise blizzard, but rather was able to cuddle up with my cats and husband and start watching Scandal on Netflix (have you seen it? It’s so good!)

Outfit details: mint cardigan :: Urban Outfitters | necklace, boots, stretch dress, geo-print shirt :: F21 | hair pin :: Vitae Design Collective


P.S. Speaking of the Babysitters Club, did you see our picks for our favorite ladies?

Middle school fashion

Hi Kitties!

So last week we had this weird “winter squall” where we basically got hit with a bunch of wind and snow and driving home was one of the worst experiences I’ve had in awhile. Let’s just say my normal 30 minute commute took me almost 2 hours and leave it at that. Anyway, we decided to brave the cold weather that very day, about 30 minutes before the snow really started coming down. And if I look cold and/or a little miserable in these photos, well . . .  I kinda was!

So this outfit happened and looking at these photos I realize I would’ve worn this when I was 12. Bows, polka dots, leg warmers… my style icon in 1994 was Clarissa Darling from Clarissa Explains it All, and uhhh she might still be? That girl could mismatch!






This is me, so over winter.


The bow on this skirt is disappointingly hard to see, but it’s cute. Trust me!

Truth be told, I like the bottom half of this outfit more than the top. Pairing all this girly-ness with this more relaxed, lazy Saturday shirt isn’t working that well in hindsight. I was hoping for a nice contrast, but oh well; I think my 12 year-old self made way more fashion mistakes than this one.

Outfit details : Striped henley, tights, leg warmers and bow flats :: Target | Skirt :: Modcloth (Christmas gift from Joe!)


Skywalk Style

News flash: it’s cold outside! On this particular day there were record breaking low temps and schools and businesses were closing due to the frigid weather. But we braved the elements to bring you some skywalk style! We couldn’t bring ourselves to shed our winter jackets outside and pretend it’s not THAT cold, so we took to the fairly vacant skywalks in downtown Des Moines to showcase our style.

This is a dress I got recently from a local fav, Hill Vintage. The knit fabric is fairly light but also pretty warm. Also this dress is not itchy!! As much as I love me some vintage clothes, often the fabrics are less than comfortable. This dress, however, takes the cake as far as comfort is concerned.

I restrained myself from taking scissors to the hem immediately and gave it a shot at it’s given length. And you know what, it works for me! As much as I love to shorten a hem on a dress it’s nice to have some variety in my closet as far as hemlines go.

The scarf I’ve had forever and works as both a headscarf and neck scarf (yay!) I also thought it added a nice extra bit of color on an otherwise bleak winter day.

I love these booties, but sometimes forget about them, as it’s easy for shoes to go missing in my closet. For one my closet is very large and for two, I have lots of shoes, boots, etc. Not to be cliche, it’s just a fact. The heel height in these booties is perfect for long term comfort and they remind me of granny shoes, which I love!







Stay warm kitties and dream of warmer days ahead!

Outfit details: dress :: Hill Vintage | scarf :: thrifted | booties :: Modcloth (similar) | earrings :: domestica (gift!)


My Holiday Outfit Post Holidays

Kitties! I say this is my holiday outfit because I’ve literally worn this dress for every major holiday as of late. Thanksgiving? yep. Jessi & John’s Holiday Party? you got it. Christmas Eve? totally. And I would’ve worn it on New Year’s Eve but we stayed in and I wore pajamas.

I do have to admit I didn’t wear it the same way at any point. This top happened for Jessi & John’s party, and it was a total accident. I was walking out of the door wearing this amazing vintage black velvet bolero and the arm sleeve ripped when I pulled my coat on. Devastated and panicky, I threw this garage sale find on and I am so happy I did! I had never worn it before (proof being Jessi found the $2.99 tag still on it when I arrived) and it was one of those instant gratification pieces.






Mixing sequins on sequins is over-the-top and I love it.

Can we bring back old lady bedazzled tops? Please? I’ve always loved them, but the price tag on most are pretty steep. The only drawback is that they are so delicate and I’m not super…. nice…. to my clothes. Case in point, this top has been leaving little sequins behind, like a graham cracker trail of glitz.

Outfit details: Bedazzled top :: thrifted (here’s a $795 By Malene Birger top that’s amazing and similar!) | dress :: Charlotte Russe (similar) | polka dot tights :: Target | teal boots :: Charlotte Russe | sequin clutch :: thrifted (similar)


Marshmallow Pops!


Happy new year pretty kitties!

We are back in action after a little winter break, and we come bearing a wonderfully easy treat just perfect for a little soiree! Or a big soiree, since you can make a lot in a small amount of time. Have you ever heard of marshmallow pops? Wellllll they are a tasty and dare I say sorta healthy? dessert treat. And a cinch to make! You can find plenty of recipes on the web for these, but why do that when you’re reading this one?



one bag of marshmallows
white melting chocolate discs
paper straws



Put down wax paper wherever you plan on resting your pops.
Using a knife, cut a little X in one end of each marshmallow before inserting the paper straw.
Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or on your stove, per the package directions.
Dip your marshmallow into the white chocolate, sort of twirling the excess chocolate off.
Before the chocolate hardens, sprinkle sprinkles!
Put the pop top side down on the wax paper to let dry.


At first I dipped the white chocolate-covered marshmallow into the bowl of sprinkles, but I quickly found that created a crazy amount of sprinkles on each pop, and let’s face it: sprinkles are pretty and festive, but they aren’t necessarily super fun to eat. Use sparingly by just dropping the sprinkles on.

I did these the night before my party, so I wrapped them in saran wrap in a 9 x 13 pan so they wouldn’t dry out. I ended up having some leftover and took them to a party 2 days later and they were still good to go!

Get creative! You can use almond bark, dark chocolate, or whatever as the melting part and really you could dip that in a slew of other things too, like crushed up peppermint, or crushed graham cracker for a s’mores take, etc.

Bonus: Kids love ’em!


Have fun poppin’!