Arghhhhh! I’m a kitty pirate

One thing (of many) that make Jessi and I very similar: if we find a dress we love, we will wear the hell out of it. One lovely afternoon we stopped into Hill Vintage and both found our own all-star dress! Things I love about it: the keyhole and button, the pockets, the color…. and it’s not too lightweight either, so these days where it’s cool in the morning yet warm in the early evening are a-okay with me.

On this particular day we had a fun afternoon with our boyz playing in the playground at Union Park. Jessi went on a super awesome albeit super hot slide (metal + the sun = danger!) while Charlie (my son) ran around like a maniac and Joe and John took pics of funny graffiti. But we all came together to ride this super sweet carousel.






Summer is officially over, and the carousel officially closes for the season tomorrow. But I’m laser focused on the coming month, which is going to include pumpkin patches, the best wedding ever, and this dress with tights!

Outfit details: hat :: Jessi gave it to me! similar| dress :: Hill Vintage | belt :: Target (similar) | orange flats :: Charlotte Russe


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Cute and Creepy Carousel Time

It may have taken us until the end of the summer to make it to this lovely carousel while it was actually open, but we did it!! After a few failed attempts we finally got to ride the cute (and creepy) animals and listen to crazy circus music. It was great!
I got this dress at Hill Vintage, my favorite vintage store in Des Moines. Hill Vintage is run by two of Des Moines absolute finest ladies with impeccable taste in fashion and a deep love for cats. What more could you ask for?? I have to say this dress would normally be a little on the long side for my taste- I usually like to tart it up in the summer while its hot hot hot outside. But this fabric is so thin it more than makes up for the longer than desirable length. It’s also flowy enough that I had no problem hopping onto the carousel animals. I’m guessing that when most people know they’ll be hopping onto a carousel ride and taking pictures they might decide to dress more practically, but not this girl! And I’m not alone, check out Marlena’s post later this week for her carousel pics…






I have to say, my favorite accessory of late is my new lunar phases tattoo! I’ll have it forever, I know, but it’s new enough that I’m still excited about it. My new tattoo aside you may remember these sunnies from a DIY Mar and I did this summer. Pretty cute and functional!
I don’t usually pull my sandals out unless I’m going to the pool.* But I’m often in the habit of missing things before they are gone, and since it’s the end of summer I wanted to seize my sandal-wearing opportunities before they are gone to cold rainy days and eventually snow. Sigh… And just because it’s now officially fall doesn’t mean we can’t keep dressing like it’s summer, right?!

*Just a little unsolicited fashion advice from boyfriend via Vice Magazine where one person once said they thought all sandals were ugly and it stuck with me. I can be extremely influenced. Ah!

Outfit details: Dress :: Hill Vintage | sandals :: Urban Outfitters (similar) | belt, necklace :: forever21 | earrings :: birthday gift


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