I Heart Iowa City

And here we have another one of my favorite stores of all time, which you can find nearby in Iowa City. White Rabbit is a real love of mine and has been for a few years. They sell locally handmade goods as well as re-worked vintage clothes. On this particular shopping trip I picked up a few sweaters (because you can never have enough), as well as a bad ass, high-waisted, acid washed, knee length denim skirt. That’s a mouthful!

But this dress. This dress! Boyfriend gifted it to me for my 6 months past 30th birthday. It’s Dear Creatures and I love it (obvi.) And to be clear, I’ve never been big on brand names, although I have been real proud to sport the Lee tag on the aforementioned denim skirt… But I do love Dear Creatures, and that’s for the simple fact that they make the cutest damn dresses. Period. The end.

This dress is a real trickster, most people think it’s a skirt and separate top, but surprise… It’s a dress! It’s got mint, it’s got polka dots, it’s got pockets, it’s practically perfect as any good birthday dress should be.





You may or may not have noticed, but this belt is a major outfit staple for me. I thrifted it from who knows where and it’s here to stay. I’ve punched extra holes in the leather to make it more versatile, and even sent it through the sewing machine when it came unstitched from behind. Me and this belt, we’re in it for the long haul, so get used to it!

Bonus: you can peak into my shopping bag and get just a taste of my lovely purchases from White Rabbit. So enjoy!

Outfit details: dress: Dear Creatures (purchased from Vitae) | shoes: bcbg | belt: thrifted | sunnies : forever21


Favorites: Strapless Dresses

Hi Pretty Kitties! Marlena here. So back when Jessi and I were in college, we didn’t have the refreshing luxury of air conditioning. I remember one summer when Jessi was living in Iowa City, our roommate Mindy and I spent our super hot August days either sitting in our weird, dingy basement with a 30 pack of high life or going to the movies where it’s always cold, no matter the season. During those sweaty times it’s also nice to wear as little clothing as possible, and that’s where the strapless dress comes parading in! Jessi and I have rounded up some lovely little numbers just for you. Stay cool out there!


1. Mint! Enough said.
Mint Cute Dress :: Modcloth

2. The cut and pattern are to die for!
Sparkle & Fade Lattice Waist Strapless Dress :: Urban Outfitters

3. This is part of their Archival Collection. So glad they brought it back!
Striped Dress :: Anthropologie

4. You know we can’t resist bows.
Cute the Breeze Strapless Dress :: Lulu’s

5. Perfect for the classy broad.
Backstage Jitters Dress :: Modcloth

6. Those buttons! That fun color! We’re in.
First Classy Dress :: Modcloth

7. Loving the subtle triangle pattern. So dainty!
Stained Glass Strapless Dress :: Urban Outfitters

8. This color blocking is the purrrrfect way to round out the end of summer.
Striped Strapless Flare Dress :: Loft

9. Super cute and custom made for you!
Polka dot strapless dress :: Bourgebride via Etsy

10. Love this pattern!
Summer in Barlette Maxi Dress :: Ruche


Polka Dot Baby

This polka dot number is my new perfect summer dress. It’s magical! It’s the total package: v-neck, button down, racer back, polka dots… I’m in love! I got this baby at target and it was love at first sight. I didn’t even try it on, I just knew we were meant to be.
It’s been just right for any occasion: work, date night with my love, going out with friends and even sitting around playing board games and Nintendo. I often do this with a new piece of clothing. I’ll become obsessed and wear it multiple times a week until the next dress/top/whatever comes along. Pretty fickle, huh? But I feel confident this darling will last the test of time. We shall see…







Also, speaking of love, how in love do I look with that cupcake?!

I got this belt from Etsy a few years ago. It’s a very special belt that I don’t pull out for just any outfit. But you guys know how I feel about this special dress…

I know it’s not for everyone, but I love pairing ankle boots with a summer dress or shorts. These boots also came from Etsy, and they’ve sat around in my closet for quite awhile, but one day I got the urge the throw them on and they’re now heavily incorporated into my summer wardrobe. This is why I can and should never get rid of anything!

I don’t know abut everyone else but I’m having a pretty great summer so far! I’ve already gotten some decent pool time in, plenty of summer drinks with friends, and sitting outside and reading and soaking up the sun. Cheers to my favorite season!!

Outfit details: dress :: Target | boots, belt :: Etsy | scarf :: thrifted 


Dotties and Stripes

This week Jessi and I are both styling a black and white striped blazer, so stay tuned! I picked mine up at Charlotte Russe a few weeks ago, and easily the best part about it is the soft fabric. And I admit it: it wasn’t exactly warm enough to wear these shorts, but I just love them paired with the stripes. Plus I love how they look like a skirt but function as shorts, which, as a mom to an 18 month old, is actually super awesome. Lots of bending down + mini skirt + slight breeze = problematic. But no one sees my goodies with these lovely shorts!

I finally bought a new bag. I’m the first to admit that I don’t really get into bags. I’m not into brands, and I usually end up just picking one up at Target and using it until it falls apart. Which mine did, so: new purse! I actually ended up getting this for a whopping $20 at TJ Maxx. It’s super soft and has lots of pockets to lose things. For example I already lost and found some peanut butter crackers. Yes!

Side note: Looking at these pics makes me realize I need to get my bangs cut! Good thing I’m headed there soon. Yikes.


I’m standing in a wading pool that is not filled for summer yet. A little girl was trying (but failing) to rollerblade near me, and it made me wish I had on some roller skates for this shoot. Maybe next time!

Outfit details: necklace :: gift from Joe | blazer/cardigan :: Charlotte Russe (similar) | belt, shorts, tank, shoes :: Target | purse :: TJ Maxx


p.s. Don’t forget to come back later this week to see how Jessi shows her stripes!

Polka Dot City

Hard to believe a few days ago I could wear something like this and today I’ve spent the entire day cooped up on the couch because its been snowing. Not cool! But a taste of the nice weather is better than none, and fingers crossed, it’ll be back soon.
On the heels of birthday week John and I took a little day trip to Minneapolis to spend some of my hard earned birthday money!! We hit up H&M in the mall and a few other stores before spending some quality time in IKEA. It was a short trip but totally fun and worth it. We love to take road trips together. It’s a great time to talk and hang out, munch on road snacks and listen to podcasts.


Everything I’m wearing I got in Minneapolis, obviously! This polka dot number is a crop top, which I was unsure about at first, but I love everything about it, especially the little tie, so I bought it anyway and figured out how to make it work. High waisted skirt to the rescue!
The polka dot shoes are from Urban Outfitters and are so cute and comfy I want to live in them. I always have a rule when we shop at the Mall of America to hit H&M first and Urban second because of the drastic price differences. I love me some Urban Outfitters for sure, but once I’ve spent money elsewhere I can avoid going too crazy for the (overpriced?) but super cute clothes. Coming up soon on the blog I’ll be debuting the purrrrfect mint green cat print shoes from Urban that Marlena got me for my birthday. Does she know me or what?!! Speaking of prezzies, the sunnies I’m sporting here are also from Marlena, and I believe she got a matching pair for herself! Love the subtle heart shape and of course the mint. Duh. Guys, I love mint. Deal with it 🙂
The necklace is another birthday present, this time from my beau. He bought it locally and picked it out himself and I love love LOVE it!

Outfit details: top and shoes :: Urban Outfitters | skirt :: H&M | sunglasses :: Kohl’s (pink) | necklace :: Domestica


Sailboats and Polka Dots = A Casual Day’s Outfit

If you’ve been following along on our little blog, you’ve probably picked up that pattern mixing is one of my favorite things in my style land. And today is no exception: I love these two patterns together! Small polka dots plus small sailboats, navy plus red: it all feels so classic and casual. Speaking of casual, let’s talk about comfort. I’m not usually one to dress for comfort but me oh my, these jeans are comfy. I just got them from Modcloth and I’m absolutely in love. High-waisted jeans are back, and I hope they never leave. So flattering, who knew?

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my new spring shoes! My plan was to buy little black oxfords for an easy everyday shoe: but, pretty kitties, why buy black when you can buy GOLD?


My poor husband is sick this week, so it’s been quick dinners and early bedtimes. I’m hoping he’s tip top by Friday: we’re headed to Omaha for his birthday weekend! Last year we went to the zoo, the water park in our hotel, and then were so tired we ended up ordering a ton of room service. We also drank some beers but we had to whisper the entire time since Charlie was only 6 months old and asleep like 20 feet away. Still a wonderful time, and I’m so excited for this year’s adventures!

Outfit details: Earrings :: Kintage | Striped tank top :: Target | Sailboat shirt :: Forever 21 (similar) | Red jacket :: Hill Vintage | Necklace :: DIY | High-waisted jeans :: Modcloth | Purse :: White Rabbit | Gold oxfords :: Aldo

Hope you’re all having a great (and sick free) week!


Super Saturday Favorites: Mint + Dots

Why choose one trend when you can showcase two? Today we created 4 looks featuring both polka dots and that lovely color of the moment, mint! Which one do you like the best?


Mixing polka dots with a pattern works nicely when working in the same pretty pastel family.
1. Puttin’ on the Spritz Dress :: Modcloth
2. Matisse Kiley Flat :: Zappos

The black piping of the bag mimics the black in the dress.
3. Remix and Match Bag :: Modcloth
4. Wonderment to Be Dress :: Modcloth

A feminine blouse tops off the perfect shorts. We’re ready for warmth!
5. Nice to Meet Cute Top :: Modcloth
6. Polka Dot Print Short :: 2B

Bold bow earrings pair up with a classic black and white top.
7. First Guess Polka Dot Blouse :: Ruche
8. Claire Fong Zooey Mint Bow Earrings :: Lulus

Have a great weekend pretty kitties! J&M

Turn Summer into Winter

This has been one of my go-to outfits this winter. I have been obsessed with this dress since I bought it three years ago at Back Country here in Des Moines. It’s the kind of dress that I instantly feel stylish and comfortable in, and it lends itself well to layering. I wear dresses more often than not, and when I can style a summer dress like this for winter I get pretty jazzed. I love stripes and polka dots together! So classic. Usually I brighten up this little ensemble with some purple tights or a bright flat but not today, dearies! Today I went with black tights and black boots BUT I feel like the purple flower earrings make up for it. Aren’t they adorable? Oh, wait, you want a pair? Well great, cuz they’re super easy to make and we just DIY’ed them yesterday! Go take a little look!




My little family had a lovely, lazy afternoon; ate lunch downtown, stopped for frozen yogurt, then some shopping. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Outfit details: earrings :: diy | dress :: Back Country | blouse :: thrifted | belt, tights & boots: Target