Sweater Serendipity

This week I get to highlight my current obsession: animal sweaters! Now, I know this isn’t groundbreaking fashion news, and this sweater here isn’t the first animal sweater I’ve ever owned. I met my friend Tiffany for brunch one Sunday and she was sporting a super cute animal sweater, which sparked my desire to own as many as possible as quickly as possible. After brunch that day we went shopping together and voila! My animal sweater void was quickly filled.
This sweater is from Old Navy, which isn’t somewhere I routinely shop; it just doesn’t usually occur to me. But we were looking around the store and I spotted this horse print, along with other cute prints in the kids section. “Uh!” I thought. Kitties, just because I’m a thirty year old woman doesn’t mean I don’t want to wear animal prints, right?! Well, on closer inspection, I picked up a large and realized, this just might work! Now, I’m not saying I can always fit into children’s clothes, that’s hardly the case. But it was worth a shot and it worked out for me this time!






I layered this sweater over this striped, strapless dress. Fall and winter are all about layering, and there’s no reason to leave warm weather dresses all lonely in your closet until spring and summer come round again.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! As I write this I’m waiting for a Thanksgiving leftovers pot pie to finish baking in the oven. Basically I threw most of my leftovers into a frozen pie crust (potatoes, turkey, stuffing and gravy). It’s an experiment, and hopefully it’ll turn out tasty. Until next time!

Outfit details: sweater :: Old Navy | belt, boots :: thrifted | dress :: Forever 21


And kitties! You only have until tomorrow to win this pretty necklace from Hopeless Designs!

A Little Ascot

I scored this sweet ascot/scarf/neck thing from my grandma. I think she may have sewn it up back in the 80s, and I am psyched to call it my own. It’s a great color, it’s silky, I’ve never seen another one, and it also gives any look a bit of whimsy. Ever since I saw polka dot sweaters pop up all over Pinterest I started trying to find the perfect one. This one I scored at Old Navy, and even though I originally wanted one with large dotties, I love this one. And the booties! Can we talk about the booties for a second? I found these at Charlotte Russe last week for $10. TEN DOLLARS! And they are even cute when covered in snow!


Well, this week I shed my “stay-at-home mom” title. Time to go back to work! I’m excited, I’m happy, and I’m a little sad. I will miss hanging out with my little Chazberry every day, BUT it will be nice talking to people that don’t respond by throwing cottage cheese at me. I hope?

Outfit details: heart hair clip :: gift | ascot :: gift | pink collared polo :: thrifted | polka dot sweater :: Old Navy | pink skirt, socks, and tights :: Target | booties :: Charlotte Russe (similar)