Monsters in Winter

Where do you go when it’s gray and gloomy outside for photos? May I suggest a bright, giant monster mural where you can stand in front of one of the said monsters and look like you’re being eaten? My two-year-old son would approve, especially if there was a fart joke somewhere in this post.

Anyway, today’s outfit post is brought to you by my favorite combination of black and white mixed with a bright pop of color. Egads, I just looked back at my last 3 outfit posts and they all fit under this category! I need to get an imagination already. Next week: I refrain from black and white!






I actually had quite a bit of fun with this outfit. I have been feeling purple lately (Oh no, what does that mean?) so I added my pretty purple purse, earrings, bow, and nails. Vavoom! Last but not least, my hair. It’s quite subtle but my braid isn’t just any old braid. I actually parted it into 3 strands, like you do, but then braided one of the strands before braiding the entire thing. I saw it on The Beauty Department. I love it, although now I realize you can’t really tell. Rats!

Looks like I couldn’t work in a good fart joke. It’s very hard to do in this medium without sound.

Outfit details: Sunglasses :: Forever 21 (similar) | Hair bow :: Charming Charlie | Purple earrings :: Gift from Jessi! White Rabbit | Top :: Von Maur | Scarf (as a belt) :: thrifted | Skirt :: Target (similar) | Tights :: gift from my Aunt Lori! Kohl’s | Purse :: Ruby Begonias | Wedges :: Target 


16 thoughts on “Monsters in Winter

  1. Adorable! Such a cute outfit, so well worn 🙂 and fabulous background!

    How would you like to participate in a blog linkup/challenge? It’s called Dress Up/Fancy Friday where bloggers can basically turn the usual ‘dress down Friday’ ethos around and wear something special to them on any Friday. Next week is obviously Valentine’s and I think you could contribute something inspiring 🙂 There’s more info here:

      • Wonderful and thank you! 😀

        I’ll update the page to add you to the list of bloggers (no pressure lol) and will look out for your post so that I can add your link and pic to my own post to help publicize the challenge and your post/blog 🙂

        Any questions let me know and I’ll be happy to help 😀

        I look forward to seeing your post(s)!

        Dolly x

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