A jacket-less spring day

One of my favorite parts about spring is the fact that I don’t have to wear a jacket anymore! Or at least not all the time. Fall and winter jackets are cute for awhile but they really end up cramping my style around February or March. The allure of tights, boots and jackets are gone and I just want my arms and legs to be free! However, with a slight chill still in the air I like to strike a balance. If my legs are bare then I’ll cover up my arms (shorts and a sweater are the cutest!) or, here, I threw on some jeans with this cute but tight dress. I bought this dress recently on a birthday trip to Ragstock in Minneapolis. I love the color and pattern, which reminds me of little crescent moons that compliment my tattoo nicely. The dress didn’t fit quite right but I bought it anyway, as I tend to do. It was close enough though, and I knew once I got it home I’d figure out a way to make it work. Since I’m not really into the body-con dress trend I needed something on my legs to make me feel more at ease. I threw on my best jeans ever that I’ve mentioned in previous posts along with some 80s wedges and was ready to go!

Side note: this cute table and chair set up is right outside one of our absolute favorite local Des Moines stores, Vitae, which we mention here often!








This is the first post of many where I’ll be showing off new clothes acquired from birthday shopping, birthday gifts or vintage scores from Portland, so look out!

Outfit details: scarf, shoes, belt :: thrifted | dress :: Ragstock | necklace :: Domestica | jeans :: Urban Outfitters


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