Stripes in the Wind

One thing I love: stripes! One thing I hate: wind! I’m not talking about hating on a nice summer breeze, but it can get quite windy in these parts and ruin a perfectly pleasant day. Who wants to take a picnic while you watch your napkins go a-flying and your blanket struggles to stay on the ground? Good for flying a kite? Yes. Good for photo shoots, not so much. It was windy this day, and you can tell from my photos I was less than amused. But the sun was shining at least, so I threw on this striped dress and headed out to brave the elements (I’m being dramatic here- I just really do hate the wind!)

I have many black and white striped articles of clothing which all serve a different purpose. I especially love this one though. Horizontal stripes on the front, chevron stripes on the back. Genius! It’s stretchy but not too clingy, and long sleeved to boot. It’s really quite purrrfect.



I’m not even gonna go on about how I love this denim jacket, but take note pretty kitties, yes it’s new, and yes, I do love it! The color, the detailed stitching on the arms. And I’m done.

There’s a running theme here, but another thing I love and can’t get enough of are big ole sunglasses. I have so many pairs thanks to forever21- what can I say, they’re cheap! And I tend to lose and break sunglasses easily, so I try to not invest too much in them. These here were a tad costlier, but not by much, and they’re quite different from any others I own. Score!

Off I go now to catch up on Veronica Mars. Boyfriend and I are watching the series again to celebrate the Veronica Mars Movie… I’m so excited! And soon the weather will be nice enough I won’t be able to justify sitting inside all day watching tv. What a hard life I lead.

XOXO Kittens!

Outfit details :: sunnies :: Sosie | jacket :: Forever21 | dress :: Urban Outfitters | wedges :: Target


Spring, please?

One thing you can tell from my outfit on any given day is the mood I’m in, and this outfit tells me I’m in the mood for spring. I’d love to ignore the fact that nearly a foot of snow just fell on the ground but alas, spring isn’t springing anytime soon. I think it was John who put it most eloquently when he said, “Spring is NOT coming soon. That groundhog is a little liar!”

The groundhog may be a liar (he didn’t see his shadow, after all.) And while I won’t be kicking off my tights or peeling off my sweaters any time soon that won’t stop me from buying summer dresses and wearing wedges at inappropriate times, like, say, when there’s piles and piles of snow everywhere.


I recently bought this navy and white striped dress, which makes me think of the Camera Obscura song French Navy, which also makes me think of spring. I saw Camera Obscura a few years ago in April and it was, to say the least, *perfect*.    Chevron stripes are a current obsession, and I love how this dresses mixes horizontal stripes with chevron. I threw the scarf into the mix because, let’s face it, it really is cold outside. I have a million scarves from over the years and this one is my current fav.

Another recent purchase is the woven purse, and I think both the dress and bag will become outfit favorites. I have this cardigan in several different colors and they are wardrobe staples, perfect for any time of the year and this mint green cardi is the newest addition to the collection.

This outfit was purrrfect for Sunday brunch, lazing around the house as well as into date night consisting of a sushi dinner and a show at the Vaudeville Mews. Pretty great since I’m a notorious outfit-changer and can rarely make it through the day in one outfit only. Until next time…

Outfit details: dress, purse, earrings, sunglasses:: Forever21 | scarf:: thrifted | shoes:: modcloth | sweater tights:: Target | nail polish:: Essie bridal collection, Amazon