Gone Patchin’

Every fall since Joe and I have been together, we’ve gone pumpkin patchin’. Is that a verb? Anyway, this year was no exception and we had so much fun! Charlie is old enough this year to really get into all the stuff they have for kids: climbing hay bales, sliding down a giant tube slide, making mud pies, taking a hay ride and of course the key part: picking out pumpkins. I was definitely overdressed for the occasion but I feel like that on a daily basis so I was okay with it. Shout out to Howell’s Pumpkin Patch! We had too much fun.



I just really love gourds

I just really love gourds



The 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge is finally over! I’ll post the results some day soon, promise! Just know that it’s been so fun to unpack all my clothes and find real gems I’ve been missing for what seems like a lot longer than a month. Like this cowl I put on when I found it Friday and haven’t taken it off all weekend. It’s just like this warm little snuggle kitty on my neck, without any stray fur stuck in my mouth.

Well, I am currently sitting in a coffee shop typing this since we still don’t have internet at our new house yet, and my computer decided to take a big crap on me last week. But I’m back in action and feeling good about it! Hope everyone is well, xoxoxoxo

Outfit details: Cowl :: gift from Jessi, made by Ramona | fall cape :: thrifted, Found Things | striped gold and white sweater :: JCP | polka dot shorts and tights :: Target | black booties :: Jessica Simpson, Amazon | Hair bow :: Forever 21 | Cuff :: gift from Joe, Betsey Johnson at Von Maur


The great unbuttoning

I had this dress on about 15 minutes when I realized why I never wear it to work. It magically unbuttons itself all. the. time. Luckily I wore a black slip thing underneath it because it’s a little see-through so when the buttons popped open at least nothing was seen. Looks like  I should have walked around in it at the store for 10 minutes longer before I bought it. Or just remembered that I need to size up on the button-up dresses to make way for my giant cans! Ha.


it's not that cold, it's not that cold, it's not that cold....

it’s not that cold, it’s not that cold, it’s not that cold….





I love the grid pattern of this dress. It’s not really stripes, and it’s not really plaid, but somewhere in between. I decided to contrast all the squares with some dots on my legs! It was actually my intention to not wear black and white with a pop of color and this dress is actually the very definition of this. I give up! I love it too much.

In other news, this month for me has been all about baking. It’s not something that I’ve cared for in the past, because I am more of an “oh, I’ll throw some of this in there, and how about some of this?” person when it comes to cooking, and I feel like with baking that’s a game changer and you end up with flat, hard cookies. BUT, it’s kind of refreshing to measure everything out and I’m finding places where you can add a little spontaneity. Last night I made these yummy Salted Caramel Mocha Brownie Cups (although I didn’t make the frosting. I just used the frosting the brownie mix came with and added some caramel on top with some sea salt.) Anyway, I digress. Have a great rest of your week!

Outfit details: sunglasses :: Forever 21 (similar) | dress :: White Rabbit | tights, belt & wedges :: Target


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Me & my Miley Cyrus sweater

Now that I work full-time and it’s dark by the time I get home, Jessi and I have been meeting up on Sunday afternoons to take outfit pics. On this particular week we couldn’t, so instead I coerced my coworker/friend Kristen to snap some pics of me outside of our office on a pretty (and snowless) afternoon! Luckily it’s actually kind of pretty around! This may not be the last time this happens.

Kristen mentioned I reminded her of Miley Cyrus in my crazy cat sweater. I’m pretty oblivious about pop culture in general (I have been gaped at when admitting I can’t name one Bieber song) so I didn’t actually know what she meant! But I did find Ms. Cyrus very emotionally singing to a giant cat while in a tiny little cat ensemble on the internetz and I was like, “Oh yes, I am okay with this.” So here it is, kitties! My work-friendly version of honing my inner Miley:






I have been searching for a lovely long, pleated skirt for years. YEARS. I have always wanted a pretty plaid one, but this color is so vibrant and perfect I quickly forgot all about my plaid desires. Big Button Vintage is a shop owned by my pals Jes & Josh. They do Market Day every month and I was lucky enough to go preview everything before the big Black Friday sale and have first picks!

My Miley Cyrus sweater is a crop sweater, and it really works perfectly belted with this high-waisted skirt. Try it out! It beats a cold midriff when it’s 5 degrees out.

Outfit details: black cat sweater :: gift from Jessi! Forever 21 | black woven belt and boots :: Target | cobalt pleated skirt :: Big Button Vintage

Hope you’re staying warm and happy! I have to go get ready for Jessi & John’s big holiday party. Pics soon!