DIY: Confetti Hearts!


For Jessi’s wedding, we agreed that confetti would be so fun to throw after the ceremony. I searched high and low for a fun way to hold the little morsels. This post on Ruche’s blog was perfect because guests could just rip open the little hearts when they’re ready and throw. I didn’t want to put as much effort into it as that post, though, so without further ado, here’s my super easy way of making confetti hearts!

scrap paper
vellum paper (I got this polka dotted type at Michaels)
glue pen (Mine is this one from Martha Stewart’s line)
confetti (I just used a hole punch + construction paper. It’s time consuming; I suggest buying!)



1. Make a heart template by drawing a heart and cutting it out on a separate piece of paper. I used a green piece of construction paper.
2. Place your heart on the vellum and cut your hearts out. I didn’t trace around the template because I didn’t want any sort of pen mark to show since it’s transparent.
3. Using the glue pen, draw around each heart edge, leaving part of it unglued so you can put in the confetti.
4. Place another heart on top of the glued heart.
5. To put the confetti in the heart, I found it useful to stick a finger or a pencil or something in the heart to sort of balloon it out a bit. Then just dump in the confetti!
6. Glue the seam shut. Repeat!


Make your hearts pretty large, otherwise you won’t be able to stick much confetti in each one. I’d suggest about 8 hearts per 12 x 12 sheet of vellum. The hearts shown here aren’t that big but I wish they were!
Don’t overstuff your heart or the seams will start bustin’ out and it’s pretty annoying.
I also tried a glue stick and scrapbook adhesive. The glue pen worked the best; if you have a steady hand and more patience than me a glue gun would work.

I have to admit that in the end, we are using these little hearts as decoration on the dessert table instead because a) they are cute without ripping them open and b) I ran out of time to make enough for all the confetti we had!


DIY: Cat Straws and Toothpicks!

So for Jessi’s bachelorette party, I decided to whip up these fun cat straws for a fun addition to our champagne limo ride.

These were fairly easy once I worked out the kinks. Let’s get to it!



Paper straws (I bought these cute striped straws from Target. They are cute on their own! And they were $2)
A few pieces of card stock
A pencil
Metallic sharpie or some other marker you like
Circle punch
Hot glue or strong glue



1. With your pencil, start by drawing a cat head shape on the backside of the card stock. You may want to try it out on a regular piece of paper first.

2. Once I drew my perfect shape, I cut out the cat head and used it as a template for the rest of them. Cut those cuties out!

3. Make little kitty faces using the sharpie.

3. Using the circle punch, cut out as many circles as you did cat heads.

4. Now glue just half of that tiny circle to the back of the cat head.

5. Put the straw under the circle. Now dot the other side of the circle and glue it down. I didn’t do it very tightly so I could adjust where the kitty was on the straw.

You’re all done! I will say that since they were adjustable, some girls at the party mentioned they were going to take the kitty with them and use them on different straws. The paper straws were cute, but they weren’t exactly long-lasting!


Me, Jess, Jessi, and Mindy…. all ready with our straws… but where are our drinks?!

While you’re at it . . . make some smaller and glue them onto toothpicks! I also found some glittery hearts at Micheal’s that I added.


There’s just something about toothpicks with things on top that make everything more festive! Here are our dessert blueberry muffins decked out at Jessi’s bridal shower:


Check back soon for more details on the amazing weekend we had!


DIY: Sharpie Purse


I have an easy DIY for you today! So I bought this purse for Jessi for her b-day, but the more I looked at it, the more I kept thinking it needed something. Metallic triangles were the answer. In the end, I’d say my little project was a success: Jessi thought I bought it with the triangles! That’s the best compliment, right?

Materials Needed:

Something blank to design, like this soft fake leather purse
Metallic Sharpie permanent marker


This is so easy! Just take out that sharpie and get crazy with it. I think the simple shapes work best, but do whatever you please.

Pointer #1: The key to making this work is the material. I think this particular purse is some sort of fake leather, and the Sharpie just went on like… well… a permanent marker. I was going to put a topcoat finisher on it, but I didn’t think it was necessary. If you think it might smear, though, perhaps try one. I have a spray one that I got at Micheal’s.

Pointer #2: in my head the triangle pattern was less all over the place and more static, but let’s get real: drawing the same triangle exactly the same length apart all the time is hard. So random is way less stressful and it still turns out lovely!

Pointer/Random thought #3: If you don’t have a bag to draw on, just draw polka dots, stripes or cat silhouettes on your nails!

photo_2 triangle-purse-complete

Good luck, pretty kitties! Let me know if you tackle a project with a metallic sharpie, especially a purse!


DIY: Fun with Florals


We have 3 fun and creative DIYs for you involving just a few materials. You can add a bit of whimsy to any outfit with these flower arrangements on your head or ears! You can go full blown flower crazy or go a little more reserved. We’ve made 2 different floral headpieces and an easy earring idea for you.


The Flower Crown

materials needed:
an assortment of fake flowers (I used 3 large flowers and 3 smaller varieties but seriously the possibilities are endless)
green floral wire
black floral tape (optional)
wire cutters/scissors

how to:


1. Take the floral wire and measure around your head once like a crown. I reinforced my crown base by doubling the wire.

2. Cut off the stems of the large flowers using wire cutters (note: it can be done with scissors if you are not wimpy like me). The small flowers you can just cut off close to the first bud so you have about 5-6 little buds on each stem.

3. Take the floral wire and wrap underneath the green leaf part of your large flowers.

4.Now wrap each flower around the crown base wherever you want them. I put the biggest flowers where I wanted them first. For the smaller flowers, just wrap around the stem with the wire, filling in the blank spots. Remember to make all the flowers wrap the same so they are all facing the same direction. Tip: Remember when you wrap the wire around the flower or stem to make sure the wire isn’t poking out or it will either get stuck in your hair or just hurt when you put it on! I totally made this mistake.

5. If you don’t go all the way around the crown, you can use the floral tape to wrap the base for a cleaner look, and it helps strengthen the wire.

6. Wear that beautiful crown of flowers!

The Flower Headband

materials needed:
an assortment of fake flowers (I used 1 large flower and 3 smaller varieties but again, the possibilities are endless)
green floral wire
wire cutters/scissors
blank metal headbands

how to:

1. {same as step 2 above} Cut off the stems of the large flowers using wire cutters. The small flowers you can just cut off close to the first bud so you have about 5-6 little buds on each stem.

2. Take the floral wire and wrap underneath the green leaf part of your large flowers and then wrap them around the headband wherever you want them. You’ll have to wrap them pretty tightly so they will stay, but I promise they will stay! I started with the large flower at the one side of the headband, then worked my way around with the smaller flowers. Remember to make all the flowers wrap the same so they are all facing the same direction.

3. Yay! Put that headband on, you look beautiful.


Our third DIY project with these flowers is an easy earring project.


*you may not need the wire, read on!

1. Cut off the flower stem right where the stem comes together.

2. Depending on the type of flower you happened to buy, you can either attach the jump ring to the green base of the flower (see figure 1) or you can use floral wire to make a circle to attach the jump ring to (see figure 2). Then simply hook the jump ring to the earring hook and you’re done! Wear those spring-y earrings with pride!


We hope you enjoyed our first DIY project! Have fun with it and let your intuition take over. Let us know if you have any questions, especially if something doesn’t make sense. We’re here to help lovelies!


Our completed looks!

Our completed looks!