Channeling My Inner Stacey McGill

My photos here definitely echo Mar’s last outfit post: we’re cold and miserable and it shows! Sometimes you just can’t fake it, and the strange surprise blizzard that followed shortly after makes my clear winter distaste visible in these photos validated. I have to say though, taking pictures in the cold like this, sans jacket, reminds me of a little something called The Babysitters Club. I, of course, loved the books and when I realized there was a tv show I ordered all the VHS tapes through the scholastic book order, which only deepened my obsession. One episode in particular focuses on Stacey and her burgeoning modeling career. She’s gorgeous and fashionable, but you can see the modeling life really takes a toll on her when she’s asked to model a swimsuit in freezing cold weather. Being the trooper she is she sheds her jacket and smiles for the camera! This is just my little version of applying what I learned from the BSC (beauty is pain my friends!) Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s not the message Ann M. Martin was trying to portray, but whatever. On this particular day I channeled my inner Stacey McGill and these are the results!








I love this geometric print top and I especially love the buttons up the back (not pictured. Too cold, remember?) This mint cardi has shown up here on the blog before, but not in a little while. I tend towards black, white, grey and brown in the winter, so this pop of pastel was a welcome change. The quilted boots are from Forever 21 and I have to say they have held up remarkably well, seeing that F21 doesn’t have the greatest track record in terms of quality…
Unlike Marlena I was lucky and did not get stuck in the worst traffic ever during the surprise blizzard, but rather was able to cuddle up with my cats and husband and start watching Scandal on Netflix (have you seen it? It’s so good!)

Outfit details: mint cardigan :: Urban Outfitters | necklace, boots, stretch dress, geo-print shirt :: F21 | hair pin :: Vitae Design Collective


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