Cows, corn dogs and crazy rides: The Iowa State Fair!

The Iowa State Fair is one of those annual events that fellow Iowans either love or hate: there doesn’t seem to be much in-between. I for one love it! This year we kept it pretty simple; we saw the cows, ate a corn dog, and rode the Berry-Go-Round (which.. yikes! Charlie may have loved it but I thought I was going to get sick!). Then as we were leaving we stopped for some ice cream! We did meet up with Jessi and friends and took a state fair time-out to take some pics of our outfits.

I decided to keep it pretty easy and breezy for the fair this year. Jessi gave me this dress for my birthday and I have been wearing it pretty much every week. It’s so comfy and pretty! I decided to pair it with some ruffly socks and my boots for a bit of a country-fied look.







One of my favorite things about the fair is that I’ve been going pretty much every year for the last 7 or so years, and I know for a fact that I’ve never seen everything. Take this pretty garden Jessi and I discovered right by the agriculture building; I’d never noticed this little beautiful pocket right off one of the main roads before!

Outfit details: hair bow :: JCPenney | dress :: birthday gift from Jessi, from Hill Vintage | belt and socks :: Target | boots :: Steve Madden, from Von Maur

Have a fabulous Saturday! And if you live in the Des Moines area, may I suggest a visit to the fair tomorrow? It’s half price!


Favorites: Iowa State Fair Fashion

Today we are headed to the Iowa State Fair! And we know what you’re thinking: the Fair is a time to laugh at woman mullets and bad cut-off t-shirts and not a time to celebrate fashion at its finest. HOWEVER, we’re here to tell you that it is totally time to have fun with your outfits. Here are our picks:


1. For $9, these are the perfect accessory!
Apple Pie Earrings :: TinySweetsMiniature via Etsy

2. The state fair is the perfect time to show some skin and really let it all hang out!
Hot Dog Crop Top :: SwayChic

3. Don’t forget your sunnies at home!
UO Heartbreaker Sunnies :: Urban Outfitters

4. Have your money, camera and flask at the ready with this fanny pack.
Denim Fanny Pack :: American Apparel

5. A sweet little country top. Just don’t spill any ketchup on it from your giant corndog!
Wine and Dandy Top :: Modcloth

6. Treat your feet to some easy all-day walking in these puppies.
DV by Dolce Vita Sandals :: Bluefly

7. Gingham and a big bow? Sold.
Straw Bag :: BijouxMignonHandmade via Etsy

8. My vote for state fair fashion is: the brighter, the better!
Stretch Bull Denim High-Waisted Skirt :: American Apparel

Have a fun weekend!




It’s That Time of the Year…

Who loves the fair??? I do, I do!! It’s a beautiful time of the year to embrace all things Iowa: agriculture, crafts, fried food and short shorts (ok, maybe that’s not all Iowa specific, but it’s all fantastic nonetheless.) John and I always make a beeline for the fried veggie stand- it’s our absolute favorite! Fried pickles are never better than from this veggie stand, not to mention fried mushrooms, cauliflower and cheese curds. Cheese is a vegetable, right? We also picked up some gigantic tenderloins along the way and proceeded to stuff our faces full of food. It was amazing!!

Other highlights included John’s personalized screen printed unicorn t-shirt (another fair tradition of ours), me coaching Marlena through our ski lift ride, admiring all the super cute goats, and the matching, engraved unicorn necklaces John and I treated ourselves too. Unfortunately I was too stuffed to indulge in a deep fried cupcake (so sad!) but there’s always next year, right?









I love to go to the fair in style and pulled out my own favorite pair of short shorts for the occasion. A great thing about the Iowa State Fair: you can pretty much get away with wearing anything. Nothing says country to me better than gingham print and ruffles and wouldn’t you know, I just happened to have that perfect combo! Also spending a day at the fair calls for the purrrrfect pair of walking shoes, so I pulled out my trusty Worishofer’s, which never do me wrong. And finally, topping everything off with animal accessories, I think I fit in beautifully!

Outfit details: top :: thrifted | shorts :: Urban Outfitters | shoes :: Worishofer,| belt :: H&M | earrings :: gift | ring :: I-35 truck stop| purse :: Urban Outfitters