The weirdest sweater

I don’t even know where I got this sweater. If you gave it to me, or if it’s yours, please tell me! Especially if you want it back. I found this sweater in a box while unpacking and was like, “uhmmmm who are you and why are you so amazing and weird?”






Do you see what I mean? It has giant cuffed sleeves that fall down, it’s both tight and giant at the same time, and the pattern/colors are amazing! Anyway, it’s a keeper.

Fall fashion for me right now is all about sweaters over dresses. And tights of course! I’ve been buying up as many crop sweaters as I can find since I think those are easiest to pair with dresses in my closet because they aren’t all bulky at the waist. Ignored that with this outfit though; I think bulky sweater is okay the shorter the skirt. Heyyyyy!

Life isn’t slowing down any time soon I suppose. Charlie turned 3 last week which is just nuts. 3 seems so much older than 2. 2 he was still baby-ish. 3 is all, “Momma, your face smells like bread in a bad way” and “I do not like mushrooms and pepperoni but I do like bats.” What I mean by this is that he’s turning into this hilarious little human instead of a cute little sack of potatoes. What an adventure! Except the potty training. That adventure sucks.

Outfit details: Sweater :: no idea (Jessi, is this yours?) | Bow necklace :: Forever 21 | Navy blue dress :: Urban Outfitters | Oxford heels :: Dollhouse via Buffalo Exchange | Ruffle socks :: Target




Gone Patchin’

Every fall since Joe and I have been together, we’ve gone pumpkin patchin’. Is that a verb? Anyway, this year was no exception and we had so much fun! Charlie is old enough this year to really get into all the stuff they have for kids: climbing hay bales, sliding down a giant tube slide, making mud pies, taking a hay ride and of course the key part: picking out pumpkins. I was definitely overdressed for the occasion but I feel like that on a daily basis so I was okay with it. Shout out to Howell’s Pumpkin Patch! We had too much fun.



I just really love gourds

I just really love gourds



The 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge is finally over! I’ll post the results some day soon, promise! Just know that it’s been so fun to unpack all my clothes and find real gems I’ve been missing for what seems like a lot longer than a month. Like this cowl I put on when I found it Friday and haven’t taken it off all weekend. It’s just like this warm little snuggle kitty on my neck, without any stray fur stuck in my mouth.

Well, I am currently sitting in a coffee shop typing this since we still don’t have internet at our new house yet, and my computer decided to take a big crap on me last week. But I’m back in action and feeling good about it! Hope everyone is well, xoxoxoxo

Outfit details: Cowl :: gift from Jessi, made by Ramona | fall cape :: thrifted, Found Things | striped gold and white sweater :: JCP | polka dot shorts and tights :: Target | black booties :: Jessica Simpson, Amazon | Hair bow :: Forever 21 | Cuff :: gift from Joe, Betsey Johnson at Von Maur


Favorites: Fall Booties!

This past week started the beautiful season of fall for us here in Iowa. I say that with authority because on Wednesday I broke out the tights! And what looks better with colorful tights than cute little fall booties? We think every pretty kitty needs at the very minimum a black pair and a brown pair. Here are some of our faves this season:


1. I just bought these and I’m in looooove! -Mar
Jessica Simpson Orsona Bootie :: 6pm

2. Love a chic cut-out!
Started from the Blossom Booties :: Modcloth

3. A wedge is a great way to change it up.
Blowfish Luminate Wedge Bootie :: DSW

4. The quilted pattern makes these look so comfy.
Disc Golf Debut Boot :: Modcloth

5. Great for a girls night out.
Montoro Boot :: ALDO

6. Splurge on a pair of Frye booties: you won’t regret it!
Reina Booties by Frye :: Piperlime

7. Perf with a skirt and tights!
Black Polish Ankle Boots :: ROMWE

8. Pair with dark high-waisted jeans and a crop sweater.
Anda Triple Buckle Boots :: Topshop

9. Classic, reliable go-tos.
Lucky Penny Booties :: Seychelles

10. With an almost 3″ heel, these are perfect for stomping around in the leaves.
Cool Tan Boots :: Lulu’s

So are you more of a black or brown boot girl? We like both but there is definitely more brown than black in our closets!


Me & my Miley Cyrus sweater

Now that I work full-time and it’s dark by the time I get home, Jessi and I have been meeting up on Sunday afternoons to take outfit pics. On this particular week we couldn’t, so instead I coerced my coworker/friend Kristen to snap some pics of me outside of our office on a pretty (and snowless) afternoon! Luckily it’s actually kind of pretty around! This may not be the last time this happens.

Kristen mentioned I reminded her of Miley Cyrus in my crazy cat sweater. I’m pretty oblivious about pop culture in general (I have been gaped at when admitting I can’t name one Bieber song) so I didn’t actually know what she meant! But I did find Ms. Cyrus very emotionally singing to a giant cat while in a tiny little cat ensemble on the internetz and I was like, “Oh yes, I am okay with this.” So here it is, kitties! My work-friendly version of honing my inner Miley:






I have been searching for a lovely long, pleated skirt for years. YEARS. I have always wanted a pretty plaid one, but this color is so vibrant and perfect I quickly forgot all about my plaid desires. Big Button Vintage is a shop owned by my pals Jes & Josh. They do Market Day every month and I was lucky enough to go preview everything before the big Black Friday sale and have first picks!

My Miley Cyrus sweater is a crop sweater, and it really works perfectly belted with this high-waisted skirt. Try it out! It beats a cold midriff when it’s 5 degrees out.

Outfit details: black cat sweater :: gift from Jessi! Forever 21 | black woven belt and boots :: Target | cobalt pleated skirt :: Big Button Vintage

Hope you’re staying warm and happy! I have to go get ready for Jessi & John’s big holiday party. Pics soon!


A bit of nostalgia

I love clothes that I can still remember the day I bought them. This dress is the best dress and I’ve had it for years. One summer I wore it so much my mother exclaimed, “Do you own any other clothes?!” But I just love it! I was with my bff Mindy, super hungover after St. Patty’s Day in St. Louis, and we were shopping in the Galleria at Urban Outfitters. I was feeling TERRIBLE and Mindy grabs this very dress and says, “You should try this on, it will look great on you.” I was doubtful, mainly because I felt like I was lacking the necessary skills to take off my clothes without getting dizzy. Kitties: the sky parted that day. When I put this dress on, my hangover vanished and I gaped in the mirror. The stripes! The cute open back (sorry, you can’t see it)! The little gold buttons! Even today, about 5 years later, I slipped it on and felt instantly better about every little thing there is.






What do you start with when putting together an outfit? Usually I’m normal and start with the main piece, like this dress, but today I started with this belt. I’ve been on the hunt for thicker belts since I have so many skinny ones, and lo and behold this one I uncovered in my own belt drawer. Win win!

Outfit details: earrings :: Urban Outfitters (old) | best dress ever :: Urban Outfitters (SO old!) | gold cardigan :: Charlotte Russe (you guessed it: old as can be!) | belt :: thrifted | shoes :: Seychelles (sadly the plum color is gone) | clutch :: Vitae Design Collective 


Favorites: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We here at HPK are ready to dress up for the fabulous feast (no sweatpants here!) and have selected a couple of pretty outfits for the big event:fall-thanksgiving-favorites-2013


1) Plaid + Fall = perfection
Director’s Cute Dress :: Modcloth

2) Grab this cape for when you’re feeling fancy, and for when it’s not too chilly out
Tweed Leather Look Piped Cape :: Dorothy Perkins

3) Love this unique gold accent
Feeling Fancy Necklace :: Modcloth

4) ASOS is killing it with their tights selection!
Wolford Carre Square Dot Tights :: ASOS

5) Who doesn’t love a classic black bootie?
Boulevard Bootie by Chelsea Crew :: Ruche


6) I’m such a sucker for a bow
The Pennsylvania Polka Dress in Floral :: Modcloth

7) It might say its butterflies, but they look like precious little bows to me.
Butterfly Print Bolero :: MANGO

8) I’m feeling 12 again
You Have My Heart Clutch :: Go Jane

9) This can be worn with literally every outfit you own. Aaaand it’s $6.
Classic Bow Cuff :: Forever 21

10) Nothing says fancy to me like pretty fake pearls!
Regal Faux Peral Cuff :: Forever 21

11) As Jessi stated above, ASOS is on top of it in the tights department!
Floral Over-the-Knee Tights :: ASOS

12) Obsessed. I thought I’d be over chevron by now, but am totally not.
High Hopes Wedges :: Seychelles

Well we hope we’ve inspired you to break out a pretty dress for tomorrow’s big event!


P.S. Don’t forget about our giveaway, going on strong until Monday! xoxo

Sunny side up

I have been loving fall this season. I’m usually all about winter, truthfully. I love bundling up, snuggling up, and comfort food-ing it up. But it’s been so pretty around here that it’s inspired me to layer, layer layer! Like these red thigh high socks I’ve had for years that I’ve just never really pulled off before. I love them! They are the perfect addition on a blustery day.

This dress was bought a million years ago on a trip to Chicago, which I (like Jessi in NYC) promptly grabbed a pair of scissors and butchered it that very day so I could wear it asap. Unfortunately it’s pretty short now and I rarely wear it with just tights; I usually wear it with a thicker legging.







Really I have to say that the accessories are what excite me the most about this outfit: this bow I bought for Jessi’s wedding I wish I could wear every day, these amazing kitty shoes, my dainty little daisy ring, and this gorgeous feather necklace we received from the lovely Asa over at Hopeless Designs. Speaking of which, you’ll have to check back next week for our very first Here, Pretty Kitty Giveaway! One lucky reader will get to wear this pretty accoutrement as their very own!

Outfit details: hair bow :: EsmerAccessories via Etsy | necklace and daisy ring :: courtesy of Hopeless Designs | dress :: thrifted | striped sweater :: Gordman’s | polka dot tights :: Target | red socks :: gift from my mom! | cat flats :: gift from Jessi! from Modcloth

Have a beautiful weekend and stay warm!


You In Your Autumn Sweater…

What a beautiful day kitties, don’t you agree?! I hate hate hate winter but I love love love fall, and while fall is basically just a prelude to a long winter here in the Midwest I try and enjoy it fully, despite the fact that I know what’s to follow…
This was such a gorgeous day, so we trekked over to Water Works park near the south side of Des Moines and frolicked in the leaves to take these gorgeous photos! Okay, there wasn’t much frolicking, but that’s the vibe I get!
Fashion-wise, I love fall because I love layers, nothing makes me happier than piling on multiple shirts, a sweater, dress, tights, a scarf, etc. which is pretty much what I did here. It’s hard to tell but I’m wearing a dress under this sweater, it’s a simple black stretchy number that I actually also use as a slip under see through vintage dresses. It’s ultimate comfort and something I’ve been wearing a lot lately. This sweater is basically the best sweater color and so perfectly matches the beautiful fall colors, don’t you think? It’s super soft and again, so comfortable!






Once tights season hits I end up wearing lots of black: black tights, black shoes and black skirts which is why I think these shoes are perfect for this outfit. The gold toe is such a nice surprise!
I recently got this kitty purse on my honeymoon and it’s so darling but super small. I haven’t used it much but think it will be great to use at a concert, perhaps. Often my big, bulky mom purses get in the way when I’m trying to dance!
I used to wear scarves on my head every single day, which is something I’ve phased out over the last year or so, but I do like to break them out from time to time. This is one of my faves and while I bought it new I love the vintage feel.

As I’m writing this we’ve endured a bit of an ice storm and a bit of snow, which is a major bummer.
Hopefully winter isn’t here to stay quite yet… Fingers crossed, kittens!

Outfit details: scarf :: Modcloth | sweater, dress, necklace :: F21 | purse ::H&M | tights:: Target 


Favorites: Fall Accessories!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect autumn scarf, the cutest jackets around, or if you just desperately want a cupcake to adorn your head, you’ve stopped at the right place! Check out what we are loving this fall:


1. Love this braided wrap for warmth or pure fashion.
Braided knit earwarmer :: Urban Outfitters

2. Why wouldn’t you wear a cupcake on your head?
Sweet Getup Hat :: Modcloth

3. LOVE a classic looking denim jacket.
Rapid City Blues Jacket :: Modcloth

4. Send out love vibes even on a rainy fall day.
I Heart Umbrella :: Modcloth

5. A tall brown boot is an absolute must for every fall wardrobe.
Miola Boots :: Aldo at Piperlime

6. This big ol’ infinity scarf looks so comfy!
Rainbow infinity scarf :: Lulu’s

7. Start stocking up on tights now! If you wanna get fancy grab cuties like these:
Falke Seam Rose Suspender Tights :: ASOS
And, really: check out ASOS for all your tights needs. They are killing it this season!

8. A perfectly hued accessory.
Orange envelope clutch :: Dorothy Perkins

9. Put a cat on it!
Skip to My Mew Scarf :: Modcloth

10. Nothing cuter to put your spare change and stray bobby pins in!
Embroidered coin purse :: Vivi Girls Shop

11. Throw this chic number on over your favorite summer dress.
Vila gold zip detail blazer :: ASOS

12. Just because it’s not hot out doesn’t mean you don’t need your sunnies!
In love sunglasses :: Urban Outfitters

13. This is the perfect shade of red, and that chevron detailing is so rad.
Metallic woven belt :: Go Jane

14. Perfect for in-between weather.
Plethora of Poise Cape :: Modcloth


Wedding Rehearsal

I get really into celebrations and because of this, I don’t have a birthday, I have a birthday week (or month, if I can get away with it!) and likewise, our wedding wasn’t just one day, it was a whole wedding week! I made the fantastic decision to take the entire week before my wedding off of work and I have to say I am SO glad to have made that decision. This gave me the chance to rest, tie up loose ends before the wedding and spend some extra time with friends that came from out of town. By the time the wedding itself actually rolled around I felt really prepared and fairly calm.

The day before the wedding I took to my bridesmaids to get manicures and pedicures, something I’d never done before but something I will definitely be doing again! It was the best, most relaxing treat!! And, a month later, my pedicure is actually still holding up really well. Bonus!

From there an army of friends and family helped decorate the venue and before I knew it it was time to get ready for our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

We really lucked out in that we got our wedding venue for the entire weekend, which afforded us the luxury of decorating the day before as well as deciding to host a low key rehearsal dinner in the venue. We loved our wedding venue a lot, it was such a great open space and looked so lovely all decorated up to our taste, so we decided to throw a pizza party there instead of planning a fancy dinner elsewhere. I admit the thought of foregoing a fancy rehearsal dinner wasn’t my first choice, but once my husband suggested it it made sense and I’m so happy we chose something low key. Especially after all the wedding planning we did; planning a rehearsal dinner was the last thing I wanted to do. So we got pizza from our favorite local pizza place and my mom very generously made desserts (super delicious tiramisu!) and we broke into the beer and wine supply we had set aside for the wedding.






Now this dress… I’m in love with it and have been for years! I got it at a vintage store in Omaha and have only broken it out on a few occasions. Our wedding rehearsal was definitely a special enough occasion for this dress. It’s made so well, as many vintage dresses are. They really don’t make clothes like they used to. Having bought a lot of vintage over the years I have realized though, a sad fact of vintage dresses is that they are often pretty uncomfortable. This is not the case with this dress, thankfully! The material has a nice weight to it and it actually has a good amount of stretch, which I always appreciate!

I got these wedges recently from Modcloth, and they are so super comfy. They come with a detachable ankle strap, which I like. An ankle strap can be nice but I’m just not always in the mood for it, you know?
The bow was a last minute decision- it’s very hard for me to go anywhere without some sort of hair accessory on. I got this one at Vitae and think its pops out of my black hair very nicely!

Over the years John has done a great job of getting me antique rings (great guy!) but ever since I got my engagement ring I stopped wearing them, I guess to showcase it as being the REALLY special ring! But I loved the other rings he’s given me and I always will. The ring on my right hand here is the first one he gave me (well, technically the second, I lost the first one he gave me, which was kind of devastating to me at the time…) and I have always loved this one, especially. He got it at a flea market, and now after some years it’s missing some stones but I still love it as much as I always have.

Now that I’ve made it through planning a wedding, some people have asked me for advice, which is this (maybe a tad cliche but all true):
• Do what you want to do, it is your wedding after all.
• Let other people help you, because they want to help you!
• Take time off of work beforehand 🙂
• And finally, have fun and appreciate everything as its happening!

Outfit details: dress :: Thrifted | bow :: Vitae | shoes :: Modcloth | tights :: Target (last season) |