Duck… Duck… Spring!

This whole look gives me such good feelings. First, I’m in LOVE with this Pepa Loves dress I bought recently in anticipation for spring. Have you ever seen a more perfect spring dress?

It’s true, my closet is jam packed with animal print sweaters and dresses, but really, can you ever have too many? Doubtful. The duck print really drew me in (obviously!) but I was a little shy about the stomach-tie. However, I took a chance, ordered the dress online and luckily ended up with a winner! The stomach peekaboo isn’t too revealing but is a cute detail that I’m really into. Dare I say, I see a trend of tasteful crop tops cropping up in my future??!

Outside of loving my new dress I’m so psyched to finally be able to go sleeveless and sockless outside!! Spring can be so unpredictable and often lead to disappointing days of rain and cold, but the fact that we’ve had a few days when wearing my light jean jacket has been too warm or I’ve regretted wearing tights to work because my feet want to be free, well it makes me remember what it feels like to be human. It feels so good to finally thaw out!







The beginning of April marks the beginning of birthday month for me (!!!) Yes, I obnoxiously try to get away with playing the birthday card all month long. Unfortunately for my husband, turning 30 did nothing to quell my birthday excitement and turning 31 really feels no different. The combination of spring + birthday = fun and excitement that is just plain hard to contain! I hope everyone is enjoying the little bits of Spring doled out to us thus far. I hope you’re all dusting off your spring dresses—I know I am!

P.S. Check out my new wrist tattoo. Je t’aime!

Outfit details: dress :: Pepa Loves via Modcloth | jean jacket :: H&M | shoes :: BCBG | watch :: American Apparel



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