Let’s pretend it’s summer

On Easter we spent the afternoon at Gray’s Lake, a local park in the middle of Des Moines. It was a bit windy, but oh my it was so lovely. Think running in the sand, playing at the playground, and throwing rocks into the lake.

Full disclosure: we don’t actually swim in the lake. I have a pretty high tolerance for disgusting things (I mean, I have a son), but the lake itself is basically a giant toilet. After I stepped on a dirty diaper one time, the luster of the free swim was over. We now go to the city pools, where at least I can tell myself the chlorine kills all the pee….







I was never into maxi dresses before getting pregnant three years ago. Then I fell in love with the easiness of them. This one is a bit too low-cut for my preference, so I wore the scarf. This concealed everything about 20% of the time due to the dumb wind.

Anyway, these photos make me want to leave my computer and get back to the beach! Too bad it’s raining…

Outfit details: striped hat :: garage sale find (similar from Modcloth) | scarf :: gift from my grandma | striped top :: Kokorokoko | maxi dress :: target (similar) | bow shoes :: target (similar) | bracelet :: gift from Joe, Betsey Johnson | sunglasses :: my husband’s, from a gas station (similar)


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