Portland: Our Little Corner of the World

Hey guys, I have a secret: John and I love Portland!! Okay, if you know me at all that’s a not-so-secret secret. We both have great friends that live there along with the most delicious food ever, plus, it’s gorgeous! Aside from seeing wonderful friends, my number one favorite thing about Portland is unlimited, cheap, vintage shopping! We often toss around the idea of just moving out there but haven’t made the leap yet. Until we make that dream a reality we make sure to visit at least once a year.

Typically our trips consist of eating, drinking and shopping. What more could you ask for, really? This time around though we did head to the Puget Sound with some friends where we hiked, saw some otters and got a great dose of nature.






House of Vintage is one of my fav vintage stores ever. I have dreams about going to this place. A true dream come true!


The weather was actually gorgeous while we visited so we took an afternoon to walk around the city and encountered this charming sign.

John and I standing next to some big ole trees in Washington | Voodoo Donuts is a Portland staple that 100% lives up to the hype. My favorite is a grape donut dusted with lavender sugar. Yummmm!

Typically when I go on vacation I over pack. I never want to be without options! But this was a short trip so I planned my outfits carefully with plenty of room to spare for some of the goodies I snagged shopping around the town. I’ve figured out that when I go on a vacay it’s best to stick with tried and true outfits. Sometimes an outfit looks great in my head but I don’t want to get stuck trying to have a blast in something I’m not comfortable in. This outfit here has become a major staple for me. I loved the pleats/high waist combo of the sheer American Apparel skirt. And the top was a vintage long sleeved blouse that I altered into a racer-back. With the altered top I didn’t do any measurements, I just took a chance and chopped off the sleeves, cut out the back and sewed up the raw edges. Luckily I’m very happy with the results! I chose a racer-back for two reasons. For one, I’ve gotten sick of rolling up the sleeves on oversized vintage blouses, and for two, I wanted a cute way to show off my new tattoo!

These pictures don’t even do the lush greenery justice, but there were beautiful plants and flowers EVERYWHERE. I guess all that rain does pay off!

Outfit details: boots, top :: thrifted | skirt :: American Apparel | jacket :: H&M (similar)


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5 thoughts on “Portland: Our Little Corner of the World

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    • Yes, the skirt is SO sheer. It is a little hard to pull off. In the winter I felt fine wearing it with tights, for sure. I recently purchased a slip to go under it for summer and honestly, I think confidence is key! It’s so cute and worth it, in my opinion!

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