You In Your Autumn Sweater…

What a beautiful day kitties, don’t you agree?! I hate hate hate winter but I love love love fall, and while fall is basically just a prelude to a long winter here in the Midwest I try and enjoy it fully, despite the fact that I know what’s to follow…
This was such a gorgeous day, so we trekked over to Water Works park near the south side of Des Moines and frolicked in the leaves to take these gorgeous photos! Okay, there wasn’t much frolicking, but that’s the vibe I get!
Fashion-wise, I love fall because I love layers, nothing makes me happier than piling on multiple shirts, a sweater, dress, tights, a scarf, etc. which is pretty much what I did here. It’s hard to tell but I’m wearing a dress under this sweater, it’s a simple black stretchy number that I actually also use as a slip under see through vintage dresses. It’s ultimate comfort and something I’ve been wearing a lot lately. This sweater is basically the best sweater color and so perfectly matches the beautiful fall colors, don’t you think? It’s super soft and again, so comfortable!






Once tights season hits I end up wearing lots of black: black tights, black shoes and black skirts which is why I think these shoes are perfect for this outfit. The gold toe is such a nice surprise!
I recently got this kitty purse on my honeymoon and it’s so darling but super small. I haven’t used it much but think it will be great to use at a concert, perhaps. Often my big, bulky mom purses get in the way when I’m trying to dance!
I used to wear scarves on my head every single day, which is something I’ve phased out over the last year or so, but I do like to break them out from time to time. This is one of my faves and while I bought it new I love the vintage feel.

As I’m writing this we’ve endured a bit of an ice storm and a bit of snow, which is a major bummer.
Hopefully winter isn’t here to stay quite yet… Fingers crossed, kittens!

Outfit details: scarf :: Modcloth | sweater, dress, necklace :: F21 | purse ::H&M | tights:: TargetĀ