Spring in my step (get it?)

I feel like a bear coming out of his stanky old cave after 5 months. I mean, I was here all along, but I was getting pretty cranky about it. The type of cranky that has totally given up on wearing my winter coat; not because it isn’t needed, but because I am just so sick of the thing. And just shedding that giant black bulk has given me a brighter perspective, even if the nice spring days seem to be once every 5 days instead of every day.







This is an easy weekend outfit for me. It’s comfortable yet still stylish, two things I rarely put together. I have never really cared about comfort too much, to be honest. Except when it comes to shoes. I used to have a bunch of tall heels in my closet; now it’s all kitten heels and cat flats! I know I’ve worn these shoes before on HPK but I just adore them. Plus the cat people come out of the woodwork when I walk by so that’s always fun.

I’ve been busy as of late, and it feels good! Between voice lessons, craft projects for work, random freelance jobs, and being granted more of a social life, I feel like I’m just really getting the most out of my days. I say “being granted a social life” because Charlieman is getting all grown up and now when I leave the house he’s like, “See ya later Mama!” instead of “WAAAAAAA!” Which there’s this selfish part of me that’s like, “What? No crying? C’mon,” but there’s the other 99% of me that’s like… “Sweet, maybe I’ll make an extra stop…”

Okay, I’ve begun to ramble about my son, so it means I need to stop! Have a fun weekend!

Outfit details: sunglasses :: Target | scarf :: Urban Outfitters | polka dot shirt :: Hill Vintage | coral tank :: Target | black skirt :: used to be my mom’s in the 80s! | cape: gift from my friend Mary | cat flats :: gift from Jessi


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6 thoughts on “Spring in my step (get it?)

  1. Love the fun outfit and awesome jump in the first pic! The background really make it vibrant too 🙂

    I know what you mean about shoes – I have one pair of heels and wedges and that’s it – everything else is for weather and walking!

  2. That first shot is AMAZING 🙂 Love the mixing of prints too! I am always scared of it, but it looks great on you, and the turquoise being picked up in both the scarf and those adorable shoes? LOVE!

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