B-day Fun Times!

Welcome to my birthday party outfit! Since my birthday fell on a monday this year (boring!) I decided to throw a joint party with a friend the weekend before both our birthdays. Why celebrate one birthday when you can celebrate two?! This party also kicked off the week I took off from work so let’s just say I was pretty excited.

As usual I got a little too dressed up for the party, but honestly I’ve been doing that my whole life, why stop now? I ordered this one online from Nasty Gal and it’s almost perfect. It’s a wrap dress and therefore incredibly low cut, but nothing a little safety pin-up couldn’t fix.

The party was So. Much. Fun! Since it was Easter weekend Marlena couldn’t make it, and a party is never the same without her and her hubs. But, we still managed to have a blast. The usual drinking and dancing ensued. There were champagne cocktails aplenty for everyone and I made the usual, Amy Sedaris’s Lil Smoky Cheeseball, which is always a hit. My friend Alix set me up with an Easter egg hunt (so fun!) and I was given some very lovely gifts. You can see evidence of the egg hunt and gifts I added throughout the evening in the last picture (a cute Betsy Johnson necklace from my friend Tiffany and a Blondie pin from my friend Scott).






As I’ve said before my Birthday is a week long, if I can manage it, and don’t worry, I did! John and I went to Minneapolis so I could get my back tattoo worked on (I know, I can’t stop! But I think I will stop for awhile. Newsflash: tattoos are painful! Pics to come…)

Mar and our friend Mindy took me out to one of my fav restaurants this week for a belated birthday dinner. Even though they couldn’t make it to the party it was super fun to have quality time and yummy drinks and food with some of the best ladies I know. And after dinner Mar and I went to see Sleigh Bells and it did not disappoint!

And you know what, that’s not even everything! But suffice to say I have some really rad friends and family that make me feel loved always, but especially on my b-day!

Outfit details: dress :: Nasty Gal | hair bow :: forever21 | Tights :: American Apparel | Shoes :: BCBG | earrings :: gift


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