How to class up an otherwise normal outfit in 30 seconds

It only takes two things: dabbing on some red lipstick and adding a string of pretty pearls around your neck!

I’ve said it before, kitties: my husband is the only reason I have nice things. About a month ago he overheard me mumbling to myself that I should try spending more than $5 on a tube of lipstick. Well, he heard me and then some!

Today is my birthday (yahoo!) and Joe let me open my presents a day early: timeless make-up from the Chanel counter (think red lipstick, jet black eye liner, and a powerful mascara) along with this beautiful string of pearls. Pearls are my birth stone, and they will always hold a special place in my heart because the first gift Joe ever gave me were these pearl earrings I’m wearing.






Last weekend Joe also took me out for a lovely date night in St. Louis for an early b-day treat. We went to Franco, a French restaurant in Soulard (shout out Krystle for the recommendation!) and it. was. so. good! Speaking of food, tonight Joe is making me my birthday dinner, which will consist of all of my fav foods: white cheddar mac and cheese, crab rangoon, and strawberry shortcake. Oi, you can tell I’m old because my birthday now revolves around food….

Outfit details: white bow accessory :: Forever 21 | sunnies :: Forever 21 | pearl necklace :: gift from Joe, Joseph’s | striped dress :: Charlotte Russe | red scarf as belt :: thrifted | black sandals :: Target



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