#MonthlyMani: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

About 3 years ago, I went on my first nail art journey. It was cloud nails (see below!). Have you tried cloud nails? I feel like I say this every month, but this is the easiest and looks so fancy! I broke out a couple greens and a purple for a little tribute to one of the most fun holidays there is:


Here are the steps:

1. Paint a base coat any color you choose, just like normal. I chose purple!

2. Using the angle of the brush, make three lines in your second color, making each one a little longer than the first one. I stick with three, but if you have giant hands maybe try four? 🙂

Here’s what that looks like:


Now after that dries, pick a third shade. Basically just trace the same lines you made with the 2nd shade, but leave a little of the 2nd shade showing. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be perfect to look impressive. Mine certainly aren’t, and I received a few nice compliments on them already!



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#MonthlyMani: Pantone Style!

So when this month’s Monthly Mani theme was to be based on Pantone’s Fashion Color Report, I was in love. As a graphic designer, I have to deal with Pantone colors on a regular basis, and they are near and dear to my heart. Except Reflex Blue. That one can go away.

For this mani I chose 3 colors from the color report (below): Aquamarine, Classic Blue, and Toasted Almond. You know I love nude nails so I made my base coat my nude polish and then added some painterly swatches of the blues on top. I liked the way it turned out, especially if you don’t look too close… (which is the rule I have with all of my nail art!)

IMG_0519 pantone-colors
image source




Hope you got some inspo from these fun, easy nails!

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Monthly Mani: Black Tie Nails!

Hi Lovelies!

We’re unintentionally dedicating the first part of our week to nails, nails, nails! Don’t worry, we’ll be back with our weekly outfits very soon! Meanwhile, we’ve linked up with some fine bloggers to bring you our #monthlymani: black tie nails!

I love black & white with literally everything, so it was hard to pick one color to pair it with. But seriously: what is classier than gold? I love a gold moment with black and white, and these nails actually reminded me of an outfit I wore for Jessi’s Holiday Party last year. So fun! So party! So gold!

Anyway, this was really easy. I just layered the polish. Start with white, make a weird triangle shape in black, then make a smaller weird triangle shape in gold over weird black shape. Results are geometric fancy! My new term.



Polishes used: I don’t have the exact names (sorry! I may be posting this while at work…) but the white is from Sinful Colors, the black from Rimmel London, and the gold is from Sally Hansen. Maybe I’ll edit this post when I get home to include the real names. Stay tuned!

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