Middle school fashion

Hi Kitties!

So last week we had this weird “winter squall” where we basically got hit with a bunch of wind and snow and driving home was one of the worst experiences I’ve had in awhile. Let’s just say my normal 30 minute commute took me almost 2 hours and leave it at that. Anyway, we decided to brave the cold weather that very day, about 30 minutes before the snow really started coming down. And if I look cold and/or a little miserable in these photos, well . . .  I kinda was!

So this outfit happened and looking at these photos I realize I would’ve worn this when I was 12. Bows, polka dots, leg warmers… my style icon in 1994 was Clarissa Darling from Clarissa Explains it All, and uhhh she might still be? That girl could mismatch!






This is me, so over winter.


The bow on this skirt is disappointingly hard to see, but it’s cute. Trust me!

Truth be told, I like the bottom half of this outfit more than the top. Pairing all this girly-ness with this more relaxed, lazy Saturday shirt isn’t working that well in hindsight. I was hoping for a nice contrast, but oh well; I think my 12 year-old self made way more fashion mistakes than this one.

Outfit details : Striped henley, tights, leg warmers and bow flats :: Target | Skirt :: Modcloth (Christmas gift from Joe!)


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