Sweater Serendipity

This week I get to highlight my current obsession: animal sweaters! Now, I know this isn’t groundbreaking fashion news, and this sweater here isn’t the first animal sweater I’ve ever owned. I met my friend Tiffany for brunch one Sunday and she was sporting a super cute animal sweater, which sparked my desire to own as many as possible as quickly as possible. After brunch that day we went shopping together and voila! My animal sweater void was quickly filled.
This sweater is from Old Navy, which isn’t somewhere I routinely shop; it just doesn’t usually occur to me. But we were looking around the store and I spotted this horse print, along with other cute prints in the kids section. “Uh!” I thought. Kitties, just because I’m a thirty year old woman doesn’t mean I don’t want to wear animal prints, right?! Well, on closer inspection, I picked up a large and realized, this just might work! Now, I’m not saying I can always fit into children’s clothes, that’s hardly the case. But it was worth a shot and it worked out for me this time!






I layered this sweater over this striped, strapless dress. Fall and winter are all about layering, and there’s no reason to leave warm weather dresses all lonely in your closet until spring and summer come round again.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! As I write this I’m waiting for a Thanksgiving leftovers pot pie to finish baking in the oven. Basically I threw most of my leftovers into a frozen pie crust (potatoes, turkey, stuffing and gravy). It’s an experiment, and hopefully it’ll turn out tasty. Until next time!

Outfit details: sweater :: Old Navy | belt, boots :: thrifted | dress :: Forever 21


And kitties! You only have until tomorrow to win this pretty necklace from Hopeless Designs!

Milkmaid Braids and Horses

Remember our post about tiny animal prints? Well I found this adorable horsey print dress and had to have it, and  decided to brighten things up with a few solids. I walked out of Target the other day with this cardi and these tights, and didn’t realize until I got home they are the exact same color. Weird, right? I must have been in total purple mode (or cobalt blue mode? I can’t really decide on the color. It seems bluer in these photos than I thought?) Anyway, I feel like my accessories make the outfit: bright yellow wedges, this amazing pink shell clutch, and the weird itchy necklace just all snapped together so easily. I love when that happens!

The fact that I'm standing in front of a frozen lake in the middle of March is heartbreaking. At least there's sunshine.

The fact that I’m standing in front of a frozen lake in the middle of March is heartbreaking. At least there’s sunshine.



I’ve starting wearing milkmaid braids for awhile now. It seriously takes like 5 minutes to slap together and it totally looks like I put effort into my hair when I really didn’t! Promise. I vote trying it. I’ve played with the 2 thick braids versus 4 small braids; I’ve also just done two small in the front with the rest of my hair in a sloppy bun. Get crazy with these possibilities, pretty kitties!

Outfit details: Earrings & necklace :: thrifted | Cardigan, dress, belt, tights :: Target) | Shoes :: Gift from my bestie Kim, Aerosoles | Purse :: Vitae Design Collective


Super Saturday Favorites: Cute Animal Prints

We don’t know about you, but lately it seems like little animal prints have been popping up everywhere. Horses, bunnies, giraffes, and of course: kitties! We are absolutely sold on this fun, cute trend. Take a little looky at our favorite picks!


1. Turn heads with this cute preppy giraffe skirt. Giraffe Charm Skirt :: Sosie

2. We can’t deny a great kitty cat print. Meow-a-Days Scarf :: Modcloth

3. This canvas backpack is the tops! Horse Print Backpack :: ASOS

4. Upon closer inspection this silk chiffon top is covered in pugs! I Heart Pug Shirt :: ASOS

5. Bats have never been cuter. Totally Batty Tank :: Spotted Moth

6. Loving all things horses. Horse printed twisted headband :: FashionScarvesForYou via Etsy

7. Perfectly pink! Love the piping detail. Game of Croquet Flamingo Print Blouse :: Ruche

8. That peter pan collar adds so much fun! All Eyes on Unique Dress :: Modcloth

Have a lovely rest of your weekend, pretty kitties!

xoxo M&J