Let’s pretend it’s summer

On Easter we spent the afternoon at Gray’s Lake, a local park in the middle of Des Moines. It was a bit windy, but oh my it was so lovely. Think running in the sand, playing at the playground, and throwing rocks into the lake.

Full disclosure: we don’t actually swim in the lake. I have a pretty high tolerance for disgusting things (I mean, I have a son), but the lake itself is basically a giant toilet. After I stepped on a dirty diaper one time, the luster of the free swim was over. We now go to the city pools, where at least I can tell myself the chlorine kills all the pee….







I was never into maxi dresses before getting pregnant three years ago. Then I fell in love with the easiness of them. This one is a bit too low-cut for my preference, so I wore the scarf. This concealed everything about 20% of the time due to the dumb wind.

Anyway, these photos make me want to leave my computer and get back to the beach! Too bad it’s raining…

Outfit details: striped hat :: garage sale find (similar from Modcloth) | scarf :: gift from my grandma | striped top :: Kokorokoko | maxi dress :: target (similar) | bow shoes :: target (similar) | bracelet :: gift from Joe, Betsey Johnson | sunglasses :: my husband’s, from a gas station (similar)


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B-day Fun Times!

Welcome to my birthday party outfit! Since my birthday fell on a monday this year (boring!) I decided to throw a joint party with a friend the weekend before both our birthdays. Why celebrate one birthday when you can celebrate two?! This party also kicked off the week I took off from work so let’s just say I was pretty excited.

As usual I got a little too dressed up for the party, but honestly I’ve been doing that my whole life, why stop now? I ordered this one online from Nasty Gal and it’s almost perfect. It’s a wrap dress and therefore incredibly low cut, but nothing a little safety pin-up couldn’t fix.

The party was So. Much. Fun! Since it was Easter weekend Marlena couldn’t make it, and a party is never the same without her and her hubs. But, we still managed to have a blast. The usual drinking and dancing ensued. There were champagne cocktails aplenty for everyone and I made the usual, Amy Sedaris’s Lil Smoky Cheeseball, which is always a hit. My friend Alix set me up with an Easter egg hunt (so fun!) and I was given some very lovely gifts. You can see evidence of the egg hunt and gifts I added throughout the evening in the last picture (a cute Betsy Johnson necklace from my friend Tiffany and a Blondie pin from my friend Scott).






As I’ve said before my Birthday is a week long, if I can manage it, and don’t worry, I did! John and I went to Minneapolis so I could get my back tattoo worked on (I know, I can’t stop! But I think I will stop for awhile. Newsflash: tattoos are painful! Pics to come…)

Mar and our friend Mindy took me out to one of my fav restaurants this week for a belated birthday dinner. Even though they couldn’t make it to the party it was super fun to have quality time and yummy drinks and food with some of the best ladies I know. And after dinner Mar and I went to see Sleigh Bells and it did not disappoint!

And you know what, that’s not even everything! But suffice to say I have some really rad friends and family that make me feel loved always, but especially on my b-day!

Outfit details: dress :: Nasty Gal | hair bow :: forever21 | Tights :: American Apparel | Shoes :: BCBG | earrings :: gift


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Two day roller coaster

Wednesday: best day! Thursday: worst day! Wednesday was my husband’s birthday, and I was able to take off for the afternoon, eat a fancy lunch with Joe and then head to the zoo with him and Charlie. So fun! That night I had put together a surprise dinner party for Joe at a fun Teppanyaki grill place. So great! And Joe was so surprised I loved it.

Before I left work for the afternoon, Kristen snapped some pics of me. It was super windy and I actually ended up changing before we went to the zoo but I am digging this outfit. I’ve actually paired this belt with this crop sweater before here, but I’m loving this beautiful bright red dress with it. Jessi gave it to me! And this scarf is a gift from my grandma that I’ve been wearing a lot lately. It’s so big and filled with such pretty colors.






The worst day was Thursday. Not only did I have to go to the dentist on my lunch break (always a blast), I got into an accident on the way back to work! A nice enough woman wearing a terrible outfit (kitties, please never match a teal bulldog shirt with a light yellow Winnie the Pooh jacket and giant jeans. Ok?) ran a red light and crashed right into me. I wasn’t hurt or anything, but she hit my car so hard the front tire ended up falling off. Cuckoo! Oh well, now I have a rental for the rest of the month.

outfit details: pearl earrings :: gift from Joe | dress :: gift from Jessi | gold cardigan :: Charlotte Russe (forever ago) | blue anchor belt :: Kokorokoko | scarf :: gift from my grandma | gold oxfords :: Aldo (similar)



April favorites!

Ignoring the fact that it snowed this week, it’s spring! And with spring comes a new wardrobe, right?! Jessi and I have handpicked our dream spring outfits, our wallets notwithstanding.



1. Off-set a crop top with a high waist.
Strumming by the Sound skirt :: Modcloth

2. This necklace compliments the crop top beautifully.
Brass Fringe Necklace :: Beachbonesjewelry via Etsy

3. Such a bold statement for a tiny top!
Trina Turk Patterned Crop Top :: Lord & Taylor

4. This woven clutch reminds me of a picnic basket. I only wish I could fit a whole picnic inside!
Havana Clutch :: J. Crew

5. I’m a sucker for sturdy, faux vintage heels!
Sadie Heel :: American Apparel



1. Kitties, I’ve been crushing so HARD on the entire summer collection by Lazy Oaf. This one just screams spring and I want it on right now.
You Pick Cactus Gap Dress :: ASOS

2. I found my denim vest at Target and I want to wear it every day. Now I want this darker wash one too!
Parker Distressed Denim Vest :: Ruche

3. Hello $3 earrings!
Geo Girl Hoops :: Forever 21

4. The geometric pattern = must-have
Aleo Duo bag :: Need Supply

5. Aldo always kills it in the oxford shoe department.
Platek Oxfords :: ALDO

Happy April and happy spring!



Back to Basics

I am so excited about this outfit, not because it’s particularly special or exciting, but because I got to put on shorts and step outside and it wasn’t completely inappropriate!!! You guys, it’s the best feeling, am I right?

These shorts are new to me, I picked them up recently when I went thrifting with a friend. I’m really in to the high-waisted mom-jean look, and I mean that completely un-ironically. It’s just my taste! Usually when I go thrifting I come home with an armload of things to alter and these shorts were no exception. Honestly, I was a little embarrassed to buy them because they started as a really hideous pair of Capri jeans with an elastic waist. Sorry, they just were not cute! But I saw potential so I hacked them up and transformed them into shorts that I feel good about.

This is a really typical lazy day outfit for me. When I’m not sure what to wear or don’t care much I’m usually happy pairing a grey t-shirt and sweater with a skirt, shorts or black skinny jeans.

The color of this sweater really gets me. It’s just SO bright! I think it really elevates any outfit up a notch. 9 out of 10 times I prefer dressing up and wearing something fun, but sometimes it feels soooo good to go to staples like these that I know work for me.







Another thing that I love about spring is changing up what I’ve been listening to. I’ve been super into Sleigh Bells of late. They’re so fun and energetic and great for car rides or exercising. Plus, they’re playing in Des Moines later this month and I’m psyched to see them live for the second time!!

Outfit details: shorts, sweater :: thrifted | sunglasses, shirt, belt :: forever21 | shoes :: bcbg


City Museum fun times

So this isn’t going to be a traditional outfit post this week for me. Instead I’m also going to share some of my favorite photos from our day at the City Museum in Saint Louis. If you live in the area, you probably know all about this place, but basically it’s an old shoe factory that an artist by the name of Bob Cassilly bought and turned into this zany, crazy fun place.

My mom is such a great photographer, so I have to give her credit for all of these fun photos. Thanks for letting me share!










So much fun! I actually do love my outfit here, too. Except that running around with Charlie made me all sweaty and I was wishing my sweater was a t-shirt instead!

Outfit details: Sweater :: Old Navy (kids section.. that’s why the sleeves are too short, haha) | shorts :: Urban Outfitters | basketweave tights :: Gift from aunt Lori, Kohl’s | Oxfords :: Aldo | Armadillo necklace :: gift from Joe, Modcloth

Charlie’s outfit details: striped henley and cargo pants :: Target | Air Jordans :: gift from his uncle Dustin, Foot Locker


Duck… Duck… Spring!

This whole look gives me such good feelings. First, I’m in LOVE with this Pepa Loves dress I bought recently in anticipation for spring. Have you ever seen a more perfect spring dress?

It’s true, my closet is jam packed with animal print sweaters and dresses, but really, can you ever have too many? Doubtful. The duck print really drew me in (obviously!) but I was a little shy about the stomach-tie. However, I took a chance, ordered the dress online and luckily ended up with a winner! The stomach peekaboo isn’t too revealing but is a cute detail that I’m really into. Dare I say, I see a trend of tasteful crop tops cropping up in my future??!

Outside of loving my new dress I’m so psyched to finally be able to go sleeveless and sockless outside!! Spring can be so unpredictable and often lead to disappointing days of rain and cold, but the fact that we’ve had a few days when wearing my light jean jacket has been too warm or I’ve regretted wearing tights to work because my feet want to be free, well it makes me remember what it feels like to be human. It feels so good to finally thaw out!







The beginning of April marks the beginning of birthday month for me (!!!) Yes, I obnoxiously try to get away with playing the birthday card all month long. Unfortunately for my husband, turning 30 did nothing to quell my birthday excitement and turning 31 really feels no different. The combination of spring + birthday = fun and excitement that is just plain hard to contain! I hope everyone is enjoying the little bits of Spring doled out to us thus far. I hope you’re all dusting off your spring dresses—I know I am!

P.S. Check out my new wrist tattoo. Je t’aime!

Outfit details: dress :: Pepa Loves via Modcloth | jean jacket :: H&M | shoes :: BCBG | watch :: American Apparel



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