Favorites: Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides has a special place in our hearts. Maybe not the most uplifting of movies, but it’s just so pretty and ephemeral, has the best soundtrack, and those Lisbon girls are total babes! We’ve rounded up our inspirations on how to dress like a virginal, albeit suicidal, teenager.

1. Perfect for a night out (like the homecoming dance!) before being grounded for life…
Lacefall Dress :: Anthropologie

2. In lieu of a bunch of necklaces taped together, use these for a fashionable wrist.
Pyramid Faceted Stretch Bracelet :: Forever 21

3. Sneak these out of the house for some added sex appeal.
Face the Music Heels :: Seychelles

4. A dress to wear to a party (too bad it’s in your basement).
Tea Cupcake Dress :: Modcloth

5. Pretty cute for lounging around the house with your sisters, dealing with your ultra depressing life…
Kimchi Blue Lace Open-back Dress :: Urban Outfitters

6. Not sure Mrs. Lisbon would approve, but Lux would.
Flower Fracture Blouse :: NastyGal

7. Write the name of your crush (Is it Trip?) on your undies so you’ll always have him with you…
Rennes Lace Bottoms :: Anthropologie

8. These high waisted shorts are perfect. Wear them on a honeymoon in Calcutta perhaps?
High Waist Cascading Ruffle Shorts :: SheInside

9. And when you are grounded for the rest of your life (literally!) use this portable record player to play music for your crush over the phone. Romantic!
Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable :: Fred Flare